Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker: (2023 Expert Guide & Review)

Think of electric pressure cookers and without any wait Instant Pot comes to mind that’s product Instant Pot Duo is the most popular and all times favorite product without any pun intended. A good pressure cooker is one that can bring the toothsome dinner quickly and effortlessly to the table when you are swamped and or busy with a tiring routine.

As we are familiar that what pressure cookers are meant for, they do similar work as slow cookers but where they both differ is the fraction of time.

This brand was one of the first that followed the trend and brought electric pressure cookers by installing all the smart programming and bringing the workable and easier-to-handle product back in 2010.

It is leading the pack and till today it is improving with each upcoming model with improved functionality and characteristics, very other brands are following in its footsteps as its product are ultimately the best.

Instant Pot Duo an electric pressure cooker was launched in 2016 and now has become a firmly liked gadget in many households.

Even though some other appliances have fancier exteriors but Instant Pot Duo has stolen the spotlight and becomes the best seller year after year.

People are becoming fans because it is an irreplaceable choice due to its versatility, capacity, convenience, one-touch program, safety features, and unique and creative features.

If you are looking for something uncomplicated to handle and works to bring satisfaction with savory food then Instant Pot is good to go to your kitchen counter and you can enjoy healthy cooking life with safety.

It is not only sayings but it is approved and certified safe after complete testing by well-experienced cooking experts.

Let us discuss the reviews and individual features to know how worthy this gadget is and what makes it the bestselling item:

Cooking Performance Review:

I am a cookhouse blogger and chef, and to review the Instant Pot Duo I cooked multiple dishes in it.

During the test, the pressure cooking programs performed very well for meat and casseroles that I ate with utter joy.

Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker Beef Stew
Cooking Beef Stew in Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The texture of the stewed beef was very tender, succulent, and flavorsome in contrast to conventional cooking methods.

But it needed some preparations before the starting of the cooking process.

First, I selected the Sauté program from the front display for the browning of onion and beef and then stopped this process when I saw the golden brown color on the ingredients.

The searing was done nicely and took less time than a conventional frying pan which impressed me the most.

It reached the optimum and high temperature and browned the meat in minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients and stock to the inner pot.

Then once the spices were added I closed the lid with an easy twist lock, it sealed right into place, and then I pushed the Pressure Cook Button twice for setting the high temperature at 225°F.

The handy display also showed preheat time but I didn’t need it for my recipe.

The beef turned out amazing with full of rich flavors.

Cooking Rice in Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Cooking Rice in Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Next, I tested the rice cooking and enjoys fluffy and well cooked basmati rice with a delicate taste.

There was not a single grain of rice that was overcooked or undercooked.

The best part was that all the rice came out without sticking on the base as it has a nonstick pot.

Kidney Beans Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Kidney Beans Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Following the preparation of rice, I tried the steam function to steam the kidney beans that are not soggy and have a balanced crunch.

Cooking Cheesecake Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Cooking Cheesecake Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The cheesecake has a sweet and mouthwatering taste and a really attractive.

It was so soft that I am gonna make it again and again and does not need any struggle at all.

One thing that I noticed is that it may reduce the water content which I easily set by manual settings.

After winding up the cooking I cleaned it to see how easy it is to clean, I was happy that its inner pot is dishwasher safe and the exterior was cleaned with a damp towel.

In the end, I would say that it is a highly useful machine for a messy and hassle free journey.

Key Features:

It has turned out to be an amazing and revolutionary appliance that has the most workable features which are penned down:

7 in 1 Functioning:

Instant Pot Duo is a multi tasking good quality pressure cooker that can perform at least 7 different cooking functions.

It is an all in one cooking tool with a unique fermenting feature.

It can slow cook, cook rice, ferment yogurt, cook food under high pressure and temperature, and warm your food with single touch distinct buttons.

Slow cooking:

You can slow cook chicken, pork meat, and vegetables with this cooking tool.

Slow cooking is required to tender food to make it fall with a little touch of a spoon. Instant pot duo can do this by cooking at low heat in a range of 190°F to 250°F for many hours.

It makes the food juicy, and tender and retains the natural moisture of food for finger licking taste.

Rice cooking:

Rice Cooking in Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Rice Cooking in Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

With the instant pot duo pressure cooker, you can prepare all types of rice easily by touching the button specified for rice on the smart digital display of the cooker.

It can adjust the cooker conditions according to the rice.

You need to add rice and lock the lid using safety clamps and the magic is done in no time to get quick cooked food.

Yogurt fermentation:

In the instant pot duo, there is a unique option that lets you ferment yogurt in the pressure cooker.

There is a preset program for yogurt fermentation that maintains all the conditions and ferments yogurt for the operator.

You don’t need to follow the conventional methods of fermenting yogurt when you have an Instant pot duo yogurt fermenting pressure cooker.

Pressure cook and warm food:

Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker Review

You can pressure cook chicken corn soup, beef, mutton, potatoes, and all types of vegetables with this multi tasking cooking tool.

The lid gets sealed by safety locks and it generates pressure with high temperatures in the cooker for pressure cooking.

Also, it can warm your food at different temperatures depending on the food item and works as a microwave oven.

All these features of the instant pot duo pressure cooker make it the choice of the buyer and it is true for this pot to have 7 in 1 functioning ability.


The cooking feature of a pressure cooker mainly depends on the type of material used in the manufacturing of the cooker.

Instant pot duo pressure cooker is made of stainless steel that’s why it is a durable cooker that lasts longer than other cookers.

The steel of this cooking equipment doesn’t contain toxic materials such as BPA and PFOAs.

As BPA is a harmful chemical that is often present in many hard plastics and metals and can disrupt the normal functioning of the endocrine system.

Keeping in mind, the instant pot is designed to be free of these harmful chemicals along with other heavy metal ions such as Lead and Cadmium ions.

The side walls and the bottom of the cooker have triple layers of steel.

The tri ply layers of the pressure cooker conduct the heat evenly in the cooking compartment.

If the electric cooker heats one side of the cooker more as compared to another side, then the food items are overcooked from that side and cooked from the opposite side.

That is why the even conduction of heat is necessary for uniform cooking of the food and this feature is achieved only by an instant pot duo pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker Inner Pot
Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker Inner Pot

The lid of the pressure cooker plays a crucial role in maintaining the pressure inside the cooking chamber.

So, the lid is constructed with multiple safety locks and features.

There is a customized pressure releasing valve in the lid that releases the pressure before opening the lid and keeps the hands from burning.

Also, the locking system of its cap makes sure the lid is closed when pressure is generated in the chamber.

These safety features keep the cooker and the operator safe from any type of accident.

Seal Lid Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Seal Lid Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

You also get a handle on both sides of the cooking pot that ensures safe handling of the cooker.

You can easily lift the hot pot and place it on another side without burning your hands or other parts of the body.

It lets you use your kitchen space for multiple tasking in the same congested place.

Digital Screen:

Digital Screen Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Digital Screen Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant pot duo has a smart digital LED screen that provides precise cooking and regulating capability to the cooker.

The digital screen of this pressure cooker has a preset program for soup, broth, meat, stew, bean, chili, poultry, rice, multigrain, porridge, yogurt, and steam.

You can operate all these features with a single touch on the digital screen.

All the functions of the pressure cooker have individual buttons for these specified cooking options.

There is a small display that shows the time and the temperature of the cooker in a range of 270°F to 450°F.

With this smart screen, you can slow cook potatoes, pork ribs, and shoulder meat, and also chicken for eating a slice of tender meat.

The slow cooking of food requires multiple hours and this can be achieved by the Instant pot duo pressure cooker because its timer can be adjusted in a range of 30 minutes to 20 hours.

During this cooking time, the low heat supply tenders the meat and makes it fall with a little touch with a spoon.

Another unique feature provided by the instant pot duo cooking tool is the delay timer.

By setting the cooker on a delay timer, one can get a hot meal on return from work.

You can put your food in the cooker and press the desired condition button for that specific food.

Then, put the cooker on the delay timer by pressing it on the smart LED screen.

This will delay the cooking and starts it when you are going to reach home after work.

So, you can enjoy warm and fresh food in Instant pot even after coming from work.

All these attributes are provided by the smart LED screen of the Instant pot duo pressure cooker and help to reduce your cooking effort because you don’t need to monitor cooking the whole time.

It automatically stops the timer and the temperature when the food is ready.

Efficiency in Every Aspect:

It is one of the most efficient pressure cookers ever built in the domain of capacity, shape, energy, and time consumption.

Every point counts to become an ideal gadget that can fit in every situation and Instant Pot has done so.

It cooks the meals 70 percent faster in contrast to other methods and does not heat the entire kitchen suiting well on the hot summer days when a little bit of heat increases the temperature of the house.

It can chip away the electricity bills by operating at just 1000 watts consumption and does not take up more time to cook a large portion of meals.

It is good to have a machine according to the need of the kitchen keeping in mind an extra space for guests and it has a precisely large cooking capacity of 6 Quarts, a suitable volume to feed 6 adults that need a proper one time dish.

Cook whole chicken, pizza, steamed beef, vegetables, fish, soups, and cakes for your growing family.

In addition to this, it has a sphere shaped cooking pot that is divided equally across the surface of the head, for uniform cooking the plus point is that there are no hard corners where the food can stuck causing problems while washing.

Use it for the recipe you like and it will assist with opportunities that not only reduce your tension but also deliver a portion of food that has the best quality and each vitamin and mineral retained in it.

It is not the end here, because there is much more to go, and to show the true technological era.

It can work by the Instant Brand Connect App where you will find 1500+ chef curated smart and innovative recipes that will surely match the diet and lifestyle.

Ease of Cleaning:

On top of everything else if a machine has an easy cleaning offer then there is nothing better because at the end of cooking everyone needs peace to inspire of cleaning messy cookware.

And in the case of Instant Pot Duo, a machine to offer the least leisure possible and is quite easy to clean.

Its cooking pot is of high quality and nonstick material that prevents crusty musty batches and is gladly dishwasher safe including all of the accessories too.

It is your choice to choose hand cleaning or use a dishwasher.

The exterior has a shiny finish that gives it an overall smooth texture with fingerprint and smudge proof ability which make it easy to keep it looking the same.

A wet cloth and warm, soapy water are enough to wipe down all the drippings on its body.

One thing to keep in mind is to never ever submerge the whole pressure cooker inside of the water because it will wet the power cord.

Once the soap is eliminated there is no evidence of aroma or stain left behind from the precious cooking cycle.

Just keep it in the cabinet or place it on the counter after it is fully dried until the next use.

Safety Features:

Safety Features Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker
Safety Features Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Safety is the first thing people want before buying a pressure cooker, as it is a game of using steam which must be handled safely and within the risk.

It comprises 10+ safety features that help to cook food quickly by expelling the stress of danger.

It is UL and ULC certified which depicts that it was put under very rigorous safety tests and it has successfully passed them all.

It features the protection by pressure regulator protection, a safety lid lock, an anti blockage vent, excess pressure protection, a high temperature warning, and together with some other features that are specifically designed to keep it as safe as possible.

The safety lid lock seals the lid in a place where it is impossible to open or move in case of an accident while it is still in the pressurized cycle.

It also lets you lift the pressure cooker as there is no chance that the steam will come out.

A short overview of these safety measures is described below might keep the mind stress free are:

  • The pressure regulator is present to assure that the pressure which is used for cooking being performed is under the 15 PSI limit to avoid any over pressure accidents.
  • It has a very smart detection system that immediately detects if the lid is leaky.
  • For preventing meals or foodstuffs from obstructing the vent, the anti blockage vent plays a vital role.
  • There is also an excess pressure protection controller that functions to regulate and release the excess pressure in a separate internal safety chamber that has no contact with the user.
  • A high-temperature monitor makes sure that there is no elevated increase in temperature that can lead to burning or overcooking of the food if you by fault set the temperature at a high mode.
  • It cooks the food in a time 70% quicker than traditional methods.
  • It is made of fingerprint-resistant, high-quality Stainless Steel material.
  • It provides a good automatic function performance to run all the modes.
  • It saves time and energy more efficiently due to its versatility.
  • It works as a great rice cooker.
  • It is best to create Greek Yogurt.
  • The silicone seal on the lid contains a specific odor.
  • It can be small for some dishes or more than 6 people.
  • It does not come with any glass lid or steaming containers.
  • It has a thin aluminum heat disturbing disk.

The Advantages:

We are very thrilled that Instant Pot has become one of the favorite and phenomenal kitchen tools that can cook quick dishes to give you more free time to do your other work.

  • The stainless steel is of top grade and offers a clean, nice, and nutritive surface to work with.
  • It is great to make Greek Yogurt which is probably the most wanted reason people love it because it tastes the same as the original.
  • It provides more comfort and prepares food when you are not at home and gives a feeling that someone is cooking for us on the way back home.

The Disadvantages:

Pressure Cooker is an essential devices in a kitchen and it is important to know the shortcomings you might face while using them.

  • The thin aluminum disk is there which means you can end up scorching your tomato pasta recipe and it is the only dish you cannot cook in it.
  • Its original silicon seal has an unpleasant odor, which is a disturbing problem for a lot of curries but it can be solved by replacing it with a spare or new seal.
  • The automatic cooking controls are a bit tricky to get used to, but you can cook the perfect meals with manual control.
  • There is no glass lid to monitor what is going inside the pot which is a drawback.


Dimensions DxWxH 12.2 x 13.38 x 12.48 Inches
Weight 11.8 Pounds
Capacity 5.8 liters or 6 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel/Black
Color Stainless Steel
Warranty 12 Months
Delayed Cooking Yes
Operation Mode Automatic
Automatic Keep Warm Yes
Programming Programmable
Wattage 1000 Watts



Can you use the Instant Pot for canning?

The instant pot pressure cooker is a device that uses high temperature and pressure for cooking food items.

The temperature of the pressure cooker can be adjusted according to the food item being cooked.

Canning is the process of preserving food items for a long period in a sealed jar with proper hygienic conditions.

The process of canning increases the shelf life of food from months to years and you can enjoy off season foods in this way.

Smart screen:

There is a smart screen in an instant pot pressure cooker that has regulatory options for the time and temperature of cooking food products.

You get an option to regulate the cooking time according to the food item being canned and precisely measure the canning conditions.

This feature of Instant pot aids in the long term preservation of food in sealed jars.

Canning temperature:

Temperature plays a crucial role in canning food products.

As we know, food gets spoiled by pathogenic food microbes.

So, a temperature of 121°C is required to kill all the microbes in the food item.

The canner should maintain this temperature for at least 15 minutes to increase the shelf life of food items sealed in a closed jar.

Material of canner:

The material used in the manufacturing of the canner should be food grade.

At high temperatures, the steam is fused in the sealed jar to cook the food and kill the germs.

So, the material of the canner may leach into the food and can cause toxicity in the food.

The material of the Instant pot canner is eco friendly and also it is free of BPA and PFOAs.

Foods to be canned:

The food items that can be canned are jams, chicken, meat, tomatoes, and chutney.

All these food items require different conditions for cooking and canning.

All the conditions necessary for canning these food items are available in an instant pot pressure canner.

So, all the attributes required for canning a food item are available in an Instant pot pressure cooker.

You get a smart screen, temperature regulator, and toxin-free material in this cooker.

So, it is the best cooker available with all the necessary properties.

Is instant pot worth the money?

Instant pot is a cooking tool that has multiple cooking features with a smart cooking option.

It cooks food in a variety of different ways with a good cooking capacity.

Let’s discuss whether the price of the instant pot pressure cooker is worth its features or not.

The main attributes of the instant pot pressure cooker are discussed below.

Smart LED screen:

The control panel of the instant pot pressure cooker is operated by a smart LED screen.

This screen has multiple buttons for a variety of conditions and regulations.

You can regulate the time and the temperature of the cooking through a touch screen and the temperature of the cooker is displayed on the screen.

Preset programs:

You get several preset programs for different specific food items.

You can cook soup, chicken, fish, porridge, vegetables, and other food items with a single touch on the screen.

This feature reduces the cooking time and also aids you in not remembering the conditions of different food items separately.

Multiple cooking options:

The instant pot pressure cooker is made not only to pressure cook your food but also to air fry, grill, roast, ferment yogurt, and warm your food.

You get individual buttons for cooking your food in different conditions in a single cooking device.

This allows you to grill your chicken, slow cook pork shoulder meat, ferment yogurt, and pressure cook your meat and vegetables with a little change in settings.

ECO friendly material and Mobile app:

The material used in the manufacturing of this Instant pot pressure cooker is food grade and is free of any kind of toxins.

You can use this cooker without the guilt of leaching heavy metal ions into your food.

It is an eco friendly cooking tool with a mobile app that has guidance for more than 800 recipes.

So, all these features show that the Instant pressure cooker is worth purchasing and the price of this tool is in harmony with these unique features.

Can you slow cook in the instant pot?

Slow cooking is a process in which food is cooked at very low heat for a long time.

This causes the food to get tender with retaining the moisture content.

You need a very precise and constant conditions for long period to make food delicious without burning it.

To slow cook in a cooking device, it should have the following discussed attributes.

Long timer:

A cooking device that has a time range of a few minutes cannot be used for slow cooking.

This process requires multiple hours for cooking meat and this can be achieved only in a device that has a timer ranging from 4 to 12 hours.

Ribs, shredded chicken tacos, salsa, and chicken soup are cooked for many hours in slow cooking devices for tenderness and taste.

Temperature regulation:

The process of slow cooking depends on the temperature of the cooker.

You cannot cook any food for a long time at high temperature because it can evaporate all the moisture and results in burned cooked food.

The temperature for slow cooking ranges from 170°F to 280°F.

So the cooking equipment should maintain this temperature for hours depending on the food item being cooked.

Smart screen:

A slow cooker requires good planning from the cook.

You have to prepare the ingredients before cooking along with preheating the water and the cooking pot.

A device that has a smart screen with a digital display can accurately maintain these conditions.

The smart screen allows you to regulate the temperature in the required range and get an alarm when the timer gets off.

All the conditions necessary for slow cooking a portion of food in an electric cooking device are available in an Instant pot pressure cooker.

So, it is the best option for slow cooking your food items.

You can get a multi functioning good capacity and a premium quality slow cooker in a reasonable range.


The Instant Pot Duo is the best appliance so far for healthy, consistent, and quick cooking cycles, that pursues the set and forget, the idea of working.

The 7 customizable settings and 13 presets are best and remember the kind of cooking you like to match your taste buds on regular basis.

It is a great offer for simple and no fuss cooking as it is a multicooker with 6 quarts capacity to benefit average sized families.

Approved and certified by world class standards make it a compelling and ideal choice that fits all the demands one wants to get the routine on a healthy track.

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