10 Best Air Fryer with 2 Baskets (2023) Comparison Reviews & Buying Guide

Air Fryers are household essentials that are efficient in energy and time, popular for quick meals and oven free dinners and lunches that wipe up delicious, tender, and crispy results without adding oil.

They have gathered millions of fans all around the globe and dual basket ones are now emerging and getting popularity rapidly.

The best air fryer with 2 baskets that can help you to cook all the different elements of a culinary in one go is what we have researched for you that are tested, approved, and come under the trusting brands.

These brands jumped into this trend and elevated the graph of facileness to an incredibly impressive level.

The below discussed items are not only air fryers but aside from this they can roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate, and many have some additional attributes too.

The main notable satisfaction that dual air fryers bring which surely won the heart of every cook is:

Synchronized Technology:

The top feature is known to be the signature benefit which allows you to cook dual dishes in the time of single.

It combines two parts one is the SyncCook which means getting the two meals with similar settings and the second is the SyncFinish depicts the real face of technology and permits

the two separate dishes with totally distinct recipes and conditions and ends at the same time.

But in single air fryers, you can only prepare either a side dish or a main dish at once and have to do run cycle after cycle for a different set of meals.


Another downside of single air fryers are not wider but take up a little more space in the kitchen although dual ones are not smaller they have broader baskets to cook any meal in large quantities and have fantastic taste.

These features are not found anywhere and push dual basket air fryers to be on the top and win the hearts of thousands with their notable and effortless features for you.

We have gathered the handful of appliances that you will love to cook with and comprise of a decorative profile, these are penned down as:

Recommended 10 Best Air Fryer with 2 Baskets:


Image Product View on Amazon
Instant Vortex Plus XL
Ninja DZ201 Foodi
Instant Vortex 9 Quart VersaZone
Chefman TurboFry
PowerXL Vortex
CROWNFUL 8 Quart 8 in 1
ULTICOR 8 Quart, 8-in-1
Air Fryer, 8 Quart Dual Zone
Ninja AD350CO Foodi


  1. Instant Vortex Plus XL 8-QT: (Best Air Fryer with Dual Baskets)

I am very fond of air fryers as they let me eat a healthier version of any food.

Being a kitchen expert I test appliances for my review and Instant Vortex Plus is at the top of the list.

It is the best air fryer with dual baskets and 8 unique cooking features.

I found out to be the suitable hit as it has an incredibly vast temperature range and I tried out cinnamon buns, cookies, and garlicky potatoes that blew my mind with the most delicious taste I have ever experienced.

Key Features:

With top useful features and a clear cook window, Instant Vortex Plus is the true face of modernity to work with.

It is created with 8 functions that cut down the crowd from the kitchen and replace it with quality food.

It can air fry, broil, bake, roast, reheat, dehydrate, SyncFinsih, and SyncCook.

Its Synchronized Cooking trait let you cook the same cooking setting in two baskets and the SyncFinish feature is there to prepare two distinct meals by using two different methods simultaneously.

Not one but two cooking baskets to eliminate the back to back cooking and allows you to make larger batches in one go, together with them are clear cook windows and internal lights to monitor the batch running inside without disturbing the process and opening the baskets.

The customizable programs on the touchscreen are there for simple one touch features and provide step by step instructions for each cooking stage.

It uses the EvenCrisp technology for a perfect golden brown finish and tender and crunchy results and the fast preheating lets you prepare frozen to golden food in just a short period.

The versatility of the temperature is amazing and ranges from 95°F to 400°F to cook the meal of your choice without any hindrance.


The Instant Vortex Plus delivers a sleek look while creating a flavorful taste with a clear cook window, synchronized cooking, customizing programs, and high temperature.


Dimensions DxWxH 17.8 x 17.87 x 15.4 Inches
Weight 20.1 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Stainless Steel


  • You can cook different dishes in two cooking chambers in different conditions.
  • For large quantities of food, you can sync both compartments at the same temperature and time.
  • It provides a very wide range of cooking functions.
  • Its 2 baskets are not dishwasher friendly.
  • It is heavier in contrast to some same sized models.
  1. Ninja DZ201 Foodi 8 Quart: (Best Dual Air Fryers)

One of the best dual air fryers has the title Ninja Foodi which as a culinary master is my favorite.

I have experienced French fries, and fruit chips which I think are the most tricky part of cooking.

I used apples and sliced them in round shapes, added them to one basket, and selected the temperature at 190°F

it gradually removed the last drop of moisture and delivered me crispy apple chips which have the perfect crunch ever.

Key Features:

Ninja Foodi is an extra large original Air Fryer that has two separate baskets and 6 revolutionary cooking programs.

Like a traditional air fryer that needs back to back cooking it removes this fact and lets you work at ease by delivering two different meals, at the same time, so no more wait to run the next cycle.

All this is possible due to its creative DualZone Technology that let you choose between the Smart Finish Features, which unlock the possibility to cook 2 foods at a time 1, and

the Match Cook button is there to easily copy settings across the zones.

Its 6 advantageous features are to air fry, broil, bake, roast, reheat, and dehydrate.

It uses a 4 quart zone system for an independent cooking basket with separate cyclonic fans and bad rapid heaters.

You can fit the main dishes and side snacks in its spacious and large 8 Quarts capacity and eat the food with 75 percent less fat or calories.

A wide temperature range starting from 105 F and ending at 400 F gently removes the moisture and speeds up cooking time and the crispiness of the food is attained by convection heat.


Ninja Foodi arrived to be an efficient kitchen helper that creates appetitive meals in a healthier, straightforward, and quick way with DualZone Technology and comfortable cleaning.


Dimensions DxWxH 13.86 x 15.63 x 12.4 Inches
Weight 17.86 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Stainless Steel/ Black


  • It has a nonstick tray that comes with silicone corner protection.
  • It can cook large quantities of food in less time.
  • It comes with two strongly built separate cooking baskets.
  • Its broader footprint demands wide space.
  • It takes a few goes to successfully program the sync function.
  1. Instant Vortex 9 Quart VersaZone 8-in-1: (Air Fryers with 2 Baskets)

Healthy meals are possible and all thanks to the air fryers.

To fit the definition of easiness and taste, I have gathered that Instant Vortex is the best air fryer with 2 baskets out of 3 others that I tested with it.

I bet that if you buy and make garlicky potatoes in it you will get addicted as they taste so good.

It uses the perfect combo of hot air and temperature for flawless buns, pies, cookies, chips, chicken wings, and more.

Key Features:

Instant Vortex is a go-to kitchen appliance that is more than an air fryer and serves to broil, bake, reheat, roast, and dehydrate.

It has synchronized cooking features SyncCook is the one that allows you to cook the two baskets with the same cooking conditions and the Sync Finish setting to prepare 2 different meals with 2 separate settings and the batches automatically finish at the same time.

It uses the proprietary VersaZone Technology which you can use as a single 9 Quart or dual 4.5 Quart zones with totally separate controls in each.

The air frying is performed by EvenCrisp Technology which flows the air perfectly around the basket and provides a Golden and crispy finish with a tender flavor inside.

The 8 customizable programs are one touch and make delectably roasted veggies, cookies, cinnamon buns, garlicky potatoes, and much more with little to no preheating.

It keeps your mind at ease by offering built-in safety features like overheating protection and automatic turning-off characteristics.


Instant Vortex is an all in one model that cooks and looks like a genius, aiming to fully use the synchronized cooking with 2 baskets following EvenCrisp Technology, customizable characteristics, safety measures, and easy cleanup.


Dimensions DxWxH 17.5 x 17 x 15 Inches
Weight 19.01 Pounds
Capacity 9 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Dark Matte Grey


  • It has the best SyncFinish function.
  • It comes with the ability to use VersaZone Technology.
  • It has overheating protection that protects food from burning.
  • It occupies a very significant area in the kitchen.
  • The dishwasher washing can decrease its shine.

  1. CHEFMAN Air Fryer, 9-Quart: (Best Dual Zone Air Fryer)

Food is essential to life and air fryer in my 40 years of life are the healthiest options.

I test cooking appliances to provide my audience to spend their money on the most suitable and full package gadgets.

The winning position went to Chefman which is the best dual zone air fryer for quality food and a finish to shine and give an expensive look to any kitchen.

I enjoyed using its 8 presets and making tremendous food in 9 quarts capacity.

Key Features:

Chefman is all set to double the dishes, flavors, and fun with the astounding Turbo Fry Touch Dual Air Fryer.

It doubles the meals which is a sign to air fry the healthiest, most flavorful, and crispiest food for the whole family with the maximum convenience of 2 independent spacious air frying baskets.

Each basket has a 4.5 quart huge capacity that is there to maximize and master the mealtime.

The intuitive finish time and synced baskets make cooking an effortless piece of work, no more hours of working to prepare one time meal.

It is the world’s fastest and the handiest option to prepare crowd-worthy dishes in no time.

It has the pre installed cooking functions to set the kitchen routine on the right track and with a total count of 8 they can air fry crispy chicken that has a very toothsome taste, succulent steak that melts right into the mouth.

Fresh fish with a finger licking taste and golden French fries for a flawless finish with almost no oil use.

The temperature control is not going to disappoint as they are added creatively with a range between 200 F to 400 F for absolute perfection at home.

The wait is over and you can cook 2 times faster than a traditional oven the one touch digital control has 8 seamlessly easy to operate presets that begin air frying in seconds.

The automatic shake reminder is built into it that lets you know when your food needs a little shaking to get successful results.

With all dishwasher safe accessories, it is a fully useful package with an incredibly sleek matte black exterior.


The Chefman 9 Quarts Air Fryer has remarkable traits and eye catching look, accompanied by Turbofry Touch that prepares savory meals in minutes with the help of sync baskets, quiet operation, and intuitive programs.


Dimensions DxWxH ‎‎‎10 x 20 x 13 Inches
Weight 16.28 Pounds
Capacity 9 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Matte Black


  • It is the perfect size to fit in a large family kitchen.
  • All the attached accessories are dishwasher friendly.
  • It has an attractive matte black color.
  • It is too big for small sized families or kitchens.
  • It takes time to understand the settings.
  1. PowerXL Vortex 10-qt: (Best Air Fryer with Square Basket)

In my eye, air fryers have turned the tables and out of all as a cook and kitchen appliances blogger, PowerXL Vortex succeeded in winning the first prize.

I was impressed by the wider basket makes it the best air fryer with the square basket as they increase the surface area in contrast to sphere one and let me prepare the dishes of the main course effortlessly.

I have prepared and tasted the large air fried rice chicken pieces, frozen fish, nuggets, roasted veggies, and donuts and it was a full package that can do restaurant style cooking.

Key Features:

PowerXL Vortex is a modish and innovative machine that is best to whisper quiet cooking cycles uniquely.

It has dual baskets that remove the batch to batch cooking from your life and let you cook meals with ease and in less time.

The extra large capacity of 10 quarts in total or 5 quarts in 2 cooking baskets that comfort the meals in a faster and more straightforward way.

It is a top pick as it can fit the biggest portion of meals like 12 pounds of chicken wings and 6 pounds of French fries

all the main dishes and sides in one compact gadget to entertain large family lunches and dinners, parties, and gatherings, and does not take up much space on the countertop.

The 8 smart presets give an edge to customize the cooking method for a large variety of various kinds of foods like air frying chicken wings, dehydrating crispy vegetables and fruit chips, toasting rolls, roasting meat, and baking cookies.

The baskets are removable to clean up easily and quickly and have a nonstick base and the crisper plate for air frying can go right into the dishwasher.

The inner cavity is made up of a smooth material that wipes away with one wipe.


PowerXL Vortex is a large air fryer that makes the kitchen a comfortable cooking place and increases its stylish look while the food is ready to serve in less time and has more taste, with stain resistance and dishwasher safe quality.


Dimensions DxWxH ‎‎‎19 x 18 x 15 Inches
Weight 23 Pounds
Capacity 10 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Black


  • You can cook more than one dish in two 5 quart baskets.
  • This fryer can also work as a roasting and grilling machine besides frying for you.
  • You can enjoy tasty foods without the quilt of heavy metal ions leaching.
  • Baskets require proper alignment before the operation for high efficiency.
  • LED screens are sensitive to moisture and get damaged while the rough cleaning process.
  1. CROWNFUL 8 Quart 8 in 1: (Best Air Fryer Double Basket)

I am a kitchen gadget blogger and for the reviews, the recent hot topic was about air fryers and glad to find the best air fryer double basket in CROWNFUL.

I prepared frozen kabab and French fries that turned out crispy to golden in minutes without any preheating.

I liked its dandy exterior which can make a boring kitchen into a lavish one.

I have a large family and it is more than enough for growing families and gatherings.

Key Features:

CROWNFUL is a thoughtfully innovated and sleek kitchen appliance that has two separate baskets for unlimited comfort.

Together with an air fryer, it has 8 multiple functionalities that add on a bunch of useful possibilities,

it can prepare mouthwateringly and is full of savor French fries, fish, pizza, steak, cake, shrimp, chicken legs, and dehydrated chips.

Set your plates with the food of your choice, and an extra large 8 quarts capacity whether you prefer Sync finish or dual cook.

It comes with adjustable time and temperature settings as per the recipe from 90 F to 400 F and for dehydration, it’s 180 F.

Take a step and cook healthily and easily in less time with the help of rapid air technology that can cook any meal by the consumption of 2 to 3 pumps of oil to no oil,

reduce the fat content from the food by 80 %, and supplies guilt free meals with the ultimate flavor and rich taste.

The nonstick basket and all accessories are built strong and can be cleaned in a dishwasher without getting damaged.


The CROWNFUL Air Fryer elevates the beautiful profile of the kitchen while preparing magically perfect meals by using a synchronized system followed by even heat, high temperature, and dishwasher cleaning.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.96 x 11.02 x 12.2 Inches
Weight 18 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Black


  • This air fryer allows you to regulate the temperature of both baskets independently.
  • This fryer has syncing or match cooking option for large food preparation.
  • You get food without toxic materials leached in it.
  • You have to keep this fryer in a safe place in the kitchen to avoid damage because the body is fragile.
  • The touch screen is sensitive and requires a soft hand.
  1. ULTICOR 8 Quart, 8-in-1: (Best Double Basket Air Fryer)

Cooking more than one dish in an air fryer in a single cooking cycle is the dream of many chefs and home cooks.

I being a kitchen blogger review such kitchen items that ease people’s life.

So, I decided to review an air fryer with multiple dishes capacity in a single cycle.

I tried a lot of the fryers but only ULTICOR has such a large capacity to hold and fry 2 baskets at a time.

I fried French fries in one basket at 360 degrees F and crispy chicken in the other at 410 degrees F.

I also synced both the compartments for large food preparation and all of the features amazed me with great technology and delicious taste.

Key Features:

ULTICOR is an 8-in-1 cooking equipment that can be used for air frying, roasting, broiling, baking, reheating, and dehydrating.

This air fryer has customized temperature and time regulations.

You can set the temperature of the air fryer according to the variety of food you are cooking.

It can be regulated in a range of 80 degrees F to 460 degrees F and you can bake cookies, air fry crispy chicken and fresh fish, broil bacon, and roast meat in it using its smart LED screen.

This double basket air fryer can cook 2 different food items at different times and temperatures and saves your cooking time and effort.

You can also use a single 8 quart basket for frying large quantities of food by sync finish and match cooking option.

With this technology, you can sync the time and temperature of both the compartments and bake large food quantities at the same time and enabling you to serve an entire meal at once.

You can fry the healthiest and same flavorful food without oil in this air fryer because it reduces the oil requirement to 75 percent as compared to traditional cookers.

The quick heating system of these premium air fryers demands very little to no preheating time and saves you from extra effort and wait.

All the frying baskets, oil container, and crispier plate is washable and safe for the dishwasher.


ULTICOR is a multifunctional air fryer and roasting equipment that has two different dish cooking capacities in a single cycle.

It reduces oil requirements and also syncs for match cooking in a range of 80 to 460 degrees F temperature.


Dimensions DxWxH 17.6 x 15.8 x 13.6 Inches
Weight 18.81 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Black


  • All the accessories are nonsticky and keep the food intact while cooking.
  • You don’t need to scratch the frying basket and plates because it is dishwasher safe.
  • All the material used in this cooker is free of toxins and BPA.
  • The smart screen is very sensitive to moisture.
  • You manually need to sync both compartments for cooking in a large basket.
  1. Borlebbi Air Fryer, 8 Quart: (Best Two Basket Air Fryer)

I wanted to review the double basket large capacity air fryer for cooking a large quantity of food.

For this, I reviewed Borlebbi Air Fryer because of its capacity to cook more than one food item in its two cooking compartments.

I roasted chicken in one compartment and baked cookies and cake in another compartment by setting different cooking conditions at a time.

Both the dishes were properly cooked and tasted well.

I used no oil for baking cake and very little oil for roasting chicken, and all turned out to be very juicy and up to the mark.

Key Features:

Borlebbi Air Fryer is a multifunctional air fryer that can also work as a broiler, warmer, roaster, dehydrator, baker, and defroster.

This cooking equipment uses very little to no oil because it works on the principle of hot air circulation.

The hot air circulates in the cooking compartment of the air fryer and cooks the food evenly from all sides.

You can cook two different food items in this cooker by using two frying baskets because it allows you to set the conditions of two compartments individually.

So, you can bake a cake in one basket and at the same time fry crispy chicken or dehydrate your fruits in another compartment at different cooking conditions.

It has 6 preset programs for air frying, roasting, broiling, baking, dehydrating, and defrosting.

Both the compartments have a cooking capacity of 4 quarts separately and also allow you to cook a large quantity of food at the same cooking conditions.

You can easily wash the frying basket and the crispier plate under tap water and with dishwashing soap.


Borlebbi air fryer is a customized multifunctional and double basket cooking device.

It is a large capacity baker that works on hot air circulation technology for cooking delicious and oil free food items.


Dimensions DxWxH 18 x 15.9 x 15.3 Inches
Weight 21.7 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Black


  • Smart LED screen allows you to set the cooking conditions according to food items.
  • It fries food with little to no oil due to the hot air circulation system.
  • The basket is made of nonsticky food grade material.
  • You need to wash the frying baskets every time to keep them free of dirt.
  • You have to be extra careful with the smart screen because it is very sensitive.
  1. Ninja AD350CO Foodi 10 Quart 6-in-1: (Best Air Fryer with Large Basket)

I am a chef and a blogger who writes about the pros and cons of different cooking appliances.

Recently, I reviewed many f air fryers but the one that I admire is Ninja.

It is because this air fryer has two cooking compartments each with a capacity of 5 quarts and with different conditions setting LED screen.

I cooked a whole chicken in one basket and baked potatoes and vegetables in the other compartment.

I set the conditions of both the cooking compartments differently according to the food items due to its customized double LED screen.

Its big capacity allowed me to cook a large capacity of food in one cycle.

Key Features:

Ninja AD350CO is a double basket large capacity air fryer made up of premium quality plastic material.

This air fryer is an all in air cooking machine that can not only fry but also roast, bake, reheat dehydrate, and broil your food items.

This air fryer has two cooking baskets that cook your food independently of each other.

It means you can cook more than one food item in this air fryer by setting both baskets at different times and cooking temperatures.

The capacity of each basket is 5 quarts and it allows you to cook multiple food dishes without waiting for the next cooking cycle.

You can serve all your food at a time using this air fryer because you can sync the conditions of frying in both baskets.

Those who are health conscious can eat their favorite food products by frying them in very little to no oil in this fryer.

It works on the principle of hot air circulation for even heating food.

You can regulate its temperature in a range of 105 degrees F to 450 degrees F.

The accessories of this air fryer are easy to ash in tap water and dishwashing soap because it is dishwasher safe.


Ninja is an advanced air fryer with dual cooking baskets each with a 5-quart large capacity.

It has multiple cooking options with match cooking in both compartments and doesn’t require added fats due to its hot air circulation technology.


Dimensions DxWxH 14.13 x 17.13 x 12.88 Inches
Weight 25.6 Pounds
Capacity 10 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Black


  • It is 30 percent faster than traditional air fryers.
  • You can perform multiple cooking functions with this single cooking tool.
  • You can eat your favorite food without added fats and oils.
  • The regulatory knob of the cooker is very sensitive and fragile.
  • You need to set match cooking for cooking large food in a single large basket.
  1. FRIGIDAIRE 8 QT: (Best Air Fryer with 2 Shelves)

People are more interested in buying and then complaining the things as compared to testing the required equipment.

I being a kitchen blogger help people to buy kitchen devices according to their needs and requirements.

Recently, I went to the store and find 4 double shelf air fryers.

When I cooked food in all the fryers, FRIGIDAIRE won my heart because of its large capacity and individual temperature regulation.

I roasted steaks and air fried seafood at 360 and 390 degrees F respectively.

The food in both baskets was delicious and up to the mark. I appreciate this air fryer.

Key Features:

FRIGIDAIRE is a large capacity double shelf air fryer with multiple cooking options and presets.

You can use this air fryer for cooking two different food items in two cooking compartments under separate conditions.

The front screen of this fryer has preset buttons for dehydrating, French fries, warming, baking, broiling, roasting, air frying, shaking, and dual cooking.

You can adjust the cooking temperature in a range of 80 degrees F to 450 degrees F and also allow the air fryer to slow cook.

Two cooking shelves allow you to cook a large quantity of food in a single cooking cycle and serve warm food to a large dinner.

This fryer uses hot air circulation for cooking food items with very little to no oil and thus provides very healthy and delicious food for you.

You can taste perfection with this air fryer every time you cook food in it.


FRIGIDAIRE is an 8 quart double cooking shelve air fryer with two temperature regulation sources.

This fryer can work as a dehydrator and a baker with a heating range of 80 degrees F to 450 degrees F.


Dimensions DxWxH 17.6 x 15.8 x 13.6 Inches
Weight 18.81 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Plastic
Color Black


  • You can cook two different food items at different temperatures in this fryer.
  • All the material of the fryer is nonsticky and free of BPA.
  • You get versatility in this air fryer for multiple cooking options and preset programs.
  • You can sync both chambers for cooking a large quantity of food.
  • Both LED screens are sensitive to moisture content.
  • The plastic and glass material used in this fryer is fragile.

Can you cook two items together in an air fryer?

An air fryer is a cooking device that cooks food without the requirement of oil.

It uses the principle of hot air circulation that circulates throughout the frying basket and cooks the food from all sides evenly.

Air fryers are of different cooking sizes ranging from personal air fryers to multiple food cooking fryers.

Here we discuss, can we cook two items together in an air fryer:

  • Frying capacity:

Air fryers have different frying capacities ranging from 5 quarts to 12 or 15 quarts.

Small air fryers can accommodate only one frying basket in the basket holder because of the single condition setting smart screen.

If the capacity of the air fryer is more than 7 or 8 quarts, it can easily cook more than one food item.

It can either be in different baskets or the same basket with frying racks. Such fryers allow you to bake in one basket and roast the food in another.

  • Dual frying basket:

There are air fryers available in the market that have 2 frying baskets side by side.

Such air fryers allow you to cook food in large quantities.

Moreover, you can also cook two different food items in 2 baskets by setting their conditions individually.

Both the baskets with nonsticky material coated on them allow you to eat a variety of food in a single cooking cycle with a delicious and finger licking taste.

  • Individual conditions regulator:

An air fryer with one smart Screen or condition regulator cannot cook two food items at different temperatures.

That’s why there is a requirement for two regulators for cooking food in two compartments.

This feature of most the large capacity air fryer allows you to bake a cake and pastries in one compartment while roasting a whole chicken in the other frying basket.

  • Separate heating elements:

The air fryer works by circulating the hot air into the frying basket with an even flow to all sides.

The air is heated using heating elements.

If you want to maintain the temperature of both compartments at different, then two separate heating elements are required in the device.

Both of them regulate the airflow according to the instructions depending on the food item being cooked.

So, the air fryer with these features can be used for frying two separate food items in a single cooking cycle.

Can you use an air fryer without a basket?

An air fryer cooks the food using hot air circulation throughout the cooking compartment.

You place your food in a frying basket that has perfect alignment with the cooking body for retaining hot air inside the chamber.

The air is heated and it flows evenly throughout the food products for uniform cooking of the top and bottom of the food.

You don’t get one side overcooked while the other side undercooked in air fryers because of the advanced technology that utilizes high temperature airflow.

To use an air fryer without a basket, you have to keep the following point in mind.

  • Heat loss:

If you place the chicken wings or steaks in an open fryer or on a plate that can be placed in the air fryer then the temperature of the chamber doesn’t increase.

This is because the hot air is lost into the surrounding for not having strong walls that can maintain cooking conditions.

The food remains undercooked which can cause certain diseases related to the stomach due to poorly cooked food items.

If you get some temporary heat barriers that retain hot air flow inside that barrier, then you can use air fryers without frying baskets.

  • Long cooking time:

The food cooked in an open chamber requires a long time for cooking because of the very little heat it gets from the heating element.

The heating element maintains airflow in a closed cooking chamber and aids in cooking food at an optimized time.

An open or improperly aligned frying plate makes you wait for hours as compared to a properly closed chamber.

The long cooking time also reduces the efficiency of the air fryer in long run because of the sensitive heating elements and the heating sensors inserted in the fryers.

  • Partially cooked meat and vegetables:

If the meat is partially cooked and the vegetables like carrots, peas, mushrooms,

and spinach are slightly cooked then you can use the air fryer without the basket because it will cook the food at a low temperature.

But still, the time to cook the food is very long and you have to wait and maintain the cooking conditions regularly on the air fryer.

So, this indicates that the air fryers with baskets have more working power and efficacy as compared to the air fryers that cook food without the frying baskets.

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