Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot: Which is Better?

Pressure cooker or Instant pot are best-selling kitchen utensils. They are always in demand and discussion over their innovative versions. There is not a single household without this appliance if you take a look all over the world. People are using them to entertain themselves with plenty of cooking tasks. If I start to count the duties they do then there is a long list from sautéing, broil, steam cook, slow cook, can poach, stew, roast, and many more.

But which one is better is a serious thing for a better experience and worth pot.

The Instant pot is a new hot and smart gadget taking over the old pressure cookers.

They are in more stipulation due to the more safe, versatile, revolutionary, and modern attributes.

People are buying and preferring Instant Pot, and what is making Instant Pot fantastic and a better choice?

Its easy to use features and electrical operating functionality are the top notches.

But still, some grandmothers and mothers prefer and feel comfortable using the old traditional pressure cooker.

They both are operated by a pressure cooking basic line which is a little tricky to maintain conditions in a pressure cooker.

A little change in the pressure and the huge steam on the inner side will force the blast despite using high-grade material and that is the main reason why pressure cookers are fallen out.

Because everyone wants the guarantee of safety first, no matter how much ease an appliance brings until it is not safe.

The Instant Pots are hitting the needs with more security assurance and ease.

But why worry when living in the world of technology, now the perfect combinations of Instant Pots and pressure cookers are available on market.

There are a few steps to use them and go through the stages for a better acquaintance.
The first step is to turn it on; it would be in standby mode.

Select the Pressure cook mode by pressing the button. The settings would be Normal mode at high pressure for 35 minutes of the cooking batch.

If you want to increase or decrease the cooking time then press the pressure cook option again to reduce the time to 20 minutes and the increased time would be 45 minutes.

Now for the pressure settings use the pressure level button, simply press it and toggle in the range of low and high according to the food recipe. Set high pressure for vegetables, and seafood

When the cooking cycle is done then use the Quick release to eradicate the extreme pressure from the pot to remove the food.

Some of the top pick tested out to be the most suitable working good by experts are penned down:

Recommended Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot:


Image Product View on Amazon
Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Instant Pot Max Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker
Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker


  1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel, 6 Quart:

I have had the Instant Pot Duo Electric Pressure Cooker for about 3-4 months.

I do not where to start with the features it has let me work with because all of them are fabulous.

Its ability to schedule the cooking jobs keeps the food warm and fresh for me for hours.

I usually complete my work before eating a meal but it did not feel for a single time that my favorite meat soup has been there for hours.

It is a game turner in my life. I love each aspect of it from the design to the performance.

It has made me proud of my wise choice and genuinely proven an up-to-mark cooking gadget.

I feel so safe while using it and have not a single fear about the pot blasting and control everything from my mobile and try new recipes any time.

Key Features:

A fast and uncomplicated to use Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is the most versatile kitchen appliance.

It can free a lot of room for you by replacing seven machines for home use as it has a 7-in-1 functionality which let you taste every cooking way possible such as slow cook, rice cook, steamer, food warmer, pressure cook, yogurt maker, and sauté pan.

With a press of one button and the 13 built-in smart systems let you cook the more savor and mouthwatering dishes like ribs, soups, rice, beans, desserts, and meat including fish, chicken, beef, mutton every dish in your preference list.

It comes with both the fast and slow cooking processes to cook like a traditional pressure cooker as well as slow cooking as in the case of beef stew, pot roast, etc.

It is an absolute device with 70 percent fast working technology.

It is even fingerprint resistant, no matter how much you touch the machine with the high-grade stainless steel sides which are reliable.

The inner pot and the safe lid with additional accessories are all dishwashers safe.

They are not altered by the chemicals in the dish soap strong enough to maintain the originality and the dishes taste the same with a finger-licking taste after every batch.

What makes it safe is its 10-plus safety qualities preventing overheating and ergonomic handle for spill-free handling.

A food-grade stainless steel alloy is finely coated on the inner pot with a tri-ply base for an even task and perfect sautéing.

The safe locking lid does not allow a single blow of inner air to cross the border of the lid.

With a large pot capacity to serve food for 6-7 individuals of a growing family, a single cooking cycle is enough to cook an enormous amount of dishes.

Controlled via Smart Phone:

It is a 4th generation Instant Pot that is controlled just by installing a mobile application for all the settings and plenty of recipes making your work easier and less tiring.

Discover amazing recipes at any moment. It will also lead you a step by step guidance at your fingertips.


Dimensions (DxWxH) 13.38 x 12.2 x 12.48 Inches
Weight 11.8 pounds
Capacity 5.68 Liters
Material Stainless Steel
Color Steel/Black


  • It cooks food quickly with 70% fast speed.
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • It can make delicious Greek yogurt.
  • It has 10 plus safety features.
  • It has a large capacity of 6 Quarts.
  • The silicon seal has an odor.
  • It does not include any glass lid and steaming container.

  1. Instant Pot Max 6 Quart Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker:

Owning a magnificent kitchen device was a dream for me; I have some unique and unique appliances in my mind, and guess what? I have found my ideal utensil.

I have started my home chef journey with Instant Pot Max Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker.

I am now able to fill my pantry with this magical pot.

It has let me turn my thoughts to reality. My love to create different foods is unstoppable.

It has even replaced my pressure canner as it has the mode of canning.

I have a lot of room free in my kitchen and now my countertop looks clean without any messy heavy machines.

I am so grateful that such an amazing gadget was built to bring a world of cooking possibilities.

I ordered one for my best friend which was stunned by eating the dishes I made in this pot.

Key Features:

Instant Pot Max Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker is not just a duo but it is beyond what one needs in a single device.

It is one of the smart electric pots that operate by generating the perfect and even mixture of time, temperature, heat, and pressure.

The sustained 15 PSI pressure not only makes feasts faster but along with a vast variety of features it offers pressure canning in your home.

A modern large touch screen for a programming job looks seamless and sets the time, pressure level, precise temperature, delay start and keeps the food warm for a good amount of time.

Built by creative Nutriboost technology which is activated by operating a boiling motion during the process of pressure cooking to break down the food item to add nutrition that is useful for human health.

It adds up the perfect savor and flavor to any kind of soup and bone broth by extracting all the taste and nutrients out of the bone into your bowl.

It has an altitude adjustment and works above the earth level as fine as it works at the normal level.

It is innovative enough to eliminate the guesswork from your favorite recipes and offers a more accurate cooking time.

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certified 13 safety features to provide safety to the securest possible level. Control the temperature between plus and minus.

A 1° C or 1. 8° F settings are satisfactory for sous vide cooking finish to enjoy the gourmet style meat.

An exterior body with a new brushed high working stainless steel and a stainless steel interior cooker and inside pot built from a food grade 304 high-quality stainless steel materials which makes it more reliable.

13 Safety Mechanisms:

Instant Pot is carefully and smartly designed to eradicate many common errors that are the reason for spoilage and harm to food.

13 safety mechanisms with patented technologies make the Max Instant Pot a multi-programmable pressure cooker.

The safety aspects include steam release, wireless lid detection, overheat protection, safety lid lock, lid position detection, automatic pressure control, anti-block shield, automatic temperature control, pressure indicator, thermal fuse, self-diagnostic, electrical fuse, and leaky lid detection.


Dimensions (DxWxH) 12.6 x 12.2 x 13 Inches
Weight 15.7 pounds
Capacity 6 Qt
Material 18-8 Steel
Color Silver


  • It has a touch screen control panel with one touch program.
  • It has automatic hands-free venting with auto sealing.
  • The inner pot is fixed on the place.
  • It has a safe steam release system.
  • The top lid and pot are dishwasher friendly.
  • It may take time to reach high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • It requires a significant counter space.
  • The pulse release is quite slow.
  1. Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart:

My mother gifted me Instant Pot Duo on my birthday last month but it was my personal choice.

It is a 9-in-1 ultimate device the advantage of which I experimented with recipes, I have tried out almost 30+ recipes and each has a remarkable taste.

I do not have to put effort to read the display because the labeling is super easy to see.

I like the way it works, my cooking time is a fun time now, and all thanks to this innovation.

The stainless steel shiny finish on the exterior makes it look more good in my kitchen.

Just a wipe and all the grease or dirt is gone. I believe that it will stay with me for a long span and it is irreplaceable.

I even recommended one to my cousin and advised her to bring some effortless and high-working devices into her life.

Key Features:

With 9-in-1 versatility, Instant Pot Duo is an upgraded better generation pot that offers everything the best-selling duo should have.

It entitles pressure cooking, rice cooking, sauté pan, steamer, yogurt maker, slow cook, sterilizer, and food warmer.

The food warmer not only keeps the food warm but also maintains its freshness in it.

The sterilization program is the most beneficial one by which pasteurizing milk is possible at home under hygienic conditions.

Easily sterilize baby bottles, utensils, and jars and make your kitchen a better and neat place.

The upgraded display on the front is bigger and bluer with bright luminous LED backlighting.

It comes with improved stress-free venting which is intuitive and easy.

The easy-release steam switch is built for releasing steam in a safer way and it automatically resets in closed lid conditions.

The stages of the cooking process inside the pot are visualized on the display.

15 customizable smart cooking programs to cook ribs, beans, delicious Greek yogurt, desserts, and pot roast meat to feed your stomach with what it wants.

The secret to the durability of the pot is in its food-grade stainless steel with an attached tri-ply bottom offering more fine cooking cycles.

The anti-spin design secures the pot for sautéing with ultimate perfection.

Cook 70 percent fast efficiency in whatever way you prefer whether slow or fast cook.

The comfort to clean after preparing a meal is gifted by its dishwasher-safe parts.

Now feeding a 6 person’s family is not a difficult task anymore with this Instant Pot Duo.

Monitor Cooking Progress:

It has unmatchable features and one notable trait is the monitoring of the cooking progress taking place in the closed pot.

A progress bar is displayed on the top to equip step by step instructions to improve your cooking to the next level.


Dimensions (DxWxH) 13.4 x 12.2 x 12.5 Inches
Weight 11.83 pounds
Capacity 6 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel/Black


  • It has a bright LED display.
  • It has up to 24 hours delay start feature.
  • It comes with new functionality including sterilization, egg cooker, and cake cooker.
  • It has a safe steam release.
  • ][i2cons]The silicon seal has an odor.
  • It does not include any glass lid and steaming container

Relation between Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker:

If we talk about how these two are related then in simple words Instant pot is a pressure cooker but with 2 big distinctions the first is how they perform and the second one is how easy and convenient they are for typical home cooking usage.

Let’s see the functions of the pressure cooker and instant pot independently to observe how capable they are to use:


On average when cooking is performed on the stovetop, the maximum temperature reaches in case of boiling water is 212 degrees but the airtight pressure cooker can maintain a temperature of 250 degrees and more to cook food quicker.

It knocks up the meals 70 percent faster in comparison to stovetop cooking.

The most satisfactory option is to cook a whole chicken, dried beans, brisket, and pot roasts, and even break the hard fibers in meat tender roasts.

Instant pots are not only for the masters in pressure cooking but offer more benefit to a newbie as it is not intimidating and challenging to operate.

The thing that makes it straightforward is the sophisticated microprocessor for the accuracy and adjustment in time, heat, pressure, and temperature, and provides consistent, delicate, and amazing results with a 70% quick service time.

Safer to use due to its automatic smart lid to seal the steam and pressure inside and leaves no chances of getting opened once you are done it lets the steam release by the push of a secure and fast quick release button with an additional 10 plus safety measurements with UL certification.

Its customized cooking modes let you cook plenty of dishes, each in a unique way.


Both the old pressure cooker and Instant pot do some similar things.

The disparity comes with the amenity and safety they entertain with.

An inexpensive pressure cooker compatible with the stovetop will bring no good to you are too strong-armed to employ it.

You will get tired of keeping an eye on the pressure and heat conditions and lose your forbearance and at last, the pressure cooker will end up in the kitchen cabinet.

Meanwhile, the benefits of Instant pot are beyond the mark.

It is the best pot if you do not know how to cook or use the cooking appliances and like a pressure cooker, there is no need to maintain the optimal state in the inner chamber.

It is an electrical device and it will cut down more time and bring more ease as you do not have to tire yourself looking at the stove.

Every model of Instant pot has programmable switches for effortless working.

All the cooking systems are displayed on the top just push the button for the beans, meat, or vegetables.

The next task is performed by the Instant pot itself including pressure level and time and your cooking is super duper easy just serve the feed the food when done.


The working mechanism of the pressure cooker is easy to comprehend and apply even for the individual not good at physics.

It has one inner compartment to load food for cooking and a separate lid that seals the room between the pot and covers to prevent the inside steam from coming out.

As you suffice the pot with all the ingredients and liquids like water, sauce, or broth, put the lid on the top accurately and seal the chamber with the cover.

It will cause the water to boil with time and the steam creates high pressure.

As the pressure elevates inside the pot the boiling water point is maintained at a high level with an even temperature.

All the flavors present in the food are stored and a freshly cooked meal is prepared in no time.

Instant Pot is advanced as compared to the Pressure cooker.

The front control panel on the device easily selects the cooking modes.

From slow cooking, rice cooking, and steaming to pressure cooking and other ways are all what you ever desired to see in your kitchen.

Pressure cooking is the same as that of a pressure cooker but slow cooking is something diverse.

Just set the settings according to the recipe and the instant pot will automatically set all the required conditions without worrying you.

The labeling on the control panel is easily visible, simply plug in the switch and enjoy the easiest cooking.


There is a variety of models from cheap to expensive in both classes.

But the most expensive of all the versions of an instant pot is the 4th generation model that is specially designed to enhance the user’s personal experience.

It has an upper hand over a high-end pressure cooker.

As instant pots are more versatile so spending a little more money is at the end worth it for you and that makes sense.

The new upcoming Instant Pots have an air frying option too.

For comparison, the most costly Instant Pot is around $150- $300 with a 6 Quarts or 5.68 Liters capacity and Wi-Fi trait and extreme 13 plus safety features.

Talking about the High-end pressure cookers then they will cost around $50 to $70 with 6 Quarts capacity depending on the brand and material refinement.

If you are looking for something with a reasonable price tag then Instant pots are rather tied.

Food to Cook:

Now move towards the food you can prepare in a traditional stovetop pressure cooker and instant pot.

The food dishes with faster results prepared in a Pressure cooker are Stews, Soups, Vegetables, Beans, and Meat – beef, pork, poultry, Squash, Lentils, and Artichokes.

On the other side the food you should avoid cooking in it are; Sauces, Pies, Meat Cuts, Cookies, Burgers and Fried Food.

The Instant Pots bring more cooking opportunities and give you the freedom to choose any food.

Whether it is delicate meat cuts, desserts, roasted chicken, sauces, and desserts to treat your taste buds satisfactorily.

The yogurt prepared in the instant pot has no matches at all; it can replace a high-quality Greek yogurt maker as it offers nutritious and creamy outcomes.

Both these are not used for fried food at any cost.

They will be damaged by the fried food and make cooking a mess with grease everywhere. Overall these two provide healthy meals with delicate tastes.


Capacity is the accurate similarity between Pressure Cookers and Instant Pots.

They are available in different capacities, different brands offer you a combination of diameters most of them are sufficient to add enough food in one go.

The space range is similar to the standard pot size.

The least capacity of Instant Pot is 3 Quarts but pressure cookers have some mini models with less volume for 1 to 2 individuals use.

You can easily find a tiny-sized pressure cooker with a capacity of 2 Quarts.

People use small pressure cookers to prepare rice with more ease.

In fact, rice cookers and Instant pots share some similar characteristics so it is easy to choose one out of them.

An ideal-sized standard appliance to perform such functions should have 4 TO 6 Quarts to load the food with some room free for proper heat to pass through every inch of the food.

The size race is not limited here, as extra large capacity commercial pressure cookers are also available to run businesses.

They have a giant mouth with a magnitude of 50 Quarts, but they are not for home use.

If you have a large growing family then 10 to 14 Quarts capacity is more than enough for both pressure cookers and instant pots.

Pressure Cooker Time Versus Instant Pot:

Pressure Cookers corresponding to the electric models are much faster.

The pressure cooker will make your favorite dishes three times (3X) quicker than any conventional way.

Instant pots on the other hand perform this job two times as fast with maximum comfort.

The heating elements play a crucial role in the speedy working of an Instant Pot and Pressure Cooker.

Stovetop Pressure Cookers have a victory in the phase of time, as less time is required by them to reach the desired pressure to cook feasts than an Instant Pot.

Cooking time and faster pressure achievement are co-related; the quicker the elevated extreme pressure is achieved the less will the cooking time and vice versa.

Instant pots can be programmed for slow-cooking meals on which they were set for hours for a single meal.

Invention Era:

With a highly simplified familiarity with kitchen gadgets, it is not wrong to say that Instant Pot is an upgraded and more absolute version of a pressure cooker.

Denis Papin a French Born British physicist patented the very first pressure cooker back in 1679 which was not used for straight two centuries.

It was created by a cylinder and piston steam-generating engine.

It had a simple design, a closed vessel that has a tight-fitting top lid that encloses the steam with the elevated pressure obtained from the boiling hot water vapors.

It has a safety valve as well to prevent explosions. This plain version of the main idea earned popularity in 1939 at New York’s World Fair.

But at that time it was not available for home use and started to become part of every kitchen after 6 years.

It kept the increased temperature inside and accelerated the time for preparing food. It took hours to cook food more satisfactorily.

With each passing minute, technology has developed to achieve amazing goals but the key principles stay the same.

Instant pots which summon less counter space and are a rising modern product were first invented in the first decade of the 21st century.

Some historians believe that the patent for Instant pot was filled in the year 1991.

The first irritation was released for home use in 2010 and it triggered the cooking world with its revolution and innovativeness.

It had made a revenue of $400 million plus and an ability to adjust a variety of recipes.

Now talking about today’s world Instant Pots are everywhere and in more demand as it is an irreplaceable kitchen utensil.

Instant Pot with 4 Generations better:

Instant Pot is a revolutionary pot with four generations each with more precise technology.

The developing strategy is speedy and the track toward modern cooking is improved.

All 4 generations are mentioned below with the usefulness they deliver:

First Generation:

It is known to be popular with its Mechanical Timer that was first installed in it and brought upped in the market.

The safety feature was the fundamental key in them such as a tight lid-locking system to avoid interaction with hot steam and extreme pressure protection.

The 1st gen Instant pots regulate the precise temperature and pressure with the aid of sensors.

Moving towards the limitations they had was mechanical control, as the cooking time was not optimal and no management of overheating.

Second Generation:

The next upgraded version of Instant Pot came with a digital controller and more improved safety means.

The perfect lid placement and secure locking were tracked b sensors.

If there is a possibility that the lid is not tightly or accurately secured then this 2nd generation pot would not generate any heat.

Preheating, Countdown timers for cooking were also introduced with digital control features.

When all the stuff was done to initiate the pot by pushing the start button a countdown starts which looks fascinating.

They are still available in many electronic shops.

It monitors all the conditions to be regulated inside the pot digitally expressing the true meanings of technology and surprising every household cooking user.

Third Generation:

A generation with Smart Programming, advanced technology, and suave controls, that are not introduced in any kitchen device before.

From pressure to temperature, everything was accurate and on point.

It was one of the most user-friendly pots due to easy processing and the food tasted the same every time without any flaws.

It had shown consistent results as they were a portion of the microprocessor.

The microprocessor was something far as it permits smart programming.

The sensor reading allows the mixing of several cooking ways, which means that it can soak and after that pressure cook the meal on its own.

They also have optimized safety systems to assure safe cooking.

Fourth Generation:

The 4th generation Instant Pot features that were beyond imagination and the last available version.

It is the gen with Wi-Fi capabilities and advanced connections.

It let the users control the pot through the Smartphone application.

Just install the app and regulate the conditions without touching the pot.

They are customizable and even save your favorite recipes.

It was only introduced a couple of years ago but has not conquered every household like its previous generations as it is not cost-effective for everyone to purchase for home use.

Are pressure cooker and instant pot the same?

The lore of kitchen appliances sometimes outspread with the ferociousness of wildfire, and dominate the kitchen countertops or table tops across the world with each passing year.

Pressure cookers and Instant pots are in the race and each gets the most advanced features while launching the new models.

But instant pot is an all-in 1 next-generation pressure cooker and is now one of the best-selling kitchen gadgets with usually smaller and slimmer footprints.

Let’s find out that are Instant Pot and Pressure cookers are the same or have a remarkable difference in working.

First for a better understanding move towards their basic background like how they work and how they are linked:


Instant Pot is a multicooker, which is a combination of a pressure cooker and slow cooker and is controlled by electricity for cooking food in a more secure way.

They are usually marked to be a 6-in-1 versatile cooking machine to confront more ways of cooking in one device.

Its mode of cooking includes pressure cooking, sautéing, rice cooking, slow cooking, warming, and steaming.

A pressure cooker is an airtight utensil used to cook, steam, and preserve food under high temperatures and pressure.

It prepares and stores food by using steam that is prevented to leave out of the pot via an air-sealed lid.

Safety and Refinement:

A traditional pressure cooker and an Instant pot are not the same in their performance, usability, control, and technology.

The old-time pressure cookers are not safe to use as they were prone to explosion and blasts due to the high pressure of 15 PSI inside the pot.

But Instant pots were specially designed to cook food while using the principle of pressure cooking but in a safe way without any blasts and explosions as they maintain a lesser pressure than a Pressure cooker.

Instant Pot more dominating:

Instant pots have 4 generations around the globe each is more innovative and advanced features than the previous one.

They were made a better option because they have digital control systems built in them to set the conditions more precisely.

This character has an endless amount of control over each meal time per day.

It is easier to operate just by the push of one button and make rice, poultry, yogurt, soups, beef, and beans six times faster and safer than other cooking appliances.

Both Instant Pots and Pressure cookers are very widely used in households and provide their users with possible ease to cook food more quickly.

They are only similar in their basic working principle of pressure cooking otherwise they have distinct functionality with both benefits and limitations.

Are Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot Meals Healthy?

Pressure cookers or instant pots are appliances to cook food at a very high temperature and pressure.

Both have some unique characteristics for preparing food.

As high conditions are used while cooking food so a question might be getting your attention are pressure cookers or instant pot meals healthy?

I will lead you toward the answer you want with authentic research covering every aspect.

As nutrition is the key thing we all need to be fulfilled to keep ourselves healthy and to get all the nutrients, like vitamins, and proteins present in our food to keep our bodies active and healthy.

Pressure cookers or instant pots are being used for a very long time.

There are different models with special features. But the basic principle of cooking food is pressure cooking.

It is believed that cooking food for a long time is quite harmful to the food as it releases toxins that might cause some of the most dangerous diseases.

But do not get worried because the phenomenon of pressure cooking is performed at high temperatures but for a short period of time as compared to other cooking methods.

It might lose some of the nutrients present in the food but still according to the directions, using an Instant pot or a pressure cooker to cook food is a great way to make food on many levels and its levels also include nutritional level.

I have jotted down some of the important effects pressure cooking via instant pot or pressure cooking has on a variety of food items:

Heat-sensitive nutrients:

The nutrients are very sensitive to heat and degrade from the meals if cooked for a long time under extreme conditions.

These nutrients include Vitamin C, thiamine (B1), and pantothenic acid.

Like any other food method, pressure cooking also degrades or reduces these heat-sensitive nutrients, bioactive phytonutrients including glucosinolates which is a helpful compound present in cruciferous veggies, and Omega 3 fatty acids very important to maintain good human health.

Positive Nutritional Gain:

Vegetables and fruits are more liable to degrade their nutrients while cooking in an Instant pot or pressure cooker but the loss can be restored by the cooking water.

The cooking water has all the degraded nutritious factors present in it so it might help you gain some benefits.

Grains and legumes also have heat-susceptible nourishing elements but the net end result has a remarkable nutritional increase which came from the digestibility of protein, fibers, and starch and also provides essential minerals to boost health.

Moving towards the meat cooked in these pots then it shows the reduction of unsaturated fat at a significant level but iron is stored which is good for health.

No unhealthy chemicals:

Using an Instant pot or pressure cooking is safer and healthier use in a way as it does not release any harmful toxic chemicals dangerous to human health.

Some nutrient loss is there but still, enough nutrition is maintained in the food making the meals healthy for consumption.

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