6 Best 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker 2022

When I first moved in with my husband, I hated cooking for long hours in the kitchen, and my husband loved eating, so the cooking was always on my nerves, and I was always worried about not managing my time properly. My work and my professional requirements didn’t allow me to cook all the time, so I had to find an alternative way of cooking all kinds of dishes that would save time and make food which is enough for two people. Here are Best 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker.

There are various kinds of electric pressure cookers available in the market, but most of them are only available in large sizes, which always bummed me out.

As I have a small kitchen, there isn’t much space to store a big pressure cooker, so I’m always on the lookout for the best quality, small-sized pressure cookers.

Small size pressure cookers work with the same efficiency as any other large cooker, but they don’t hog up as much space, and because of the small size, they are also very light, and I never had to call my husband to help me move the pressure cooker if it got heavy.

In my opinion, a small pressure cooker works as the best assistant for a small family of 2-3, and if your pressure cooker is electric, then your life is sorted for sure.

Below are my tried and tested 6 best 4-quart electric pressure cookers, which are ideal for a small family.

Here you will be able to find the perfect pressure cooker for your home, and you will thank me for such great recommendations, which have very few to zero negative reviews.

Recommended 6 Best 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker:


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Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Crock-Pot 4-Quart Multi-Use MINI Express Crock Programmable Slow Cooker and Pressure Cooker
Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker, 4 quart
Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB Digital Prssure Cooker
Zavor LUX Edge, 4 Quart Programmable Electric Multi-Cooker
Hamilton Beach Digital Multi Cooker 4 quarts


  1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker:

We all are pretty much familiar with the name instant pot as they are the leading manufacturers of pressure cookers, and their pots have never disappointed me a bit in their performance.

This cooker is your best friend from its fast cooking to the extra included safety features and will help you cook your food 70 times faster.

Usually, when I cook for my family of two people, I try sticking with foods that require very less cooking time.

Still, when I was introduced to the instant pot by my friend, I had no idea that pressure cookers were such a revolutionary appliance.

The instant pot duo 3 quarts has always been the perfect cooker for all kinds of dishes.

I tried slow-cooking beautiful mutton chops, and they were juicy and luscious, filled with flavor.

I pressure cooked my beef, which usually takes me around 3-4 hours in an ordinary pot, but with instant pot duo, my beef was cooking in only 1 hour.

This also displays a big LED panel on the front of the pot with 7 different cooking presets.

These preset allow me to cook a certain range of food where the time and temperature have already been allotted to the cooker.

I just have to click the desired button, and my food will be ready with a loud timer ending alarm at the end.

As pressure cookers are comparatively difficult to use than normal pans, and I’m always paranoid about using the appliance in the right way.

For that purpose, the instant duo also provides a very easy to understand manual book which has recipes of numerous delicious dishes which can be made by the help of presets.

The pot also has 10 added safety features, including heat resistant body and handles and a safe locking lid.

After cooking quickly and easily, the next big step is cleaning, and we all love our dishwashers and never want to ruin the cooker by placing it in a dishwasher.

Instant pot duo provides you with a removable inner pot made of nonstick material, which is dishwasher safe.

And I rinse my inner pot with water and then place it in the dishwasher, and my pot comes out clean and shiny.

  • Automatic functions save most of your time.
  • Stainless steel body which is scratch-resistant.
  • Great rice cooker and yogurt maker which is able to slow cook and pressure cook.
  • Steaming rack not included
  • Silicon seal on the lid might retain odor and would need cleaning.
  1. Crockpot Multi Use Mini Express 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker:

Crockpot has made a name for itself in the pressure cooker industry and is now listed amongst the best quality pressure cookers.

Many celebrities and chefs have used crockpot, and you can never go wrong with an easy-to-operate quick, working pressure cooker.

I have always had a very swift experience working with crockpot, which is why many other consumers also value their crockpot pressure cooker.

This pot is very strong and sturdy at first glance. The lid was secured tightly to the pot, and there was no way for the leakage of pressure.

The pot worked wonders for my kitchen and helped me cook my 7 hours long beef stew in just 1 hour.

I was worried, just like you, that the stew would even be flavorful, but oh my, it was terrific as the beef was melting and the gravy was bursting with flavor.

I have a small family of 3, and this small pot is ideal for my family as we love food but do not like waiting for it to cook.

It cooks my half-hour rice in just 10 minutes, and I sauté and brown my chicken easily as the height of this pot is ideal for stirring and sautéing.

The quick cook time saves my precious time and my precious energy and stops me from exhausting myself.

After cooking, I used the quick steam release mechanism and was only able to open the lid when the pressure was significantly reduced.

After cooking, I removed the pot and placed it in the dishwasher as the manufacturers claim that the inner pot is dishwasher friendly, and it certainly is. The pot came out brand new.

So, in conclusion, I recommend crockpot multi-use mini express 4 quarts to everyone who needs a small pressure cooker for everyday use, all while staying within their limited budget.

  • This is a small pot, so it does not hog up a lot of storage and can be kept anywhere as they are also light in weight.
  • The package includes a serving spoon, steaming rack, instructions guide, and recipe book.
  • The delay timer feature is very limited in functionality and can’t be used in all types of recipes.

  1. Elite platinum EPC 414 Electric Pressure Cooker:

Elite platinum pots are one of the best pressure cookers globally, and one should never hesitate when buying a pot from the elite.

My cooking has always been pleasurable when working with the elite, and I have had zero complaints since the day I first tried it.

It has numerous features and safety mechanisms where you will learn how good this cooker is.

The electric cooker multiplies as a multi-cooker which offers a lot of automatically functioning presets, which has made my life easier.

Now, whenever I need to cook rice instantly, I put my rice and water in the pot, select the preset, and my work is done.

After the cooking is done, the cooker rings an alarm, and my rice is cooked beautifully.

My kids love fried food, but I had to find a healthy alternative, so I tried sautéing and shallow frying in my elite platinum.

With the help of its functional preset, my fish sticks were brown and cooked perfectly.

This pressure cooker has never sacrificed the nutrients of my food and makes it in very less time.

I don’t have a lot of storage in my kitchen, so I need to keep my pressure cooker in another room.

The lightweight of this pot makes it very easy to live and move around.

The power cord is also detachable, so I don’t have to worry about tripping on the power cord hanging loosely from the cooker.

The pot has an LED display in the front which shows the timer, pressure, and temperature regulator, along with all the presets.

There is another function called delay timer. This feature helped me a lot when I had to be in for work early morning and wouldn’t be able to come home and cook lunch.

I will just set the delay timer four hours ahead, and after 4 hours, the food will start cooking automatically, and the keep warm mode keeps your meal hot for up to 12 hours.

  • Removable nonstick inner pot, which is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Affordable as compared to other cookers in its size.
  • Keep warm mode for up to 12 hours.
  • The power cord and the detachable lid can wear off, so you will need to replace them.
  1. Aroma Housewares ARC 5000SB Digital Cooker:

You all know I love trying and experimenting with new recipes in my cookers, and this time I decided to cook up a cake in my new aroma housewares 5000SB.

I was scared at first as I had never done it myself before, but I saw videos of people doing it and getting amazing results.

All I had to do was prepare the batter, place it in the pot and select the desired pressure and timing.

After 20 minutes (my oven takes 65 mins), the timer went off, and my whole house smelled of fresh lemon cake.

The cake was soo moist and soft I cannot even imagine.

Aroma Housewares really made it possible for me to make a cake in the pressure cooker without any fair, so just imagine what will be the outcome of the features it is designed for.

You can steam your veggies in it, too, as a steaming rack is provided along.

As this is a small pressure cooker, and I cannot expect it to hold a lot of food, my food came out smelling and tasting heavenly even with a lesser quantity.

It has a steaming option which uses no pressure, a rice cooking option, sautéing, and then again, the best option which is kept warm mode.

According to the manufacturers, this pot can hold 20 cups of liquid, but I recommend you never to overfill your pressure cooker and be very careful with the quantities you are using as it can cause a mishap.

This pot is very, very safe to use and can be used by everyone, even some who are new to this pressure cooker fest.

  • Comes with many additional accessories like a spatula, steaming tray, and an all-inclusive recipe book.
  • Adjustable timer and pressure system.
  • Nonstick pressure cooker, which is easy to clean afterward.
  • The base is made up of high-quality plastic, but it can melt.
  1. Zavor LUX Multi-Cooker, 4 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker:

This brand is definitely listed as a bestseller in many online stores, and when I came across this wonderful cooker, I had to test it out myself and see what the hype was all about.

The pot is definitely easy on the pocket and worth every single penny, but I’ll say that this is worth far more than what you’re paying.

It is a luxury pressure cooker with many automatic functions, and you will feel like you’re falling in love with cooking each day with this pot. I know I did.

The pot came earlier in delivery than expected and was delivered scratch less in mint condition.

The exterior body had a very strong build and strength, which showed that the cooker is durable and will last a long time.

The multi-cooking options include rice maker, steamer, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, and sauté, all included in one small 4 qt pressure cooker.

I just had to click the desired preset on the big LED display, and the food started preparing all by itself.

The pot even includes manual pressure and temperature regulation which helped me immensely in experimenting and trying new recipes every day.

My complaint about most electric pressure cookers is the amount of energy they use, but this pot cooks my food very fast, which also reduces power consumption.

My first instinct was to try cooking rice in the pot, and my rice came out all fluffy, aromatic, and soft just as I love them.

This cooker has definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, performance, and safety mechanisms with a safe pressure release system.

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • All the compatible recipes are provided digitally, as well as many other accessories.
  • 1 year extensive warranty by the manufacturer.
  • The outer body can sometimes overheat during cooking, so beware of that.
  1. Hamilton Beach Digital Multi Cooker 4 quarts:

Over the course of many years, I used several kinds of digital cookers and tried even more.

But one of them has stayed with me for many years and has never needed any kind of upkeep.

That pot is the Hamilton Beach Digital Multi-Cooker.

The pot is just 4 quarts, but it has a lot of space which cooks enough food for my family.

The pot is beautifully designed with a steel finish to give it more durability, and as the pot is digital, the stainless steel exterior helps in keeping the body strong.

The pot features 12 in 1 presets, which are automatic, and you don’t need to set a pressure and timer whenever you need to cook rice.

The presets include an amazing array of fast cooking features like browning, sauté, keeping warm, and many others, which made my life easier as I am not able to cook for long hours.

I sear my steak in my pressure cooker and believe me. It comes out super soft and moist with perfect brown caramelization on both sides.

Normally it takes me 10-15 mins when searing a steak, but this pot took 5 minutes max, and I got a beautiful beefsteak for my dinner.

For the steak sides, they also provide a steaming basket that can multiply as a rice strainer, and what’s better than a basket being multipurpose.

The Hamilton beach digital cooker is perfect for you if you want to wisely invest your money in a small cooker for cooking something quickly and efficiently.

  • 4 quarts capacity, which can easily cook 10 cups of rice.
  • Multipurpose steaming basket included in the package.
  • Nonstick inner pot is removable, so it’s super easy to wash and clean.
  • Time consumption is reduced, so power consumption is also less.
  • The pot heats up and emits lots of heat.

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