10 Best Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer: (2023 Expert Testing & Review)

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer is a jack of all trades. It has added unlimited bounces of easiness and creativity in all the new upgraded versions. Ninja was best known to supply the world with the most revolutionary pressure cookers then it added the function of air frying and now it has blown the cooking world by adding the steam fryer feature.

It has followed the path of hard work and created the smart gadget of all times.

To help you out in hunting for the one that will suit you, we have made some top choices for you to select the most acceptable one.

Among these remarkable appliances, the benefits they provide are endless and seem to be from the technological era.

The notable characteristics and benefits it provides are:


Buying an appliance to match your capacity in an ideal way is the key fact to find.

The Ninja Foodi series have all the versions in an acceptable capacity, some of them have 4 quarts capacity, some have 6.5 quarts and other large volume ones can range up to 8 quarts.

The idea behind this variety is to make it comfortable for small, medium, and large families to select the precise item.

TenderCrisp Technology:

Most of the brands’ claim but fail to achieve the true TenderCrisp system but Ninja is not going to disappoint.

As it has two parts of the tender crisping, first it uses steam to tenderize the meat, veggies, or other foodstuffs this part locks the moisture to leave, and then it blows even hot air for a crispy outside with a golden brown texture that looks appetizing.

Control Panel:

The most unique and remarkable attribute is the smart control panel.

Unlike other appliances, it has a super easy and uncomplicated system to use.

No need to read the manual and try for days to be a master, buy it, start it and be a master on the very first day.

The most fabulous and exceptionally good models that you’ll surely love, and are all approved and certified safe and useful by cooking experts are:

Recommended 10 Best Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer:

Image Product View on Amazon
Ninja OL701 Foodi 14-in-1
Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XL 8 qt
NINJA OP301 Foodi 9-in-1
Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1
Ninja OP305 Foodi 6.5 Quart
Ninja OS301/FD305CO Foodi 10-in-1
Ninja SF301 Speedi, 6-Quart, 12-in-1
Ninja MC1001 Foodi PRO 8.5 Quart, 8-in-1
Ninja OP350co Foodi 9-in-1
Ninja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt
  1. Ninja OL701 Foodi 14-in-1 SMART XL 8 Qt: (Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker)

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker is so far the most useful gadget I have ever got a chance to test as a kitchen appliance blogger and culinary professional.

I liked every part of it from style to capacity, I think the manufacturers have kept the users in mind while designing it.

The buttons are so smooth to operate and the cooking features were endless.

I was most amazed by the thermometer that helped me to get the accurate temperature of the whole chicken.

Anyone that wants stressless, hassle free, and mess free cooking can have this outstanding appliance.

Key Features:

Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pressure Cooker is the dream appliance to match any kitchen counter and serve as an extra large family sized tool.

Under its one Smart Lid, you can Pressure Cook, Air Fry, and Steam Crisp.

Say bye to the guesswork and let it help you get even results with the help of one touch button.

It has the most comfortable smart cook system with 4 smart protein settings, 14 cooking modes, and 9 customizable doneness levels to get rare to well done meals.

The auto steam release assures safety and steamcrisp technology permits you to steam and crisp at the same time with 70% quicker speed.


Ninja Foodi Smart XL pressure cooker, steam fryer is the suitable gadget that comes with a smart lid to pressure cook, air fry, and steam crisp under 1.

The large capacity and accessories help to achieve successful results.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.21 x 15.39 x 14.25 Inches
Weight 25.6 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel/Black
  • It has a modern and uncomplicated touchscreen.
  • It provides faster cooking methods.
  • It can replace 14 appliances with its customizable cooking programs.
  • It assures safety with an auto steam release valve.
  • It has a huge footprint and needs significant counter space.
  • It can be loud while running the cooking batches.
  1. Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe XL 8 qt: (Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker 8 Quart)

In a world full of technology, I as a cooking perfectionist found an uncomplicated and handy appliance.

Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, 8 quarts is really something big.

Last week, when I tested its features I was really glad that it can easily bear the load of 8 chicken breasts and still left some space for veggies.

I have prepared yogurt in it and it gave me the same vibe as the original Greek Yogurt.

It is without any doubt a perfect match for large and growing families.

Key Features:

Ninja is once again stood up to produce a useful appliance in the form of Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL that is not just a press cooker but also air fry food to perfection.

It uses the advanced TenderCrisp Technology which first cooks the food by locking in all the tenderness and juice, then adds on a crispy finish on the outside.

It has an extra large capacity of 8 quarts that is coated with ceramic for a nonstick inside.

The 12 innovative features are combined precisely to achieve programmable cooking functions from pressure cooking, air crisping, air frying, steaming, slow cooking, searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, sous vide, dehydrating, and keeping warm.

It is free of PFOA and PTFE which prevents the coating or material to harm the food.

Its reversible rack allows you to add more food to steam, broil, and crisp.

The 45 recipes that come in the inspiration guide are easy to prepare and enjoy.

It has passed rigorous testing regarding safety due to its 14 safety measures to cook with peace of mind.


Ninja Foodi Deluxe is offering more capacity and cooks meals fastly and healthily with the help of 12 smart cooking functions.

The large capacity and safety features contribute to its working and useability.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.57 x 16.1 x 14.2 Inches
Weight 26 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Silver
  • It has 12 built in cooking functions.
  • It can cook frozen meat without the need for defrosting.
  • The inner pot has a nonstick base that is easy to clean.
  • The ceramic coating is not long lasting.
  • The location of the steam release valve is not good.

  1. NINJA OP301 Foodi 9-in-1: (Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer)

Being a cooking gadgets blogger it is sometimes hard to find a nice model and for beginners, it is something very difficult but no worries as I have found for you the best version of Ninja that is the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker, Steam Fryer and total of 9 features.

I was totally amazed at how it steamed the hard cuts of meat in a soft and chewy shape, the most interesting thing is its large capacity and comfort of cleaning.

It is the best choice to either gift or keep on the counter for personal use.

Key Features:

With a decent style and fancy look Ninja OP301 Foodi is a likable tool to fit in the kitchen.

It is a 9-in-1 machine to do all the cooking work for you to set your life at ease and free of worries.

It has a modern and easy-to-read front display with one-touch buttons. From Start, stop power, temperature, and time along with 9 cooking programs everything is labeled precisely.

The lid is strong and locks in the right place without letting the steam or air come out which mostly contains healthy nutrients.

It seals the moisture and then goes for a crispy outside ending up giving a juicy and crunchy meal full of savor.

The temperature can go up to 450°F which shows as a digital display, with a bright light to monitor it from far away.


Ninja OP301 is one of the basic pressure cookers that can fit any kitchen and perform up to 9 phenomenal functions from cooking to washing all aspects are good to start the day peacefully.


Dimensions DxWxH 17.1 x 19.1 x 18.8 Inches
Weight 25 Pounds
Capacity 6.5 Quarts
Material Plastic, Metal
Color Black
  • It has 9 unique cooking functions.
  • It has a high gloss finish on the outside.
  • It has a large 6.5 quarts capacity.
  • Its design is not much attractive.
  • It is bulky and difficult to lift.
  1. Ninja OP302 Foodi 9-in-1: (Cooking Steak in Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker)

Ninja OP302 caught my sight at very first glance, I loved how amazing it is and the creative technology to lock in juice and finish the crisp.

Cooking steak in Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker was the greatest experience of my life as a chef.

I added the hard cuts of beef and set the settings accordingly in no time the steak was ready.

It was so juicy and flavorful that I am short on words. I also loved the veggies and grains that I prepared later.

Key Features:

Ninja OP302 Foodi is a gadget to trust fully, as it can crisp, air fry, and pressure cook.

Inside its sleek body has a 6.5 quart ceramic coated pot and 4 quarts cook and crisp basket to serve a large family.

Prepare more than 5 pounds of chicken or 3 pounds of French Fries and end up the session with easy washing.

It has arrived with an incredible speed that finishes up the work in minutes, enjoys 70% quicker pressure cooking, and 75% less fatty food in contrast to the traditional methods.

No PTEF and PFOA so enjoy healthy meals all day.

Not one but 14 levels of safety are certified to earn the trust of the users for peaceful cooking.

Without any need to thawing,  cook the frozen food straight from the freezer to a golden brown texture.


Ninja OP302 is a pressure cooker that crisps by using tender crisp technology and create multi-textured 360 meals.

It elevates the taste and uses 9 amazing settings.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 Inches
Weight 24.9 Pounds
Capacity 4 Quarts
Material Plastic, Metal, Rubber
Color Black
  • It has an elegant and stylish finish.
  • It is easy to operate and use.
  • It is a multidimensional cooker that can work with 9 appliances.
  • It has an elegant and stylish finish.
  • It is easy to operate and use.
  • It is a multidimensional cooker that can work with 9 appliances.
  • It is not suitable for small families.
  1. Ninja OP305 Foodi 6.5 Quart: (Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer 6.5 QT)

Finding a useful tool is quite a hectic task but don’t worry as I am here to give you a piece of good news.

I am a cook and review multiple appliances for the sake of my customers and recently tested the best version of Ninja Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, 6.5 quarts under the name Ninja OP305 Foodi.

Unlike other machines, it has easy-to-use parts, and I did not get confused while operating it.

I cooked chicken wings, and baked cake to test out the taste and it was super delicious.

I believe that it is gonna be a perfect match for large families.

Key Features:

Ninja Foodi series has created the eye-catching machine to encounter difficult meals with ease and a wide temperature range.

Ninja OP305 Foodi is an upgraded and useful tool of all times and is made big enough to feed large families and gatherings without any hassle and fear.

Not one but two lids that offer a revolutionary cooking experience, the crisping lid is to air fry, roast, broil and bake any recipe without putting any work on your shoulders.

The pressure cooking feature prevents the moisture to leave and provides nutritive meals.

The large front display is intuitive and built differently.

It has a 70% quick speed that is achieved by the heating system that flows the air and steam at 360 degrees.

The inner pot is coated with high-quality ceramic for a nonstick finish.

Put the frozen food and enjoy the perfectly done meal in no time.


Ninja OP305 is more upgraded than the previous models and has an additional cooking and crisping basket to perform tons of programs.

It has efficient working, certified safety measures, even temperature, and time settings, and an extra large capacity to solve all kitchen problems.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 Inches
Weight 24.2 Pounds
Capacity 4 Quarts
Material Stoneware
Color Black/Gray
  • Its front control panel is built smartly.
  • The accessories from the ceramic coated pot and crisp basket are dishwasher friendly.
  • It performs all the cooking programs evenly.
  • The recipe book is not well organized.
  • Its parts and lids are not easier to store.
  1. Ninja OS301/FD305CO Foodi 10-in-1: (Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer with Smartlid)

I am a culinary specialist and found a great all-in-one product. Ninja Foodi pressure cooker steam fryer with smartlid is my top choice.

No matter if you are a newbie or cooking for years.

I am happy with the sleek choice of design and how beautifully the 10 features are fitted in a single body.

I have tried French fries, roast, beef cuts, and nuggets and everything was just super delicious.

Key Features:

Ninja Foodi Pro claims 10 revolutionary functions in one to perform unrealistic though worth tasting dishes every day.

It can work as an air fryer, pressure cooker, sear, sauté, steam, broil, bake, yogurt, slow cook, and dehydrate.

It can also keep the food warm for hours that help you eat delicious food at any time.

The nesting broil rack is manufactured with stainless steel that is specially designed to add an extra layer of capacity and it is easy to store in the cooking pot.

The large capacity of 6.5 quarts can spaciously fit around 6 pounds of roast and 3 pounds of hand-cut French fries.

No need to master the way of using it as the bright and easy-to-understand display says it all.

Eat guilt-free food as it decreases the oil content by 75% as compared to traditional frying methods.

From juicy to crispy food just by swapping the lids in a swift and comfortable way.


Ninja Foodi is genuinely a game changer with fantastic 10 cooking programs, smartlid, large capacity, and strong material.

It can prepare hundreds of recipes with the desired doneness and elevated nutrient level.


Dimensions DxWxH 13.19 x 13.35 x 13.15 Inches
Weight 28.6 Pounds
Capacity 6.5 liters
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel
  • It is an all in one excellent pressure cooker.
  • It has a nesting broil rack for even cooking.
  • It creates everything consistently delectable.
  • It requires significant space and does not fit in small cabinets for storage.
  1. Ninja SF301 Speedi, 6-Quart Capacity, 12-in-1: (Best Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker for 4 Person)

I am a professional chef and a kitchen culinary blogger, helping people to sort out the best cooking tool for them.

I review different cooking appliances and people buy them according to their needs and demand.

Recently, I reviewed some modern and large-capacity pressure cookers and concluded that Ninja SF301 is the best pressure cooking appliance I ever tried.

It comes with amazing and advanced technology and I recommend this device to everyone.

Key Features:

Ninja SF301 is a smart air frying and pressure cooking equipment that works quickly and prepares food with one touch in almost 15 minutes.

Within its 6 quarts cooking capacity, it can prepare 4 chicken breasts and 1 lb of pasta in one cooking cycle.

It has 12 in 1 cooking feature that enables it to air fry, bake, roast, air broil, dehydrate, sear, slow cook, and sauté. rapid cooking technology cooks the food under the steam of a pressure cooker and the hot air of an air fryer to get a restaurant-worthy result of this frying device.

With a single press knob, you can switch the cooking device to a pressure cooker from air frying.

It works on amazing technology that reduces the requirement of oil for air frying.

The LED screen of this cooking equipment has many preset programs for easy cooking of specific food products.

The hot air heated by the food grade heating element is circulated that cooks the food.

All the material used in this cooker is premium quality and coated with nonsticky food grade material.

You can wash its accessories in tap water and a dishwasher.


Ninja SF301 is a smart, 6 quarts pressure cooking tool and an air fryer that works on electricity.

It has a smart LED screen with presets for many programs and maintains healthy cooking.


Dimensions DxWxH 13.8x 14.1 x 12.4 Inches
Weight 16 Pounds
Capacity 6 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel and Plastic
Color Sea Salt Gray
  • It is free of BPA, PFOAs, and other toxic materials and chemicals.
  • The nonsticky coating on the accessories is food grade.
  • LED screen has presets for many dishes.
  • The LED screen is very sensitive and fragile.
  • The door hinge is smooth is require extra care while opening the door.
  1. Ninja MC1001 Foodi PRO 8.5 Quart, with 8-in-1: (Ninja Foodi XL Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer with Smart lid)

It provides a professional calmness when I help someone to get their required cooking tool without wastage of money and time.

That’s why I review different food cooking products for the past 16 years.

For many years, I have been reviewing culinary items and recently I tried to cook food in Ninja MC1001 and get the best results.

I cooked meat and air fried French fries and all I say is that it lets me have an easy and peaceful cooking experience.

Key Features:

Ninja MC1001 is a 14-in-1 cooking equipment that can replace a slow cooker, steam cooker, food warmer, streamer, Dutch oven, roasting pan, and bread maker due to its versatility.

It has a heating element at its bottom that’s why it can sear and sauté your food within it without the need of transferring to the stovetop.

Its cooking pots are safe to be used for up to 500°F.

Within its 8.5 quarts cooking capacity, it can prepare 9 lbs of spaghetti and chicken balls, which is enough for 20 people to eat.

With several heating elements on the side walls and bottom of this cooker, it prepares food in 30% less time and requires 80% less oil for deep frying.

Smart LED screen has temperature and time regulatory settings.

Preset programs for slow cooking, searing, sauté, steaming, keeping warm, braising, baking, and sous vide are already programmed for an easy cooking experience.

It comes with multi-functional utensils that work as a ladle and pasta fork.

Its accessories are easy to clean and safe for the dishwasher due to the nonsticky coating on its surface.


Ninja MC1001 is an 8.5 quarts large-capacity and smart cooking device with advanced technology for cooking food.

Its surface is nonsticky and provides an effortless cooking experience.


Dimensions DxWxH 12.64 x 18 x 10.59 Inches
Weight 12.02 Pounds
Capacity 8.5 Quarts
Material Aluminum
Color Sea Salt Grey
  • The smart screen has presets for specified food items.
  • The nonsticky coating on the surface enables it to wipe easily after usage.
  • The material used in its manufacturing is free of toxins.
  • The smart screen is fragile and has a sensitive touch panel.
  • It requires thorough cleaning for efficient working.
  1. Ninja OP350co Foodi 9-in-1: (Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steamer &Air fryer)

I am a professional chef and a blogger with 6 years of work experience.

I review cooking tools and also do my cooking in my restaurant.

I try to prepare different food items in the cooker and review the pros and the cons of the device for the ease of my customers and followers.

Recently, I tried to get a cooking appliance that has both pressure cooking and air cooking feature.

I, at last, come to know about Ninja OP350co and it revolutionized my cooking experience.

It can work as an air fryer and a pressure cooker at the same time with just a little changing to the settings.

Key Features:

Ninja OP350co is an advanced pressure cooking and air frying appliance that is manufactured in a food grade and premium quality material.

The double door enables the cooker to retain high steam pressure and cook food in less time.

The crisping basket is nonsticky and reversible that can be adjusted from both sides in the cooking chamber.

The cooking pot or frying basket has a capacity of 6.5 quarts which is enough to cook food for 10 people in one cycle.

Also, it can air fry 6 lbs of chicken or 20 hot wings at one time.

The LED screen of this cooker has many presets that require no need for conditions adjustment before every cooking.

With a single touch on a specified food item on an LED screen, it can air fry, steam cook, pressure cook, roast, sear, and sauté many food items.

The pressure lid has a pressure valve that safely releases the pressure before opening the lid to avoid any damage to the operator.

The frying basket, crispy stand, pressure lid, oil container, and all other accessories are coated with nonsticky material and can easily be wiped.


Ninja OP350co is a multi-functional high-quality pressure cooker and an air fryer.

It has nonsticky and premium quality accessories that are safe for the dishwasher and the LED screen has preset conditions for many food products.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 Inches
Weight 22 Pounds
Capacity 6.5 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel and Plastic
Color Silver/Black
  • It can cook food with multiple cooking options with a single touch.
  • Its material is free of BPA and toxic materials.
  • The smart screen has advanced features for a fast and smooth cooking process.
  • The hinge of its lid is sensitive and requires smooth operation.
  • You have to be very careful while using an LED screen.
  1. Ninja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt: (Ninja Foodi xl Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer Chicken Wings)

For the past 18 years, I have been helping people to buy good quality kitchen equipment according to their demands and requirements.

Some people buy large-sized cooking devices and later on it troubles them in placing the device in the kitchen.

Also buying undesired kitchen equipment results in a loss of money.

So, I review different cooking machines and recently I reviewed some devices that can work as pressure cookers and air fryers.

I concluded that Ninja OL601 is the best tool that can save you from the trouble of buying many cooking tools.

I recommend it to everyone for easy cooking.

Key Features:

Ninja OL601 is a multi-functional cooking device that can act as an air fryer, streamer, pressure cooker, and many more.

Its 8 quarts capacity is enough to cook food for a middle-sized family.

The steam crispy technology of this cooker enables you to get crispy from the surface and juicy food from the core without drying out.

With the deluxe reversible rack, you can cook the double amount of food in a single cooking cycle.

This cooker takes 70 % less time to achieve the same tenderness as of slow cooker.

Also, the pieces of bread and the cakes are baked in 25% less time as compared to traditional cookers.

The heating element with a circulating fan enables the hot air to reach every corner of the cooking chamber and cook food evenly.

It reduces the oil requirement by up to 75% and gets a portion of healthy food.

By unlocking its 14 features, you can steam, crisp, pressure cook, bake, air fry, broil, roast, ferment yogurt, keep warm, proof, slow cook, and dehydrate your food.

Its LED screen is advanced with presets for specific food products and its accessories are easy to wash and clean.


Ninja OL601 is a smart large capacity and multi functionality air frying and pressure cooking tool.

It works on the principle of hot air circulation and cooks the food juicy and crispy at the same time.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.21 x 14.25 x 15.39 Inches
Weight 25.1 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver/Black
  • All the material used in it is free of BPA and PFOAs.
  • Its surface is coated with nonsticky material and is easy to wipe and clean.
  • The smart screen has preset programs for many cooking options.
  • The LED screen of this cooking machine is very sensitive to moisture content.
  • It requires cleaning after every use for good efficiency.

How do preheat the ninja foodi pressure cooker?

A Ninja pressure cooker is a cooking machine that cooks food in very less time and prepares the food very tasty and deliciously.

It works by steam generation inside the cooking chamber and the temperature is elevated above the boiling point of water.

The high steam pressure and temperature cook the food in no time as compared to other cooking options.

But to pressure cook food, requires the food and water to be pre heated.

There are some conditions based on which food and the cooking appliance are preheated.

Let’s discuss those conditions that tell us how to preheat the ninja foodi pressure cooker.

  • Preheat Time:

The time required to preheat the cooking tool is not much high.

Is just required to simply elevate the temperature for about 5 to 10 minutes until the water gets lukewarm.

When the steam starts to generate, it is the best time to add all the ingredients in the cooking chamber and seal the lid to generate a very high steam pressure.

This time duration is enough to get the cooker preheated and make the food delicious.

  • Preheat Temperature:

The process of preheating is very crucial while cooking meat and different kinds of vegetables or pulses.

The temperature required for preheating is very normal and ranges from 150°F to 200°F.

This temperature is enough to at least warm the water for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the device is preheated, it should be sealed with the raw material and other ingredients to get the water above the boiling point.

For this, the temperature of the cooker should be raised to 230°F or above.

  • Preheat Requirements:

The preheating of the cooker is essential as it suddenly changes the temperature of the raw material.

This helps in killing undesired microbes or pathogenic bacteria by heat stress.

It is also helpful to get the food ready in less time.

As the preheating elevates the temperature, it gets easy to generate steam in little time.

Once the steam is generated, the raw material takes only 20 to 25 minutes to fully cook the food.

So, by following these conditions and steps, the cooking tool can be preheated enough to get a delicious food item.

How to seal Ninja foodi pressure cooker?

A Ninja pressure cooker is a cooking equipment that works on the principle of a conventional pressure cooker.

It locks the high steam pressure which is utilized to reduce the cooking time by elevating the temperature of the cooking compartment.

So, in this concept of cooking, the lid plays a vital role in the sealing of steam and elevating the temperature.

Let’s discuss how to seal Ninja foodi pressure cooker to get the best results.

  • Locking Lid:

Many types of lids get locked when the start button of the cooker is pressed.

For this, some cookers have locking clumps, some have rotating locks and some have safety inside pot locks.

The sealing of the lid is essential for pressure maintenance and also for the safety of the operator.

Some cookers with no safety locks and a very low quality rotation result in accidents.

If the lid remains unsealed from one side, it leaks the steam and prepares partially cooked food.

  • Advanced Safety Caps:

Sometimes it happens that the cap of the cooker is not perfectly locked due to un proper alignment of the lids and main body.

So, the steam loss causes the food to get dehydrated and also expands the cooking time by 2 folds.

But to combat these issues, modern cookers have an advanced safety that keeps the cooker off until the lid is properly aligned. Such cookers avoid all kinds of accidents from happening.

  • Premium Quality Gasket:

Gasket quality plays a vital role in sealing the moist heat. It is fitted inside the cooker at the place of the lid and main body joint.

It keeps the steam tightly sealed and avoids leakage.

But if the gasket is of low quality, it doesn’t withstand the high pressure and temperature of the cooker and gets a break during the process of cooking.

It may also leach heavy ions that result in the toxicity of the food products.

So, by using a good quality gasket and a lid with strong safety locks, we can seal Ninja foodi pressure cooker for better results.

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