10 Best High Rated Toaster Ovens of 2023: According to Expert Testing

Toaster Ovens are a great invention ever since they launched and it is more than 10 decades since they are being modified and upgraded for good. We have tested the high rated toaster ovens to pick only the trusty and useful ones.

Toaster Ovens are now available with the best combinations like the toaster and air fryer and more.

They do not take up much space on the countertop and shorten the cooking times usually when there are convection settings.

They are far from the new fangled appliances as they provide a wide range of distinct benefits to serve the modern home chef.

We have found the latest and absolutely ingenious models that in some instances, help to do advanced cooking and have beefed up the options.

When looking into a good quality the things that matter and make it the ideal choice are its size, convenience, material, and functions.

If the size is compact then it is more favorable for people to buy and store easily in less space.

The capacity should be 4 to 6 slices of bread or more and must use standard electricity to not only cut down time but bills.

The newer items have multi dimensional working and can be used for rotisserie, bagels, pizza, baking, bread, air frying, roasting, dehydrating, keeping warm, and many more which you’ll surely find in the products below.

The material is a key no matter how many functions it offers if the material is not good then it’ll tear apart in months.

The toaster oven is created with food grade material like Stainless Steel that is durable and promises long lasting working with at least one year warranty.

To make you happy, we have landed our hand on the top choices from where you can pick one to serve the kitchen with a great item and replace the congested machines are:

Recommended 10 High Rated Toaster Ovens of 2023:

Image Product View on Amazon
Black+Decker 4-Slice
Calphalon Ai, 11-In-1
COSORI, 12-In-1
Oster Toaster Oven Large
Instant Omni Plus
Breville Mini Smart
Cuisinart TOB-40N
Hamilton Beach
Cuisinart Toaster Oven
  1. Black+Decker 4-Slice To1760ss: (Toaster Ovens Top Rated)

Baking is an easy but tricky task and a good appliance can make it super comfortable to do so.

I review different tools that suit well for baking and other purposes.

I have found the Toaster Ovens Top Rated model from BLACK+DECKER. It was not heavy and came in very good shape with less complicated settings.

I baked pizza, bagels, and toasted bread and it was 5/5 the taste and timing were very good.

Key Features:

BLACK+DECKER is an Exclusive toaster oven that comes in a compact size and unique design.

It has 4 cooking functions that can be operated by the rotation of a smooth knob.

The functions include bake, broiling, roasting, and keeping warm.

It can keep the food warm for hours to let you eat a fresh and hot meal.

The 30 minute timer helps with precise cooking and can stay on if a recipe needs longer baking time.

Its temperature range is very wide and lies from 200° F to 450° F.

It can comfortably fit a 9 inches pizza, four slices of bread, 5-6 cookies, or any other snack.

It is built with natural convection technology which is designed in such a way as to circulate the hot air inside the oven for quick and efficient results.

It has useful extras like a rack and baking pan that slide in and out easily.


BLACK + DECKER is the perfect combination of convection heat technology and compactness.

It has an interior light, wide renovate trays, even toast technology, and 4 features to assist home cooks.


Dimensions DxWxH 11.63 x 16.9 x 9.07 Inches
Weight 8.43 Pounds
Capacity 16 Liters
Material Plastic
Color Stainless Steel
  • It has an extra wide viewing window.
  • It has a crumb tray that is removable and makes cleaning easier.
  • It is made with high grade Stainless Steel.
  • It does not have a lot of cooking options.
  • It has no digital display.
  1. Calphalon Ai, 11-In-1: (Toaster Oven Highest Rated)

I am a baking expert and test a bunch of appliances and write blogs about them.

Toaster Oven Highest Rated are the two words I want to say for Calphalon Ai, the latest machine I reviewed.

I prepared chicken fillets in it by using an air fryer which was mind blowing, after that, I baked bagels, pizza, whole chicken with veggies, and cake, and they were very rich and savory in taste.

I liked how big it is to leisurely fit large meals as well.

Key Features:

Calphalon Air Fryer Oven is a remarkable combination of an air fryer and toaster oven.

It has 11 precision cooking functions that give a whole range of the most used programs.

These include air frying, pizza, toast, baking, broiling, bagel, roasting, dehydrating, reheating, keeping warm, and defrosting.

The use of Quartz Technology has elevated its speed and ended up giving it 40 percent more even heat that gives superior results and fast preheat.

It has Turbo Convection that increases the airflow circulation inside the oven.

The large capacity accomplishes 12 inches of pizza, large slices of bread, and a handful of chicken wings.

It has an interior light to track the cooking cycle and a high contrast LCD screen that offers an exceptional setting.

Its body is constructed out of durable dark Stainless Steel metal that exhibits a modern look to the kitchen.


Calphalon is a high performance air fryer oven combo that minimizes the wait and provides delectable feasts.

Its large capacity, 11 presets, quartz heat technology and accessories work together for better cooking that has never been experienced before.


Dimensions DxWxH ‎‎‎11.6 x 18.7 x 15.8 Inches
Weight 22.9 Pounds
Capacity 26.4 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Dark Grey
  • It provides consistent and even heat.
  • It has a durable glass door for a live cooking view.
  • It takes time to clean.
  1. COSORI, 12-In-1: (Top Rated Toaster Oven 2023)

As a cooking appliance blogger, it is sometimes hard to find a durable and good option.

I have reviewed more than 15 toaster ovens but the top rated toaster oven 2023 title will surely go to COSORI.

I was amazed how the brand has combined the rotisserie and air frying functions in it that works outstandingly.

I cooked fries, pasta, dehydrated tangerines, thin crust pizza, and marinated whole chicken.

I am happy with the taste and the way it looks.

It is a good go for all types of kitchens, and a good choice to go with.

Key Features:

With a bright silver color, COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven is a modified form and comprises 12 functions.

It is assembled differently all just you need is to press the preset and no need to adjust the temperature it does it on its own.

The cooking programs include toast, pizza, bake, bagel, air fry, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, cookies, broil, warm, and ferment.

The keep warm feature keeps the food ready to serve at any time.

It has an extra large capacity of 32 quarts that is suitable to add an incredible amount of food from 13 inches of pizza, and 6 slices of bread to the entire rotisserie chicken.

It operates the air frying characteristic by cutting down the oil by 85%. Convection Fan is added to it for fast and even cooking.


COSORI Air Fryer Oven is a family sized, extra large capacity and compact gadget that has 12 cooking programs.

It provides convenient and efficient meals by convection function in a swift way.


Dimensions DxWxH 16.5 x 20.1 x 12.5 Inches
Weight 19.6 Pounds
Capacity 30 Liters
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
  • It has an attractive exterior that looks good on the kitchen counter.
  • It performs 12 cooking programs fantastically.
  • It has a reduced oil level of 85 percent.
  • It is quite bulky and does not fit easily for storage.
  • The exterior can heat up while cooking.
  1. Oster 6-Slice: (Best Rated Toaster Oven With Convection)

Being a blogger I was interested in cooking gadgets.

I am here to let you know about the Best Rated Toaster Oven with Convection which was engineered amazingly by Oster.

I am fully satisfied with its size, cooking ability, and design. I made pizza, toast, and cookies, it was so good that I am short on words.

At first, I thought it is not going to fit 4 slices but it easily fitted 6 slices.

The interior light and glass door helped me a lot to monitor the process.

Key Features:

With a trendy style, Oster Convection Oven is the fastest and most even cooking machine.

It is a large, stylish, and digital Countertop Oven that can fit the pan with a 2 inches height, 12.5 inches length, and 10.5 inches width.

The use of convection technology spreads the hot air in the whole inner area.

The glass door is for a live cooking view and prevents the inside heat to come out.

It has a great temperature range from 150°  F to 450°  F to cook and bake all the dishes.

A slightly curvy digital display has 7 smart cooking settings that operate with one touch.

The 7 advance presets include toast, bake, broil, defrost, pizza, warm, and convection bake.

The interior light is very bright and turns on when the cooking cycle begins.

It has a large capacity to accommodate casseroles, cookies, 12 inches of pizza, and roast.

The accessories include a very durable and sturdy baking pan and a removable crumb tray which clean up easily.


Oster Large Convection Toaster Oven is a tool that features convection baking that helps circulate hot air for even browning crispy edges, and flakier crusts and allows broiling, roasting, toasting, baking, and more.

The digital control panel is easy to read and offers precise time and temperature adjustments.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.6 x 18.1 x 22.5 Inches
Weight 20.3 Pounds
Capacity 6 Slice
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black
  • It has a big spacious cooking capacity.
  • The crumb tray collects all the drippings for mess free work.
  • The glass door avoids temperature fluctuations.
  • It has a big footprint.
  • Its interior light is not of good quality.
  1. NUWAVE Bravo, 12-In-1, 30-QT: (Top Rated Toaster Ovens With Air Fryer)

I have found the top rated toaster oven with air fryer from NUWAVE that had turned the tables upside down with its high performance.

I am a cook and review cooking machines for my lovely readers.

I was just shocked by the results and settings.

I even added a preset from my secret recipe and it remembered it.

Then I cooked some air fried chicken wings, cheesy pasta, whole chicken, and cake.

The temperature probe was literally lit, as it gave the perfect shade to my food.

Key Features:

NUWAVE Bravo has won the spotlight by presenting the smartest Air Fryer and Toaster oven with an extra large capacity.

It is made with modern technology that makes adjustments on the fly.

You can set the settings according to your preference just by putting the machine on the fly.

The intuitive digital control has 12 preset cooking functions marked on it which are roasting, reheating, broiling, grilling, air frying, baking, defrosting, dehydrating, and more.

It also gave an opportunity for additional 100 preprogrammed recipes.

It operates by linear thermal technology that set the cooking temperature starting from 50° F to 500° F and also offers adjustable 5° F increments.

The temperature probe helps reach the accurate temperature for precise browning and tenderness.

The heat resistant and shatter proof tempered glass door is made out of high quality material, the enamel basket has a nonstick coat, and other accessories include a broiler rack, air fry basket, crumb tray, heavy duty, and cooking racks.


NUWAVE Bravo is an XL Air Fryer Toaster Oven that looks outstanding on the countertop and is built with durable and top grade material.

It can give a restaurant style taste and look to any food by using Linear Temperature Technology, temperature range, and 12 cooking preset.


Dimensions DxWxH 13.5 x 20 x 11 Inches
Weight 19 Pounds
Capacity 30 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel
  • It is energy efficient and cooks food with less energy.
  • Its glass is made of super quality heat resistant material.
  • The racks do not fit smoothly.
  • It can not be used as a microwave oven.
  1. Instant Omni Plus: (Highest Rated Toaster Oven Air Fryer)

People usually know how to cook different food items and cook them deliciously.

But, it is always nice to eat the same food from a restaurant.

It is because in restaurants the cooking conditions and the type of cooking tool are precisely chosen.

To help people to get the best cooking tool, I review different types of cooking pieces of equipment and tell the pros and cons of cooking all types of food items.

Recently, I decided to review the highest rated toaster oven air fryer and concluded Instant Omni Plus is the best cooking device so far.

I grilled whole chicken and potatoes at the same time by precisely setting the temperature at 270°F.

The food prepared was delicious and the odor was mouth watering.

I appreciate this cooking machine and recommend it to everyone.

Key Features:

Instant Omni Plus is a 10 in 1 cooking equipment as it can air fry, broil, reheat, bake, roast, dehydrate, rotisserie, toast, and warm your food within the same single cooking chamber.

Even crisp technology is introduced in this machine that cooks the food evenly from all sides by the smooth flow of heat.

The cooking capacity of this air fryer is 18 liters and can fit 12 inches of pizza, 6 pieces of bread, and a whole chicken in its multi shelf cooking compartment.

The rotisserie feature is perfect for self basting and the heating element from the top with a fan ensures optimum cooking and baking.

The temperature of this air fryer ranges from 85°F to 450°F and a double glass door keeps the heat locked inside.

The smart LED screen has regulatory settings for time and temperature and preset programs for some specific food products.

In its accessories, you get a baking tray, stainless steel oven rack, frying basket, rotisserie spit, and fork.

The material used in this air fryer is safe for the dishwasher and an online mobile app provides step by step guidance for cooking many dishes.


Instant Omni Plus is a large capacity and premium quality air frying unit.

It has smartly controlled features and preset programs for easy cooking purposes.

Its material is safe for dishwashers and has many accessories with a nonstick coating.


Dimensions DxWxH 12 x 12 x 13.89 Inches
Weight 29.5 Pounds
Capacity 18 Liters
Material Glass
Color Black
  • The smart screen has pre programmed settings for some specific food items.
  • Its glass material and dye coating are free of BPA and other toxins.
  • You can regulate the time and the temperature according to the food item being cooked.
  • The glass material is brittle and can easily break if hit powerfully.
  • It requires cleaning after every use.
  1. Breville, BOV450XL: (Best Toaster Oven on Amazon)

I am a chef and a blogger who likes to review different culinary items.

I have seen that people usually buy new cooking gadgets without realizing whether they need this one or not.

So, by reviewing the working and advanced cooking features, I help people to buy cooking tools according to their needs.

I recently tried to review the best toaster oven available on amazon and for this, I tried 5 air fryers.

Out of all, only Breville Mini Smart Toaster won my heart.

I air fried French fries, potatoes, vegetables, and bread in it and it came to toast the bread very precisely until it turned brownish.

I cooked food at different temperatures ranging from 210°F to 290°F.

Key Features:

Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven is an air fryer and an oven that has an IQ element that uses a smart algorithm to control the cooking environment of the oven.

It has the versatility of cooking different food products and can toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, roast and prepares cookies and pizza for you.

It has a good cooking capacity that can fit 4 slices of bread, 11 inches of pizza, and 6 cups of muffins in its multi rack interior chamber.

There is a knob that can be turned to change the cooking option of the oven according to the food item being cooked.

The smart display on the control panel shows the current temperature and the remaining time of the food being cooked.

You can also adjust the time and temperature according to different foods by regulating it from the control panel.

Its surface and the surface of its accessories like frying tray, baking rack, and grilling tray are coated with a nonsticky material that keeps the food intact while cooking.


Breville Mini Smart Toaster Oven is a premium quality and multiple food cooking device.

Its cooking chamber has many shelves that allow the cooking of different food and the accessories are nonsticky and safe for the dishwasher.


Dimensions DxWxH 12.9 x 17.7 x 10.5 Inches
Weight 12.98 Pounds
Capacity 0.45 Cubic Feet
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
  • The large capacity can hold many racks for cooking different food items.
  • Its material is free of BPA and other heavy metals.
  • Knobs allow different cooking options for different food items.
  • The knob of this oven is very sensitive.
  • It has manual temperature regulators.
  1. Cuisinart TOB-40N: (Best Toaster Oven Without Nonstick Coating)

Different people ask me about the best cooking tool to have in the kitchen and I suggest them according to their desire.

Most people read my blogs and then learn the working of different cooking devices and chose the best one for them.

Last week, I was working to find the best toaster oven without a nonstick coating.

By reviewing 10 ovens, I came across Cuisinart TOB-40N which is the best and has no nonstick coating.

I toasted bun in this air fryer at 210°F and the results were very amazing.

It not only toasted them precisely but also tasted well.

Key Features:

Cuisinart TOB-40N has endless functions that work on a power of 1800 watts and can toast, bake, fry, bake, roast, broil, and warm food for you.

Its 0.5 cubic feet capacity can prepare an 11 inches pizza and 6 slices of bread in one cycle.

It has a cool to touch handle and an easy grip dial.

The auto shutoff feature of this oven saves energy by automatically turning it off when the oven is not in use.

It works on the principle of hot air circulation that without the need for oil cooks the food for you.

The heating element on the sides and the top of the cooing chamber heat the circulating air and cook all the sides smoothly.

In its accessories, you get a drip tray or a crumb collector, a baking pan, a wire rack, and a recipe book.

All the accessories are safe for the dishwasher and can be washed under tap water.

You can wipe the interior of the oven with a clean wet cloth.


Cuisinart TOB-40N is a large capacity and premium quality oven and a toasting machine.

It works without the need for oil and cooks many food items in one cycle due to its multiple shelves.

It is safe for washing and has precise measuring knobs.


Dimensions DxWxH 11.74 x 17 x 8.35 Inches
Weight 12.9 Pounds
Capacity 0.5 Cubic Feet
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black
  • You get 3 knobs that can regulate temperature and other functions of the oven.
  • Its accessories and the material are free of toxins and heavy metal ions.
  • The glass door enables you to visualize the process of cooking.
  • The glass door is very fragile and can break.
  • It is a manual oven with no smart screen.
  1. Hamilton Beach, 31123D: (Best Rated Toaster Oven With Timer)

For the past 18 years, I have been helping people to buy the best cooking device for the preparation of all types of food items.

People do waste their money buying unnecessary cooking items and get a pile of cooking devices in their homes.

I recently decided to buy best rated toaster oven with a timer that has good efficiency.

Out of 4 ovens, I concluded that Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster is the best one.

I cooked Pizza and some vegetables at 250°F for 19 minutes and get a very delicious taste of both due to the precisely maintained conditions by the oven.

Key Features:

Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven is an easy access countertop oven that has a very smoothly opening door that rolls upward.

This upward rolling helps in the easy placing and removal of food from the cooking chamber of the oven.

The door of the oven has transparent glass that helps in monitoring the cooking process.

You can visualize and control the browning of food without opening the door.

The technology used for cooking the food in this oven is hot air circulation.

A heating element in the oven heats the air and a fan circulates the hot air into the cooking chamber to cook food equally from all sides.

The cooking capacity of this air fryer is 16 liters and it can toast 6 slices of bread in one tray and an 11 inches pizza in another tray at the same cooking cycle.

On the control panel, 3 knobs are for the regulation of multiple features.

One knob is to change the cooking option from baking, roasting, dehydrating, defrosting, and grilling to other cooking options.

There is also a regulatory knob that can adjust the temperature in a range of 150°F to 450°F.

You get accessories such as a frying basket, roasting tray, baking tray, and dehydrating rack.

All the accessories are coated with nonsticky food grade material and can be washed in the dishwasher.


Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven is a durable and good quality oven that has regulatory knobs for the precise setting of time and temperature.

Its material is durable and the glass door is made for food visualization.

It is safe for the dishwasher and has multiple racking compartments.


Dimensions DxWxH 15 x 18.5 x 9.5 Inches
Weight 11.5 Pounds
Capacity 16 Liters
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
  • The glass door of this oven helps in the monitoring of food while it is being cooked.
  • All the material used in this air fryer or oven is free of toxic metals such as Cadmium.
  • Its material is rust free and durable.
  • The regulatory knobs are sensitive and manual.
  • The glass door is very fragile and brittle.
  1. Cuisinart, TOB-5: (Top Rated Large Toaster Ovens)

I am a chef and a professional culinary reviewer. By reviewing different cooking machines I sort out the best one and help people to get it.

People usually need to buy the cooking device that suits them well and I tell them the pros and cons of different tools and then provide them with the one they need.

I recently reviewed Cuisinart Toaster Oven with Broiler to get the top rated large toaster oven.

I fried paratha chicken rolls in it and also fried French fries at 220°F.

The food cooked was very delicious and the taste was mouth watering.

Key Features:

Cuisinart Toaster Oven with Broiler is a high quality silver colored food grade air frying tool that works at a power of 1800 watts.

This cooking equipment has multiple cooking options that lets it to bake, roast, air fry, dehydrate, defrost, bagel, broil, and warm the food.

It has a very large cooking capacity that enables it to fit an 11 inches pizza and at least 6 slices of bread in its double rack cooking chamber.

There is a glass door that visualizes the process of cooking for the accurate browning and toasting of different food products.

Moreover, the heat resistant handle of the oven allows you to open the door without burning your hands.

It requires very little to no oil to cook food as it works by circulating hot air throughout the cooking chamber and this evenly cooks all the sides of the food.

There are regulatory knobs on the control panel of the oven that adjusts the time and the temperature of the oven and also change different cooking options for you.

Accessories include a crumb tray, frying basket, frying tray, grilling, and a roasting rack.


Cuisinart Toaster Oven with Broiler is a very precise and durable multiple food cooking oven.

It has a glass door and multiple accessories that let you cook multiple food items.


Dimensions DxWxH 16.8 x 9 x 14 Inches
Weight 15.31 Pounds
Capacity 0.5 Cubic Feet
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver and Stainless Steel
  • You can regulate the time and the temperature of this oven from regulatory knobs.
  • Its accessories and inner is stainless and free of BPA
  • You can wash its accessories in a dishwasher.
  • The glass door of this oven is fragile and breakable on hit.
  • You need to be very careful while using the regulatory knobs.

What is The Highest Rated Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is a cooking device that can work in different ways.

It uses the hot air that circulates in the cooking chamber and cooks the food evenly from all sides.

It also has a control panel that controls the cooking conditions.

Let’s discuss a highest rated toaster oven and its features;

  • Control Panel:

A good quality and highest rated toaster oven must have a very precise and accurately controlling control panel.

The temperature and the time are adjusted by this control panel.

Normally the temperature range of premium quality toaster ovens ranges from 150°F to 450 °F.

While the time of cooking also varies and can range from 1 minute to 60 minutes and for dehydration it can be up to hours.

  • Multi tasking Option:

The oven should perform more than being an oven.

It should have a knob or touch screen that can change the cooking conditions like baking, roasting, frying, dehydrating, defrosting, and grilling. You can prepare multiple foods in different ways if the oven has all these options.

Dehydration of food requires a long time for the evaporation of whole moisture content at a temperature ranging from 150°F to 190°F.

  • Multi Shelves Cooking Chamber:

The cooking chamber of the hot air oven toaster must be vast to accommodate more than 1 tray to cook food.

If the chamber is large enough, it can cook food in large quantities, and also it can cook more than 1 type of food in different trays.

A cooking oven with a small chamber doesn’t cook a large quantity of food and requires multiple cooking cycles for cooking food.

  • Transparent Door:

The door of the oven plays a vital role in maintaining the heat inside the cooking chamber of the oven.

If there is a leak in the door, all the heat moves out and the food remains uncooked.

The door should also have transparent glass that allows the visualization of the process of cooking.

So, all these features are necessary to get the highest rated oven toaster and the durability of the oven depends on the quality of the material used for manufacturing.

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