Ninja SF301 Review Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer, 12-in-1, 6 Quart Capacity

In today’s expeditious world, where time is a precious commodity, the Ninja SF301 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer emerge as a revolutionary culinary powerhouse. This exceptional appliance seamlessly integrates innovation and outstanding performance to elevate your cooking adventure to unprecedented heights. With its state of the art features and intelligent design, the Ninja SF301 is poised to transform your kitchen adventures. In today’s time sensitive era, efficiency is crucial, and this appliance understands that perfectly. It is equipped with powerful heating elements, it effortlessly handles even the most demanding kitchen tasks. Whether you’re pressure cooking, air frying, broiling, or baking, the Ninja SF301 delivers outstanding results in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. The most fascinating features found in it that make it a trustworthy cooking tool are:

Qualities of the Ninja SF301 Air Fryer:

One of the standout qualities of the Ninja SF301 is its sleek and user friendly design. Its large, easy to read touchscreen display allows you to navigate effortlessly through the various functions and settings, ensuring precise control over your culinary creations. The interface is intuitive, making it accessible to both experienced chefs and beginners. Additionally, the Ninja SF301 offers exceptional skill, providing a wide range of cooking options suitable for various recipes and cooking styles. From crafting creamy soups to turning frozen food into golden brown or preparing delightful desserts, this appliance has got you covered. Not only does the Ninja SF301 perform exceptionally, but its sleek design and durable construction also add an elegant touch to your kitchen countertop. Safety is always a top focus in the kitchen, and the Ninja SF301 is created in such a way as to keep the users at ease. The appliance incorporates a built in safety mechanism that prevents steam from escaping the pot, ensuring your peace of mind while preparing your favourite dishes. With its exceptional 12 features and 6 quarts XL capacity, the Ninja SF301 is hailed as the best tool for cooking enthusiasts, making it an indispensable addition to your culinary arsenal. We have highlighted each of its remarkable features that will assist you in making a swift decision about this exceptional appliance. These traits are listed as follows with a detailed review:

Ninja SF301 Review Speedi Cooker and Air Fryer
Credit Ninja

Ninja SF301 Review Speedi Rapid Cooker & Air Fryer:

As a culinary enthusiast and blogger specializing in kitchen tools, I have crowned it the supreme pressure cooker for mouth some food and the highest quality food series ever created. In my view, the Ninja SF301 is a groundbreaking kitchen appliance that combines the functionalities of a pressure cooker and an air fryer, offering an innovative and universal cooking experience. It utilizes the modern SmartCrisp technology, and not only ensures tender and succulent outcomes but also imparts a crispy and golden air fried finish to my beloved dishes during my rigorous testing. To further assess its performance, I experimented with additional recipes sourced from the accompanying booklet. Firstly, I prepared a delectable Frittata Lorraine using the steam and bake function. This particular recipe necessitated the use of an 8 inches round cake pan. Combining eggs, milk, cheese, ham, onion, dried thyme, salt, and pepper, I whisked them together before transferring the mixture to the designated baking dish. I selected the rapid cooker and steam and bake functions, and set the time for mere 10 minutes. Astonishingly, this recipe proved to be both expeditious and flavoursome, boasting ideal seasoning and an appealing texture. I loved it and enjoyed every bite with a next level savour.

Frittata Lorraine using the steam and bake function of Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid & Air Fryer
Credit Ninja

Next on my list were two boneless, skinless chicken breasts which I cooked using the Broil setting, yielding impressive results. After 15 minutes of cooking, the chicken showcased a beautifully browned exterior while retaining its moisture and tenderness and served with fluffy rice. I then decided to utilize the Steam setting to steam 12 ounces of broccoli florets. The outcome was astonishing, as the broccoli emerged vibrant green and perfectly tender within a mere 10 minutes. I have never tried such juicy and soft meat cuts and such yummy broccoli it truly satisfied my taste buds.

Adjustable Crisper Tray
Credit Ninja

Lastly, I was delighted in crafting my favourite sticky teriyaki salmon rice recipe, which achieved superior results with this appliance. The salmon acquired a delectably crisp exterior and a delightful flavour. Furthermore, sautéing proved to be a straightforward affair, I will say that the nonstick surface exhibited remarkable efficacy in the whole cooking process, and the temperature control offered convenient heat levels to me that ranged from one to five.

the nonstick surface
Credit Ninja

Multitasking features of Ninja SF301 Speedi:

Ninja SF301 has 12 features which are convenient for any sized family and individuals who prefer cooking larger batches of food for meal prepping or leftovers. The functions and cooking techniques available in the Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer are:

12 in 1 Multi Functionality of Ninja SF301 Speedi Cooker and Air Fryer
Credit Ninja
  • Air Fry

The Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer utilize rapid hot air circulation to cook food with a crispy exterior and tender interior, similar to deep frying but with less oil. It provides a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods.

  • Bake/Roast

This appliance allows you to bake or roast various dishes using dry heat. It distributes the heat inside the cooking chamber in a uniform pattern and guarantees consistent food outcomes. Whether you’re making pastries, and bread, or roasting meat and vegetables, the Ninja SF301 is capable of achieving delicious baked or roasted dishes.

  • Broil

With the broil function, you can quickly cook or brown food using direct heat from the top of the cooking chamber. It’s ideal for achieving a nicely caramelized or slightly charred texture on the surface of your dishes.

  • Dehydrate

The dehydrate function is perfect for removing moisture from foods to create items like dried fruits, beef jerky, or vegetable chips. It circulates warm air at a low temperature, preserving the nutrients and flavors of the ingredients while removing excess moisture.

  • Proof

The proof function creates an optimal warm and humid environment for proofing dough, allowing it to rise and develop before baking. This is particularly useful for bread making and ensuring consistent and fluffy results.

  • Sear/Sauté

The sear/sauté function provides a high heat cooking option for browning or sautéing ingredients. It allows you to quickly sear meats, vegetables, or other ingredients to develop tastes before continuing the cooking process.

  • Slow Cook

The slow cook function allows you to cook food slowly at lower temperatures over an extended period. It’s perfect for tenderizing tougher cuts of meat, simmering stews, or creating flavorful slow cooked dishes with minimal effort.

  • Sous Vide

This appliance includes sous vide function, which allows you to cook vacuum sealed food in a water bath at precise and consistent temperatures. It’s a popular method for achieving perfectly cooked proteins with enhanced texture and savour.

  • Speedi Meals

The Speedi Meals feature is designed to quickly prepare meals by combining different cooking techniques and functions. It provides efficient and convenient cooking options, allowing you to save time without compromising the quality of your dishes.

  • Steam

The steam function utilizes the power of steam to cook food, preserving its natural flavours, nutrients, and texture. It’s suitable for steaming vegetables, and seafood, or even making steamed desserts.

steam function utilizes the power of steam to cook food
Credit Ninja
  • Steam and Bake

With the steam and bake function, you can combine the benefits of both steaming and baking. This feature allows you to cook food with the moist heat of steam while still achieving a browned and crispy exterior.

  • Steam and Crisp

The steam and crisp function combines the power of steam cooking and crisping. It uses steam to cook food thoroughly and then adds a finishing touch of crispness to dishes that require both moist cooking and a crispy texture.

Modes and Usage:

Ninja Foodi utilizes Rapid Cooking System and combines the power of steam and convection heat to prepare quick meals in a single pot. It offers two modes which are Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer/Hob. By flipping the SmartSwitch located on the top right hand side of the appliance, you can easily switch between the two modes. The Rapid Cooker mode is specially manufactured with smart build up for speedi meals and steaming functions, on the other hand, the Air Fry/Hob mode is designed to take care of all the other cooking processes. Once you have selected the desired mode, the Ninja Speedi offers 12 multiple features cooking functions.

Modes and Usages
Credit Ninja

When you open the Ninja Speedi it seems effortless, as there is a handle located above the control panel. This handle allows you to lift and close the lid, which conveniently opens on the left side of the appliance. Once you have decided on the cooking settings, you will need to flip the SmartSwitch and then touch the power button to turn on the Ninja Speedi. The display is clear and concise, requiring only a few buttons to customize the temperature, duration, and cooking function. To do so, simply use the time and temperature arrow buttons on the display and press the Start/Stop button to begin the cooking process.

Healthy Meals in Less Time:

The Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer bring you the extraordinary ability to prepare healthy meals with ease. With its innovative air fry function, you can now savour your preferred dishes while significantly reducing the fat content. In fact, our tests demonstrate that when compared to traditional deep frying, the air fry function can help you achieve up to an impressive 75% reduction in fat.

Rapid Cooker and Air Frying
Credit Ninja

One of our experiments specifically focused on hand cut, deep fried French fries, a beloved indulgence for many. By utilizing the air fry function on the Ninja SF301 Foodi, we were able to create crispy and delicious French fries that retained all the tastes we adore, while simultaneously reducing their fat content. The results were truly remarkable. The key distinction of the air fry function lies in its ability to replicate the texture and taste of deep fried dishes without the excessive use of oil. By circulating hot air rapidly within the cooking chamber, the Ninja SF301 Foodi ensures that your meals achieve the desired crispiness and golden brown exterior. This advanced technology allows you to enjoy guilt free, healthier versions of your favourite fried foods. With the Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer, you can unleash your culinary creativity without compromising on health. Whether you’re craving crispy chicken wings, flavorful onion rings, or even crunchy vegetable tempura, this versatile appliance will be your reliable companion in the kitchen.

Cleaning features:

You can take control of your diet and discover a new world of delicious possibilities with the Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer. Enjoy all the satisfying flavours you love, while benefiting from up to 75% less fat compared to traditional deep frying and embracing a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste.

The Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer, like its fellow Ninja appliances, offers the convenience of dishwasher safe cooking pot and attachments. To ensure easy cleaning, the manual recommends placing these components in the dishwasher after use. However, when it comes to the cooker base and control panel, a simple wipe down with a cloth is sufficient. By following a few pieces of advice, you can maintain the cleanliness and longevity of your appliance without any hassle and effectively removes any buildup, allowing your appliance to operate optimally and ensuring that your dishes are prepared in a hygienic manner. With the Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer, cleaning up after cooking becomes a breeze.

Cleaning Feature
Credit Ninja

When you face situations where oil or food residue accumulates on the heating element or fan, the manual’s guidelines for steam cleaning come to the rescue. By following these instructions, you can effectively eliminate any buildup, guaranteeing a clean and efficient cooking experience every time. Investing in the Ninja SF301 Foodi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer not only allows you to enjoy delicious meals but also simplifies the cleaning process. You can have the ease and convenience of this appliance while ensuring its longevity and optimal performance right on your countertop.

Design and Color:

The Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is designed with several key features that make it a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance. Its design focuses on convenience, speed, and precision, allowing users to prepare delicious meals quickly and easily.

One notable aspect of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker’s design is its compact size. With a sleek and streamlined appearance, it takes up minimal space on the countertop, making it ideal for smaller kitchens or those with limited storage. Despite its compact size, the cooker still offers a generous cooking capacity, allowing users to prepare meals for the whole family.

Credit Ninja

The cooker features a user friendly control panel that provides intuitive and easy operation. The digital display and control buttons make it simple to select the desired cooking mode, adjust the temperature, and set the cooking time. This design ensures that even novice cooks can confidently use the appliance to achieve professional quality results.

One of the standout features of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is its rapid cooking capability. Equipped with innovative technology, it uses a combination of superheated steam and direct heat to cook food up to 60% faster than traditional cooking methods. This design not only saves time but also helps to lock in flavors and nutrients, resulting in delicious and healthier meals.

The cooker offers a range of cooking modes to suit various recipes and preferences. From pressure cooking and air frying to steaming and slow cooking, it provides multiple functions for preparing a wide array of dishes. This multi functionality makes the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker a convenient all in one appliance that can replace multiple traditional kitchen gadgets.

In terms of safety, the cooker incorporates several thoughtful design elements. It features a sturdy lid with a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening during cooking, ensuring peace of mind and minimizing the risk of accidents. The cooker also includes built in safety sensors and automatic shut off functions to prevent overcooking and maintain consistent cooking results.

The bold and eye catching grey hues make the cooker easily visible, allowing users to locate it quickly in a bustling kitchen. This saves time and eliminates the frustration of searching for the appliance amidst other items. The vibrant colors also bring a sense of liveliness and fun to the cooking experience, transforming it into an enjoyable and engaging activity.

Cleaning the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is a breeze thanks to its dishwasher safe parts. The inner pot, air frying basket, and accessories can be easily removed and cleaned, saving time and effort in the kitchen.


The Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker comes with a range of accessories that enhance its functionality and make it a complete cooking solution. These accessories provide additional functionality and convenience, allowing users to explore a wide variety of cooking techniques and recipes.

One of the notable accessories included with the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is a multipurpose cooking rack. This rack allows for layered cooking, enabling users to cook multiple items simultaneously. Whether it’s steaming vegetables while pressure cooking meat or cooking different dishes at the same time, the cooking rack maximizes the cooking capacity and efficiency of the appliance.

Multipurpose Cooking Rack
Credit Ninja

Additionally, the cooker is equipped with a non stick, ceramic coated pot. This pot is durable and easy to clean, ensuring a hassle free cooking experience. The non stick surface prevents food from sticking and allows for easy release, making it convenient to cook a wide range of dishes, including stews, soups, rice, and more. The ceramic coating also contributes to even heat distribution, promoting consistent cooking results.

Another useful accessory that comes with the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is a silicone sealing ring. This ring ensures a secure and airtight seal during pressure cooking, preventing leaks and maintaining optimal cooking conditions. It is removable and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Removable and Dishwasher Safe
Credit Ninja

Furthermore, the cooker includes a set of silicone mitts or handles. These heat resistant mitts provide a safe and comfortable grip when handling hot pots or accessories. They protect the hands from burns or accidents, allowing users to handle the cooker and its accessories with confidence and ease.

Safety Features:

The Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker incorporates several safety measures to ensure a secure cooking experience for its users. These safety features are designed to prevent accidents, maintain optimal cooking conditions, and provide peace of mind while operating the appliance.

One essential safety feature of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is its lid locking mechanism. The cooker is equipped with a sturdy and reliable lid that securely locks in place during operation. This prevents accidental opening of the lid while the cooker is pressurized, reducing the risk of steam or hot liquid escaping and causing potential burns or injuries.

Additionally, the cooker features a pressure release valve. This valve allows for controlled and safe steam release when the cooking cycle is completed or when manual pressure release is necessary. It effectively releases built up pressure inside the cooker, preventing sudden bursts and ensuring a safe environment for opening the appliance.

lid locking mechanism
Credit Ninja

The Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker also incorporates an anti block shield. This shield prevents food particles or debris from clogging the pressure release valve, ensuring that the steam can escape freely and safely during the cooking process. It helps maintain consistent pressure levels and prevents potential hazards associated with a blocked valve.

Furthermore, the cooker is designed with a heat resistant exterior. The outer surface of the appliance remains cool to the touch during operation, even when cooking at high temperatures. This reduces the risk of accidental burns or injuries when handling the cooker, adding an extra layer of safety for users.

heat resistant exterior.
Credit Ninja

Moreover, the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker includes an automatic shut off feature. This feature activates when the cooking cycle is completed or when the appliance detects any abnormal conditions. It provides an added level of safety by automatically turning off the cooker, preventing overheating or potential damage.

Pros and Cons of Ninja SF301:


  • The Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker offers multi functionality of cooking options.
  • It reduces cooking times significantly.
  • The cooker is energy efficient.
  • It has a compact and space saving design.
  • The controls are easy to use.
  • It has a large cooking capacity.
  • Even heat distribution ensures perfectly cooked meals.
  • The cooker has multiple safety features for a secure cooking experience.
  • The non stick cooking pot is easy to clean.
  • Layered cooking is possible with the included cooking rack.
  • The settings are customizable for precise cooking.
  • The Keep Warm function maintains food at an optimal temperature.
  • The Delay Start function offers flexibility in meal planning.
  • Steam release is safe and controlled.
  • The cooker operates quietly.
  • Recipe inspiration is available through a recipe booklet or app.
  • The cooker is constructed with durability in mind.


  • Some users may find a slight learning curve in understanding.
  • The oven may require regular cleaning and maintenance.


In conclusion, the Ninja SF301 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer redefine the way you cook, providing convenience, precision, and superior performance. Its impressive attributes, such as its intuitive design, multi functional, and commitment to safety, make it the ultimate kitchen companion. Upgrade your cooking journey and embark on a culinary adventure with the Ninja SF301.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there adjustable cooking settings in the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker?

Yes, the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker offers adjustable cooking settings, providing users with the flexibility to customize their cooking experience and achieve precise results for various recipes. These adjustable settings contribute to the functionality and convenience of the cooker, allowing users to fine tune the cooking process according to their preferences and specific cooking requirements.

One of the adjustable cooking settings in the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker is the temperature control. The cooker allows users to adjust the cooking temperature to suit the desired cooking method or recipe. Whether it’s low and slow cooking or high temperature searing, the adjustable temperature control ensures optimal cooking conditions for different types of dishes.

In addition to temperature control, the cooker also offers adjustable pressure settings. Users can select the desired pressure level based on the recipe they are preparing. Higher pressure settings are suitable for fast cooking, while lower pressure settings are ideal for more delicate ingredients or when a gentler cooking approach is required.

This flexibility allows users to adapt the cooker to a wide range of recipes, from tenderizing meats to cooking grains or legumes. Furthermore, the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker provides adjustable cooking time settings.

Users can set the cooking duration based on their preferences or the specific requirements of the recipe. This feature is particularly useful for recipes that have recommended cooking times, allowing users to achieve precise results without the need for constant monitoring. The adjustable cooking settings of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker are typically accessed through its user friendly control panel.

The control panel features intuitive buttons or a digital interface that allows users to easily select and adjust the desired settings. The cooker may also include pre programmed cooking modes or presets for popular dishes, further simplifying the cooking process and eliminating guesswork. Overall, the adjustable cooking settings of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker offer a high level of customization and control.

Whether it’s adjusting the temperature, pressure, or cooking time, users can tailor the cooking parameters to suit their preferences and achieve optimal results. This functionality makes the cooker suitable for a wide range of recipes and cooking techniques, empowering users to explore and experiment in the kitchen while enjoying the convenience and efficiency provided by this advanced appliance.

Can multiple items be cooked simultaneously in the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker?

Yes, the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker offers the convenience of cooking multiple items simultaneously, thanks to its included cooking rack. The cooking rack allows for layered cooking, making it possible to cook different foods on separate tiers within the cooker at the same time.

Layered cooking is particularly useful when preparing meals with multiple components or when cooking different types of food that require different cooking times. For example, you can place vegetables or grains on the bottom tier while placing meat or poultry on the upper tier. This way, you can cook both items simultaneously, saving time and effort.

By utilizing the cooking rack, you maximize the cooking capacity of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker. Instead of being limited to cooking a single dish at a time, you can take advantage of the vertical space within the cooker to cook multiple items together. This is especially beneficial for busy households or when entertaining guests, as it allows you to prepare a complete meal efficiently.

The cooking rack is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressure within the cooker. It ensures that heat is evenly distributed across the tiers, providing consistent and well cooked results. Additionally, the rack is typically made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, to withstand repeated use and cleaning.

When using the cooking rack, it’s important to consider the cooking times and temperature requirements of the items you’re preparing. Ensure that the items on the upper tier do not require significantly less cooking time than those on the lower tier, as you want all the components to be properly cooked and safe to consume.

The Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker’s ability to cook multiple items simultaneously is a valuable feature for those who want to streamline their cooking process and save time in the kitchen. Whether you’re preparing a full meal or simply need to cook different ingredients together, the cooking rack allows for efficient and convenient cooking, expanding the functionality of the Ninja SF301 Speedi Rapid Cooker.

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