3 Best Elite Platinum Slow Cooker (2023 Guide & Review)

Welcome to the world of culinary arts, where a satisfying meal depends on accuracy and efficiency. Finding the ideal balance between practicality and culinary brilliance is a lifelong quest for modern chefs and passionate cooks. The “Elite Platinum Slow Cooker” emerges as a game-changer in this pursuit of culinary excellence, altering the landscape of kitchen appliances. As I explore the Elite Platinum Slow Cooker’s amazing features, advantages, and versatility in this blog article, I’ll give you a sneak peek into what cooking will be like in the future.

The Unveiling of Elite Platinum Slow Cooker:

The Elite Platinum Slow Cooker rises above the commonplace and the limitations of simple kitchen appliances. It serves as a doorway to a world full of culinary possibilities, luring you in to discover and experiment. This Slow cooker is designed to improve your culinary experiences because it was made with painstaking attention to detail and powered by cutting-edge technology. It represents the marriage of creativity and practicality and raises the bar for contemporary kitchen appliances.

Speedy Routes to Delectable Delights:

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, time is a precious commodity. The Elite Platinum Slow Cooker honors this, significantly reducing cooking times without compromising on the rich tapestry of flavors. This appliance creates a hermetic seal, allowing the natural flavors and nutrients of your ingredients to flourish. The end result? Meals that are not only swiftly prepared but are also an explosion of true flavors, a journey for your taste buds in every bite.

Versatility at Its Core:

The Elite Platinum Slow Cooker stands as a versatile culinary powerhouse, capable of adapting to your diverse cooking inclinations. It offers a multitude of cooking options, catering to every palate and preference. From tenderizing meats to flawlessly cooking grains, from slow-cooking soups to quickly steaming vegetables – it’s a multitasker. The adjustable pressure settings and diverse cooking modes give you the flexibility needed to master an array of recipes and cooking techniques.

Safety, A Priority Redefined:

In the realm of high-pressure cooking, safety is paramount. The Elite Platinum Slow Cooker places this concern at its forefront, boasting advanced safety features. Equipped with a secure locking system and strategically designed pressure release valves, this appliance provides you with peace of mind as you cook. Cooking should be an enjoyable experience, and the Elite Platinum Slow Cooker ensures just that with its user-friendly interface and thoughtful safety measures.

Aesthetics that Inspire:

The Elite Platinum Slow Cooker seamlessly merges form and function, showcasing a sleek and contemporary design. Its stylish exterior is thoughtfully crafted to blend harmoniously with any kitchen decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your culinary sanctuary. The ergonomically designed handles and an intuitive control panel ensure ease of use, making it both a delight to operate and a visual asset to your kitchen.

Embrace the Culinary Revolution:

Step into the future of cooking with the Elite Platinum Slow Cooker. It symbolizes an investment in an enhanced culinary experience, offering far more than just a reliable kitchen companion. Choosing this innovative appliance means embracing a lifestyle that cherishes efficiency, taste, and convenience. Elevate your culinary journey with the Elite Platinum Slow Cooker, and embark on a path filled with delicious, chef-quality meals at the touch of a button.

Get ready to join me on an exciting culinary journey as we unravel the wonders and unlock the limitless potential of the Elite Platinum Slow Cooker. I’ve rigorously tested and reviewed this remarkable kitchen companion, and I’m thrilled to share my findings. Brace yourself for a transformation in your culinary game, where every meal is effortlessly elevated to a gourmet delight, thanks to the prowess of the Elite Platinum Slow Cooker.

Our Top Picks:

# Preview Product Award Buy on Amazon
1 Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Electric Slow Cooker Best Overall Elite Platinum Slow Cooker
2 Elite Gourmet Stainless Steel Slow Cooker Best Cheap Elite Platinum Slow Cooker
Check Price on Amazon
3 Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Programmable Slow Cooker Best Digital Elite Platinum Slow Cooker
Check Price on Amazon
# 1
Product Name Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Electric Slow Cooker
Award Best Overall Elite Platinum Slow Cooker
# 2
Product Name Elite Gourmet Stainless Steel Slow Cooker
Award Best Cheap Elite Platinum Slow Cooker
# 3
Product Name Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Programmable Slow Cooker
Award Best Digital Elite Platinum Slow Cooker
  1. Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Electric Slow Cooker:

Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Electric Slow Cooker
Image Credit Elite Gourmet


  • The compact size of this cooker is ideal for one or two individuals.
  • The dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup quick and simple.
  • Best for decorated kitchens as it has a stylish finish.
  • It has a safe-handling cool-touch grips and knobs.


  • The exterior gets quite hot.
  • Sometimes, the crock doesn’t fit.
  • There are some worries regarding safety with prolonged use.

The Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Electric Slow Cooker can prepare delectable meals for 1-2 people and appetizers, sauces, and dips. It can be a good start to a fondue party or a gathering when everyone makes their preferred dip in their 1.5 Q. This slow cooker gives complete control and a fashionable design with customizable settings and a stylish stainless steel finish.

I initially wanted to test the elite gourmet MST-250XS Slow cooker features. Although I was already aware of the name of this cooker, the cooker looked to be new technology for this well-known manufacturer of Elite Gourmet Slow cookers. Was this feature enough to have bought it? The capacity of your family to prepare and correctly crispiness of the food would be the real test.

I cooked some chicken wings to demonstrate this point, and they came out crispy, golden brown, and with an even crust on every portion of the wing. They resembled restaurant-style fried chicken wings in flavor. Air may circulate the wings because of the rack (much like in an air fryer). Despite this, some parts of the skin were still crispier than others.

The wings in the cooker required a few more minutes to reach the same results as when I used the same method to test the Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Slow, where the wings were crispy and done at this point. It’s safe to say that the wings were delicious.

The only aspect of this cooker that I would have liked to see upgraded is its temperature setting, which is currently not automatic. For example, if you are cooking a meal that calls for both hot and low temperatures, you must manually change the settings, which will require you to be present at home.

No cooker is perfect, of course, and while this one works well for slow cooking, I wish it had a few more updated features, such as settings for browning, sautéing, or steaming. Small buttons and labelling on the base were also present, and during cooking, the handle on the Lid became quite hot.

This cooker satisfies your desire for crispy cuisine without the hassle of oil frying. The good feature is that the food heated via convection is surrounded by hot air on all sides while placed in a perforated basket or rack. Although a conventional convection oven will produce comparable results, the food will be less crunchy because the sheet pan stops the air from uniformly encircling all sides. Additionally, the food collects less fat and gets dryer and crispier because of perforations in the cooker baskets that allow oils to drop into the pan.

Key Features:

This Elite Gourmet Slow Cooker is best for preparing and serving meals for a small household. It is reviewed as a good addition to any kitchen. It also has a stylish stainless steel finish with cool-touch handles and a knob for safe handling, a detachable inner stoneware pot that is simple to clean, and a tempered glass top with a metal rim for easy viewing.

The 1.42-quart pot may seem smaller than rectangular ones due to its form. If you’ve put a lot inside, you must stir more carefully. The cooking surface is much shorter than others, even though it can have an impression similar to theirs. Even if it isn’t big enough to cook a roast, we could easily fit four enormous spare leg pieces in a roasting stock without any trouble. This adaptable little device can be the best friend for a lone person and the star of your upcoming Super Bowl party. This cooker has an incredibly user-friendly timer with an auto-warming feature. However, as it lacks an auto-shutoff feature, you can be less at ease utilizing this product when away from home. Additionally, it is quite heavy when filled, and the stainless steel sidewalls can become very hot. But it includes large handles and a clever locking cover that will keep your preferred dish securely in the pot.


Dimensions DxWxH 7.5 x 10 x 7 Inches
Weight 4.8 Pounds
Capacity 1.42 Liters
Material Aluminum
Color Stainless Steel
  1. Elite Gourmet MST-900V Stainless Steel Slow Cooker:

Elite Gourmet MST-900V Stainless Steel Slow Cooker
Image Credit Elite Gourmet


  • It includes simple controls with options for warm, low, and high temperatures and a convenient timer.
  • Cleanup is simple and convenient due to its removable stainless steel cover and nonstick inner pot.
  • This model’s technology not only makes cooking simple but also safe.


  • The nonstick pot has bubbled or peeled off after extended usage.
  • This cooker’s durability can vary.

The last model I’ll review is the Elite Gourmet MST-900V Stainless Steel Slow Cooker. This model is considered the most reviewed because of its 20-hour advanced programmable timer’s Low, Medium, and High-temperature control settings; you will also have complete cooking control and versatility. It is a multicooker since it allows you to brown, sauté, steam, and slow cook. Additionally, it has an 8.5-quart capacity. I was impressed by this model’s big capacity as a professional cook and food writer. Although this cooker took longer to heat up than some models I tried, that didn’t affect the results.

It is also the largest pot in the entire portfolio from the manufacturer, making it a simple choice for anyone trying to feed a big family. It has a roomy 8-quart capacity. I developed a list of testing factors, including features and cooking performance, ease of use, cleaning, size, setup, and overall aesthetic. I then regularly consulted it as I tested other cookers in my reviews. I also developed several culinary tests to evaluate the model’s distinct skills and features.

I carried out the tests for this model by cooking meatballs, fries, and chicken nuggets. Before assessing for crispness, moisture, and overall flavor, I cooked 4-pound meatballs for 20 minutes. Then, I prepared a 28-ounce bag of frozen French fries and an 8-ounce box of chicken nuggets for 10 minutes. My experiments demonstrated that this cooker could make crispy roast chicken and crunchy curly fries that were less juicy or soft than I expected. I’ve also discovered that the knobs and handles get too hot when the cooker runs continuously. Additionally, the temperature controls occasionally cease functioning when the range becomes too hot.

If you love cooking daily evening snacks for your family, consider this cooker as it can cook every dish at a suitable time. Still, if you want more delicious and professional food with perfect features, there are better choices than this one. Additionally, you cannot consider it for events as it is a slow cooker and takes more time than any other.

Key Features:

The Elite Gourmet MST-900V 8.5 Quart Slow Cooker, which is simple to use, provides a healthier way to serve delectable meals. Using foods in this cooker, such as chicken wings and French fries, the oils allow you to make low-fat and high-in nutrients main dishes. This programmable Slow Cooker makes preparing meals for the family a breeze. It has been created for the mobile families of today. With the 20-hour advanced programmable timer’s Low, Medium, and High-temperature control settings, you will have complete cooking control and versatility. However, the fit and finish are less than our top pick.

An oval, detachable pot with a capacity of 8.5 quarts can be considered for making soups, curries, casseroles, soups, and vegetarian stews. The stoneware pot is extra big, and its oval shape allows you to slowly cook those huge slices of meat, guaranteeing that there is always plenty for everyone. The cooktop’s clear tempered glass covers lock in moisture and nutrients for delectable results while providing a clear view of the cooking process.

The cooker produces constant, even heat. The removable ceramic pot and the glass with a tempered coating cover can be thrown into the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze. The cooking station made of brushed stainless steel may be cleaned with a moist cloth. Additionally, it offers a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing flaws on every Elite Gourmet 8-quart slow cooker. You can contact the company for a replacement if it stops working as promised under normal use.


Dimensions DxWxH 16.30 x 11.80 x 11.70 Inches
Weight 7.1 Pounds
Capacity 8.5 Quarts
Material Aluminum
Color Brushed Stainless Steel, Black, Clear
  1. Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Slow Cooker:

Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Slow Cooker
Image Credit Elite Gourmet


  • Large 8.5 Qt ceramic insert pot that is dishwasher safe can hold whole chickens and large roasts.
  • It has a removable nonstick pan that can be easily cleaned.
  • Beep signal when cooking is finished.


  • It runs hot and may need monitoring.
  • Become so noisy during the cooking process.

The Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Slow Cooker is a well-known model. As a result of being a client favorite, this model is also one of the most popular choices on the market because of their features. However, I saw some negative reviews regarding their quality and decided to review it myself. This type is available in various colors to match your kitchen’s aesthetic preferences, no matter what they may be.

This cooker is a model that results from something other than the model’s size, and it, due to its usefulness and effectiveness, offers you delicious food in a limited time. It is essential to consider all the pertinent information about the model being challenged to produce a thorough evaluation. I reviewed this Slow cooker by cooking stakes because it requires correct cooking techniques to acquire accurate reviews. So, I chose my temperature and timings for cooking stakes and cooked them for 10 minutes.

After some time, when I checked, they looked delicious; the color of the stakes shows the result in the first place. Although the results differ from the restaurants, you may still create them if you need something delicious because they were so soft and juicy when I tested them. One thing that annoys me while I’m cooking is that this cooker is a little noisy while running, making it unpleasant to stand there. However, there was enough area inside the range for you to prepare food for a larger group.

Key Features:

The Elite Gourmet MST-900D Digital Programmable Slow Cooker is a culinary tool for feeding a large group. Its 8.5-quart capacity makes it big enough to cook a steak or a turkey breast. You can set the programmable feature to low, high, or maintain warm settings and then forget about it. Cleaning up is simple as it has a removable oval crock and dishwasher-safe glass top. The modern stainless steel finish gives any kitchen a sophisticated feel.

It provides simplicity and adaptability with its customizable settings and simple cleanup features. Sometimes, it gets too hot and needs to be watched because it can burn the food. If you enjoy food, this slow cooker is an asset to your kitchen arsenal. As I’ve already indicated, the results won’t taste exactly like what you get in restaurants, but you can use it to soothe an upset stomach.


Dimensions DxWxH 11.73 x 16.34 x 11.81 Inches
Weight 14.55 Pounds
Capacity 8.5 Quarts
Material Aluminum
Color Stainless Steel

Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker Vs Instant Pot:

Your cooking requirements and tastes will ultimately determine whether you choose the Instant Pot or the Elite Platinum. In multipurpose pressure cookers, Instant Pot is one of the most well-known companies because of the dependability and affordability of their goods. Additionally, they advertise a wide range of features for various product series, allowing customers to select what they need. Like Instant Pot, Elite Platinum has a wide range of goods in the slow cooker market. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.

After using the elite Platinum and Instant Pot for a full day of slow cooking, air frying, baking, and broiling, we believe Instant Pot is overpriced for its capabilities and too big for most kitchens. It is an air-fryer top for a Pot with few preprogrammed options. Although it is practical for cooking and roasting food, we only suggest it if preparing such one-pot meals is your main priority. Electric slow cookers with several uses are available from both brands but differ in some ways. Below are some differences between these brands:

  • Different Models:

Instant Pot: Various versions, including the Instant Pot Duo, Ultra, Lux, Smart Wi-Fi, and others, are available from Instant Pot, each with a different size and set of capabilities. Each model has a unique collection of powers and functions.

Elite Platinum: Elite Platinum also provides a variety of multicookers, though not as many as Instant Pot. They come in various shapes and sizes, including the Elite Gourmet MST 250XS.

  • Features and Functions:

Instant Pot: The Instant Pot is renowned for its adaptability and offers capabilities, including slow cooking, slow-cooked sautéing, boiling, rice cooking, and yogurt making. Even more features, such as sterilization and cake making, are available on some sophisticated versions.

Elite Platinum:  Multicookers often offer comparable features, such as slow cooking, slow cooking, and multiple meal presets. On the other hand, compared to some Instant Pot models, their models can have fewer cutting-edge features.

  • Build Quality and Durability:

Both companies manufacture multicookers with cooking pots made of stainless steel, which are renowned for their dependability and simplicity of cleaning. The general construction quality, though, could differ between models.

  • Ease of Use:

Although the interface and control choices of the goods may vary, both firms strive to make their products user-friendly. While some users might find the Instant Pot’s control panel and interface more user-friendly, others might like the look of the Elite Platinum.

  • Accessories and Warranty:

Various complementary accessories, including extra sealing rings, steaming baskets, and silicone mittens, are available from both manufacturers. Be careful to research the supplements offered for the model you decide on. Review the warranty that comes with your chosen model because warranty conditions can vary.

  • Customer Reviews:

Reading customer opinions and ratings for particular models might give you useful information about brand experiences with both companies.

Trustworthy multicookers with various capabilities are available from Instant Pot and Elite Platinum. It would help if you based your choice on your cooking requirements, financial constraints, and personal preferences. Think about the features that are essential to you and the model that best suits your needs. You can choose wisely by reading product reviews and contrasting certain models from the two brands.

How We Review Cookers?

We have tested electric slow cookers in our labs for many years. We’ve begun each round of testing by attempting a few fundamental kitchen chores, such as producing beans from scratch, preparing rice, and sautéing onions.

To gain a sense of the characteristics of various models, such as their capacity, steam-release system, or particular cooking programs, we’ve produced a variety of dishes over the years, including brisket, meat, risotto, butter chicken, entire chicken, sushi rice, and even cake.

We roasted a chicken and air-fried frozen finger foods like mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and French fries in addition to our usual tests to evaluate the slow cooker and crisping capabilities of the Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker and the Instant Pot, both of which are combined air fryers and electric slow cookers.

After realizing that fundamental dishes are handled by most slow cookers similarly, accessibility, features, and build became our primary concerns. We focused on models with several cooking modes, respectable sautéing skills, sturdy stainless steel inserts, and ease of use and cleaning. Additionally, we noted more sophisticated features, including the capacity to preserve culinary presets and changeable heat settings for sautéing or searing.

How We Decided Which Slow Cooker Is the Best for You to Buy?

In our testing over the years, we’ve discovered that most slow cookers prepare staple foods like beans and braised beef. The ease of use and variety of features offered by different cookers make up their largest differences; thus, to find the best electric cooker, we gave the following factors priority:


The buttons and noises on electric slow cookers can be quite scary. We sought out products with user interfaces that are simple to use right out of the box and crystal-clear digital displays that show what is happening while cooking.


Our favorite electric slow cookers are truly multicookers compared to slow cookers or rice cookers. They effectively make yogurt, rice, sautéing, steaming, and even under pressure.

Materials and Construction:

The cooking pots or inserts on most electric slow cookers are removable. Because nonstick coatings deteriorate after a couple of years, we prefer uncoated metal inner pots even if you don’t damage them with metal spatulas and spoons earlier. Additionally, we looked for cookers with removable lids that could be cleaned easily in soapy water.

Warranty and Replaceable Parts:

A solid guarantee should cover the electronic housing and interior pot for at least a year, but it may not cover gaskets, valve parts, and seals, according to years of testing. Whether the warranty covers such minor components, it’s crucial to have the option to purchase them separately because, depending on usage, you must replace them at intervals of one to three years.


The Elite Platinum series is unquestionably a brand you should consider when buying a slow cooker. They are simple to use but rather sophisticated regarding security features and even size. You can opt for something enormous, big enough for a huge family and sometimes for 2-to three people. The food’s tenderness, richness, and juiciness can be maintained using an elite platinum high-end slow cooker to keep the food warm. However, some features won’t perfectly fit you, but you may confidently serve great cuisine to your family, acquaintances, and guests using appropriate methods and safety procedures.

Ultimately, I hope you better understand how these elite platinum kitchen cookers’ can help you succeed in your culinary ventures and enjoy spending time in your kitchen. You can serve tasty, warm, and wet food to the delight of anyone who appreciates it by adhering to these rules and prioritizing food safety. So get out of your top-of-the-line Platinum slow cooker, get ready to enjoy the delicious results, and start cooking up some spectacular meals.

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