9 Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Canning: (2022 Guide, Comparison & Review)

With the foremost advancement, reliable and revolutionary machines, with tons of models in the market we have independently, researched, reviewed, tested, and now recommend the best pressure cookers for canning.

In the present world, food loss has increased drastically and most of the microbes spoil the low acid food and high-acid food items there is no better way to revive the ancient method to preserve food but with more creative and guaranteed results.

To employ this work for preserving the corn, zucchini, or harvested veggies or fruits from your garden or to set your pantry and fill your busy life with healthy and ready-to-eat food you can find hundreds of machines.

But why buy a separate pressure canner and crowd your kitchen and budget when you can have a canning feature in a pressure canner.

No need to do work on searching for the sustainable one as we have done all the research and will discuss the top machines that are surely going to be set on your counter table.

From soups, chilis, meat, and seafood to olives, jams, pickles and any food you love can be canned protectively and healthily.

If you are a beginner or a person that is confused between pressure cooking and canning then for your ease and for running the batch in the right manner let us take a look at pressure canning and how it is similar and dissimilar to pressure cooking.

Pressure Canning and Pressure Cooking:

Although you can do pressure canning in modern pressure cookers it is a process that uses ultra-high temperatures and boils the water above the boiling pot and creates pressure, then these extreme conditions kill the pathogenic, food-spoiling microbe Clostridium botulinum.

It is specially used for preserving food mostly low-acid food including veggies, meat, etc, and high-acid food like pickles, tomatoes, berries, or other fruits.

On the other hand, pressure cooking is to cook meals faster at high pressure.

They both are similar as they use air-tight conditions and follow extreme pressure and temperature but their working mechanisms are different.

The below-mentioned appliance is safe to work with as it passed two safety checks, the first is from the UL (underwriter Laboratories) which certifies that the appliance is tested and approved safe with a UL approval stamp on the bottom and the second approval is by NCHFP (National Center for Home Food Preservation) that has proven it safe to eat the food inside the canned jars.

It was all done for your safety and satisfaction. Now the top picks out of the hundreds of devices are penned down:

Recommended 9 Best Electric Pressure Cookers for Canning:


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Ball freshTECH
Instant Pot Pro Plus WIFI
Instant Pot Max 6 Quart
Emeril Everyday 8 QT
Cuckoo CMC-ZSN601F 8-in-1
Luby GT606


  1. CAREY DPC-9SS Smart Electric Pressure Cooker and Canner: (Large Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning)

Canning the food and setting up your own pantry is a wise and nutritive way to lead a healthy life.

I have seen hundreds of Pressure cookers with canning functions and reviewed some 15 days ago along with some other machines too.

I am a chef and sharing my experience as an expert that how Carey Large Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning has turned out.

As canning is a little hard so I tried canned corn and peas, I was amazed by its 9.5 Quarts huge pot that let me stack five pint sized jars easily.

The canning cycle ran smoothly and quickly I just prepared the jars and filled them with corn and peas, added them to the pot, and set the mode to slow cook by one touch only.

The canned items tasted amazing and I used them after 1 week to see how they turned out they are yummy.

I then canned jams and pickles and tried its browning and pressure cooking attributes and they are also very quick.

Key Features:

A perfect combination of safety, performance and unique qualities is found in Carey Smart Pressure Canner and Cooker.

It is specifically designed and created to eliminate the most common mistakes that are found in other appliances and cause harm or spoilage of food during the process of canning.

It has trustworthy safety features that proved the users’ uncompromising protection and let them run the process with full peace of mind.

Not one has multiple pre-installed safety measures that regulate and control the pressure continuously.

It has a multipurpose and functional digital display and a highly efficient preset program that offers the perfect tool to ensure and maintain the compatible same results while canning fruits, pickles, jams, salsa, meat, and many more.

On top of it is a safety lock lid that has an automatic float valve to make sure that the lid is fitted correctly and it also identifies the pressure when present.

It takes out the guesswork and simplifies the work with the water bath and pressure functions.

The removable 9.5 Quarts cooking pot has a nonstick coat and is safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Comprising of a Stainless Steel body that is lightweight and has attached side handles.

It has the ability to make your favorite slow cooker recipes much faster, healthier, and more delicious with merely a touch button.


It is an appliance with a digital display Stainless Steel finish and a large capacity of 9.5 Quarts.

The smart cooking appliance is immaculate for canning, pressure cooking, and browning any food.


Dimensions DxWxH 17 x 17 x 18 Inches
Weight 17.6 Pounds
Capacity 9.5 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black


  • Its digital display shows the cooking time for easier working.
  • It ensures safety with its lock lid mechanism.
  • The browning, slow cooking, and pressure cooking functions are very versatile.
  • The manual it comes with has no guiding information.

  1. Ball freshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner and Multi-Cooker: (Canning Electric Pressure Cooker)

Cooking is sometimes difficult and tiring work to do and being an expert I prefer homemade canned food to use it then and there it is needed.

I have recently experimented with 6 pressure cookers from top brands and Ball Fresh Multicooker won my heart with its fast service, functionality, capacity, and time and energy saving benefits.

It is so far the best canning electric pressure cooker I have used.

I chose 8 pint jars to see if they can fit in it or not and believe me, they were piled up very smoothly, next I decided to make soup in it as I was curious about the draining spigot on its base,

I added all my ingredients including carrots, corns, cabbage, boiled meat, soya sauce, eggs, salt, pepper, and water.

I followed the recipe set everything in it and turn the knob at 212 F and leave it for 15 minutes, served it using the easy drain spout and it tasted amazing and only in this much less time.

Then to figure out the canning feature I canned vegetables and have canned a tremendous level of them.

The pasta, meat, and seafood also turned out amazing.

Key Features:

Ball fresh TECH Multicooker is a large capacity appliance that is capable of cooking and canning with its creative features and performance.

It can accommodate almost 7 quart jars or can stack up to 8 pint jars without any hassle due to its 21 quarts capacity.

The exterior water spout is attached to safely drain the hot water without coming in contact with the steamy water, and no need to move the bath canner.

The hot liquid dispenser is also perfect for tea, cider, coffee, and other hot beverages.

It cuts down the pressure of running multiple batches and saves more time and energy.

Canned food can be stored or preserved for more than 18 months.

You can use it as a stockpot to make kinds of pasta, stews, soups, and broth, and can also steam veggies and seafood or meat.

The handles attached on its side have a rubber coating that makes it heat resistant and the lid on the top has secure locking and non slippery grip for comfortable maneuvering.

The base is detachable and nests for highly compact storage.

Its cleaning is a simple task, no force is needed to clean the drippings and sauces.

There is a rack that does not allow the jars to touch the base and there is a simple dial control to set the temperature.

The lid and the rack are dishwasher friendly and the cooking cycles extract the perfect flavor out of every ingredient.


Ball fresh Pressure Canner is for useful and easy every day canning and comes with a water spout and one dial control.

The large capacity of the pot is spacious to fit more food and run more cycles in less time.


Dimensions DxWxH ‎‎15.35 x 15.16 x 15.35 Inches
Weight 17 Pounds
Capacity 21 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black


  • It has a tempered glass lid and stay cool handles.
  • It is fairly energy efficient as it uses 20 percent less electricity.
  • The temperature must be regulated properly otherwise the water will never boil.
  1. Instant Pot Pro Plus Wi-Fi Smart 10-in-1: (Electric Pressure Canners for Canning)

Food is a source of nutrition and energy, and the healthier it is the more beneficial it is for the body.

I test out different pressure cookers and canners to ease the life of my reading audience because I am a food appliance blogger.

Out of 10 various pressure cookers which I liked the most after trying the canning process is from Instant Pot.

I canned around 5 quarts of mushrooms which I freshly bought and leaf spinach in a ratio of 3 and 2.

I used airtight jars and added my food in them, after that stacked them in the rack to initiate the cycle.

I selected the canning process from high to low pressure and it only took 30 minutes.

After this, I decided to cook rice and meat in it which have a matchless taste.

It is best to make rice, steaming beef, and Greek yogurt.

Key Features:

Instant Pot Pro Plus is a smart wireless operating machine with a smart and intuitive design.

The large and easy to adjust display has a sensitive touch control attached to its front and you can enjoy 10 functional programs in 1.

The highly advanced cooking presets include pressure cook, slow cook, rice, steam, saute, yogurt, warmer, canning, sous vide, and lastly nutriboost.

It offers you free of stress steam release by simply pressing one touch button on the control panel.

The 20 percent higher power delivers fast heat transfer to perform the sear function in less time and to show better results in contrast to traditional appliances.

It is the only multicooker that has a premium cookware grade inner pot that does nonstick the food on its body and is attached with silicone handles that are heat resistant and stay cool even in extreme temperature conditions.

It can also be used on the stovetop and this quality keeps it to suit every kitchen need.

With all the dishwasher safe parts like a pressure cooking rack, lid, and pot it has a large capacity of 6 quarts to feed 6 people and is perfect for preparing meals, or even family sized dinners.

Overheat protection and the tight locking lid are the result of over 10 safety features.

Instant Pot is a revolutionary pressure cooker that removes 10 appliances from the kitchen counter and works 20 percent faster.

With true ease, it is operable with a mobile application and prepares ultimately delectable food items.


Instant Pot is a revolutionary pressure cooker that removes 10 appliances from the kitchen counter and works 20 percent faster.

With true ease, it is operable with a mobile application and prepares ultimately delectable food items.


Dimensions DxWxH ‎15.2 x 15.2 x 15.2 Inches
Weight 20.5 Pounds
Capacity 6 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Color Black


  • The warmer keeps the food warm and tasty for several hours.
  • It comes with many cooking modes and 10 built in presets.
  • It has an intuitive front control panel.
  • The application does not increase functionality.
  1. Instant Pot Max 6 Quart: (Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning Quart Jars)

To be honest, being a culinary expert and collecting a hand full of useful kitchen appliances is my job.

As canned food is the quickest and easy way to prepare healthy meals, so when I used to check some multi use pressure cookers for canning then I found a kitchen gem.

It was Instant pot pro max which is not only the best electric pressure cooker for canning quart jars but also a hit for steaming, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and sauteing.

Not one but I prepared 5 different dishes using 5 presets the top on my list was fruit jam.

I collected my favorite fruit that is strawberry, made jam in it, and pour the hot jam inside quart jars then I placed the jars inside the pot and locked it, I selected the canning process and left it with an 11 minutes timer.

The jams were preserved nicely in a time that I have never imagined.

The rice, bone broth, canned beans, steamed fish, and yogurt were finger licking.

If a kitchen has this appliance on the tabletop then there I can expect nothing better.

Key Features:

Instant Pot Pro Max is a new addition with a unique style and modern and highly workable characteristics.

The sustained 15 PSI pressure not only helps in cooking the food quickly but helps out in making home pressure canning much easier.

On the front, a big touch screen is located that makes the programming seamless and effortless.

You can straightforwardly set the timer, apply delay start, and set pressure and warm.

The Nutriboost technology creates a boiling motion and it helps the food break down during pressure cooking it adds a touch of boosted taste, nutrition, and flavor to food like soups, bone broth, and stews.

The pot with a UL certified mark and 13 safety features to protect from overheating, and to avoid extreme pressure conditions.

The pressure is regulated precisely by the automatic venting system and lid locking ability.

The temperature control is highly efficient and has plus and minus buttons, the sous vide cooking is experienced by its 1.0 C or 1.8 F degrees temperature.

A new brushed, lavish Stainless Steel exterior to amplify the kitchen counter look and the food grade 304 Stainless Steel material inner pot.

It has a large pot of 6 Quarts area that can fill the plates for up to 6 people.


Instant Pot Pro Max is a food grade Stainless Steel pressure cooker that can do canning with 13 safety features, multiple presets, and altitude adjusting pressure and temperature.

The large capacity and smooth control knob let you cook a decent amount of food.


Dimensions DxWxH 12.6 x 12.2 x 13 Inches
Weight 15.7 Pounds
Capacity 6 Quarts
Material Brushed Stainless Steel
Color Silver


  • It is capable of reaching 15 PSI for a faster cooking process.
  • One touch programs make it easy to customize settings.
  • The venting and sealing are automatic to lessen your work.
  • Because of its large size, it demands a significant space.
  1. Emeril Everyday 8 QT: (Digital Pressure Cooker for Canning)

As it is the era of technology and it has marked our home kitchens too by providing us with the maximum ease possible.

I write blogs on kitchen appliances after seeing and using their features, viewing their compatibility and suitability in the kitchen, like past week my gain of interest was for best electric pressure cookers for canning,

I do not cook one but many dishes that in my opinion provide the greatest opportunity to check the consistency, working, and the consumption of time and energy.

To get rid of the messy and hectic kitchen routines I have found a digital pressure cooker by Emeril Everyday for canning, and 11 other appliances too.

I canned my favorite plain fish, first, the fish was steamed by putting a little bit of salt, pepper, and oil,

then I cut its pieces enough to fit in and sterilized the jar after sealing them I piled each jar inside the pot and started the canning process using its large front display panel.

It only took 40 minutes at 240 F to process the complete method.

It is a great working option for air frying with crispy results, steaming meat and poultry, baking cake, and an entire list of food.

Key Features:

Emeril Everyday is an all in one pressure cooker that has a spacious pot and a crisper finishing lid.

This machine has the ability to make multi-textured meals beautiful and adds the possible taste achievable.

It has 8 quarts capacity more than enough to depend on any other appliance.

A magical creation that can hold up the work of 12 appliances and have 44 preset cooking functions.

The dual design lid has multiple uses one that allows pressure or slow cooking quickly and the other is for air frying and turning the food to golden crispy.

The LCD display is huge and bright with all the programs inserted in an easy-to-read manner.

It performs the functions outstandingly as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, simmer, saute, steam, roast, bake, canner, yogurt maker, sous vide, air fry, braise and steam.

The air frying work is made successful by the optimal airflow-designed basket.

Cook around 8 pounds of chicken and more for a whole family, gatherings, and events in less time.

By using this machine you can improve your mastery of cooking and cooking the way you like.


Emeril Everyday is ultimately an innovative creation and addition for every kitchen due to its large amount of presets, good cooking ability, and specially designed body with a Stainless Steel finish.

The huge 8 quarts capacity and uniquely established lid let you cook any dish.


Dimensions DxWxH ‎22.6 x 17.91 x 16.5 Inches
Weight 28.6 Pounds
Capacity 8 Quarts
Material Silver
Color Silver


  • It has 44 built in presets for developed performance.
  • It has a dual designed lid for pressure cooking and air frying.
  • It has food grade Stainless Steel material.
  • It is bulky and hard to move and lift.
  1. NESCO NPC-9: (Digital Pressure Cooker for Canning)

To achieve an environment that truly provides inner joy while doing kitchen work all depends on the cooking tool.

I recently got an opportunity to review a pressure cooker that can also can food products and it was amazing.

I reviewed NESCO NPC-9 and it took my breath with happiness because of its best features over other cookers.

I canned seafood using this pressure cooker and canner by firstly smoking the shrimp and fish.

Then I added the fish and shrimp in two different clean jars and sealed them.

I put the jar in a pressure cooker and applied 11 pounds of pressure for 110 minutes at 180 degrees F.

When I open the cooker it was amazingly cooked in that short time and was preserved for 3 months on the kitchen shelf.

It still tastes well and delicious because of the NESCO NPC-9 canning tool.

Key Features:

NESCO NPC-9 is a multi-functional cooking equipment that can be used for canning, pressure cooking, steaming, and slow cooking of all kinds of food items.

It has advanced attributes over traditional cookers by altering the valve limit according to the altitude of your area from the sea level.

The standard valve limit is 10 PSI while the valve limit for altitude is 15 PSI.

This canning equipment has a digital display screen that has preset programs for canning jam, fruits, pickles, salsa, and many other food products.

The digital screen also enables you to regulate the time and the temperature of cooking according to your food product.

The capacity of this cooking appliance is enough to hold sixteen 4 oz jelly jars or five pints at a time because of its large mouth with a 9.5 quarts chamber.

There is a safety locking system in the lid that ensures that the cover is correctly sealed or not.

And also there is a pressure valve that tells about the pressure is generating inside the cooking chamber.

The material of the pressure cooker and canner is safe to wash and clean.


NESCO NPC-9 is the best canning equipment with a digital screen and a large capacity of 9.5 quarts.

It has multiple cooking options and preset conditions for ease of operation.


Dimensions DxWxH 14 x 15 x 14.5 Inches
Weight 21.7 Pounds
Capacity 9 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Stainless Steel


  • This canner doesn’t contain any BPA or PFOAs.
  • It is multi functional canner with preset conditions for many food products.
  • You get a canning rack and steam rack for canning and other cooking purposes.
  • The smart screen of the cooker is sensitive to high moisture content.
  1. Cuckoo CMC-ZSN601F 8-in-1: (Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning Green Beans)

Canning food products for long-term preservation and enjoying unseasonal food is very common in our society.

But most people don’t get efficient canner and ruin their food.

That’s why I review canner for different food products and find the canner that is efficient for a specific food item.

I review many of the canners and find out that Cuckoo is best for canning green beans.

I took 3 jars of 2 quarts and fill them with washed green beans and placed them in the Cuckoo canner.

I cook them at 10 PSI for 25 to 30 minutes and let them cool at room temperature for 12 hours.

The jars were fully sealed and the taste of green beans was intact for 7 months.

I canned many other food items with this canner and all of them turned out to be very delicious.

Key Features:

Cuckoo is a multi functional pressure cooker with many other cooking options such as canning, steaming, food warming, yogurt making, and sauté pan.

The smart LED screen of this cooker has 20 preset cooking options including meat, porridge, stew, rice, bean, chili, yogurt, cheese, and many more options.

There is a knob in this canner that can regulate the time and the temperature of cooking different food items.

You can also delay the cooking time by setting the conditions and getting warm food on return.

This canner saves you time and energy by up to 70 percent because it consumes less energy as compared to another traditional pressure cooker.

The capacity of this canner and pressure cooker is 6 quarts which are enough for a middle-sized family.

The material used in this pressure cooker is safe to wash under tap water and you can also clean the inside of the canner.

You get a booklet that has a step to step guide to using the canner for different options.

With heat-resistant handles you can easily grasp the canner in your hands while it is hot from the inside.


Cuckoo pressure cooker and canner is a smart multipurpose cooker that is best for canning green beans and cooking other multiple dishes.

It saves you time and money and it is efficient in performing its work.


Dimensions DxWxH 12 x 12 x 13 Inches
Weight 11 Pounds
Capacity 6 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black


  • It is free of heavy metal ions and PFOAs.
  • The handle of the canner provides ease of holding while it is cooking food.
  • The smart screen of the cooker is fragile and needs much care during the cooking process.
  1. Luby Electric Pressure Cooker: (Electric Pressure Canning Pot)

I am a chef and have been reviewing culinary appliances for the ease of my customers and to save them money.

Recently, I reviewed pressure cookers that can also can food items and I found out that Luby is the best pressure cooker and canner.

I canned smoked fish and some vegetables in two different cycles.

I cooked them at 10 PSI for about 30 minutes and let them cool for 6 hours at room temperature.

I found out that it is the best canner because the taste of my food remains intact for about 4 months.

It also consumes less electricity as compared to other pressure cookers and it provides peace of mind due to its many automatic features.

Key Features:

Luby is an electric pressure cooker and a canning tool that is 7 percent faster as compared to traditionally available pressure cookers.

It has a smart LCD screen that contains 17 presets for cooking rice, meat, soup, ribs, chicken, cake, beans, saute, and many other cooking options.

You need to put the food item and select the preset button for that food and the magic starts.

It will cook the food for you and you don’t need to set the conditions anymore because it automatically sets them.

The canner has an inner pot that is replaceable and the lid has a safety valve that releases pressure before opening the lid.

There is a safety lock in the lid that ensures that the cap is locked during the process of cooking.

You can regulate the time and the temperature of cooking from the LED screen and can also delay the cooking time for 24 hours to get warm food.

You don’t need to monitor the cooking process because it automatically turns off when the food is ready and in the meantime, you can perform other stuff in-house.

The material used in this canner is dishwasher safe and you can also clean the inside of the cooker.


Luby pressure cooker and canner is a good capacity electric canner that has many features along with canning your food item.

It has safety locks that ensure the safety of the operator and its LED screen contains a delay option.


Dimensions DxWxH 12.52 x 12.52x 13.6 Inches
Weight 13.22 Pounds
Capacity 6 Quarts
Material PP, Foam, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Color Red


  • It is free of PFOAs and BPA.
  • It includes an electric cord, measuring cup, and rice paddle in its accessories.
  • It automatically turns off after the time is over.
  • It is compatible only with electricity.
  1. GoWISE USA GW22709 Ovate 9.5-Qt: (Large Electric Pressure Cooker for Canning)

I have been using reviewing kitchen appliances for years.

I find out that most people purchase many cooking tools and it reduces their storage in the kitchen.

I searched for a multifunctional cooking tool for canning and other purposes.

I found a magic tool which is a GoWISE pressure cooker and canner.

It is very large in capacity and performs multiple functions.

I cooked meat and chicken at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes and also canned vegetables at 11 PSI. Moreover, I also used it for slow cooking and fermenting yogurt.

All of the functions came out to be very efficient and allowed me to use this cooking tool for multiple cooking options.

It gave me a peaceful cooking experience and calm during work.

Key Features:

GoWISE is a high quality pressure cooker and a canner that can perform different functions related to the cooking of food items.

This cooker has preset programs for rice, slow cooking, egg making, yogurt, steaming, and warming of food products.

It is a very fast cooker and cooks in 70 percent less time as compared to another cooker with retaining the flavor and juice of food.

The smart screen can also regulate the time and the temperature of cooking according to the food item you want to cook in this electric canner.

The lid of the cooker has a safety pressure valve that releases the pressure from the cooker before opening it to avoid any damage.

Its accessories include an oval mesh basket, a steaming rack, an egg rack, a meat roasting rack, and a measuring cup.

It comes with a recipe booklet that guides the operation of the cooker.

All the accessories and the cooker are safe for dishwashing.


GoWISE electric pressure cooker and canner is a large capacity and premium quality pressure cooker that has multiple preset programs to ease the process of cooking.

The LED has a regulator for temperature and it can cook food for more than 12 people at a time.


Dimensions DxWxH 12.5 x 17 x 12 Inches
Weight 24.2 Pounds
Capacity 9.5 Quarts
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black


  • The handle of the cooker is heat resistant and avoids hand burning during the cooking process.
  • It doesn’t contain lead and cadmium like heavy metals.
  • The LED screen is fragile and sensitive to moisture.

Can I use my electric pressure cooker for canning?

The pressure cooker is a cooking device that uses high temperatures and pressure to cook food items.

The high temperature and high pressure of steam reduce the cooking time of the food item and make it juicy and delicious.

Canning is the process of preserving food items for long-term usage.

Foods such as seafood, pickles, and fruits are canned to increase their shelf life and to consume during the off-season.

Almost every one of us uses canned food and an electric pressure cooker with the following discussed attributes can be used for canning food products.

  • Material of the pressure cooker:

The electric pressure cooker can be used for canning food items if its material is food grade and doesn’t add toxins to the can during the cooking procedure.

If the material of the cooker is made of steel that contains heavy metals, then these metal ions leach into the food during cooking and cause health problems to the consumers.

  • Smart display and pressure gauge:

The canning of food items requires a very precise environment during the process of cooking.

All types of food items are canned at different conditions of cooking depending on the tenderness or hardness of the food product.

That’s why a pressure cooker must have a digital pressure and temperature regulator to precisely and accurately set the required conditions of cooking.

The pressure must be maintained between 10 to 15 PSI.

  • Temperature:

The canning of food items requires the killing of microorganisms that reside inside the food items.

The ideal temperature for killing all types of germs and microorganisms is 121 degrees C for 20 to 25 minutes.

At this temperature, all kinds of microbes are eliminated and the shelf life of food increases.

  • Foods can be canned in a pressure cooker:

Almost all kinds of food items including jams, fruits, pickles, tomatoes, and chutney can be canned using an electric pressure cooker.

The meat, chicken, and steaks can also be preserved for months using the canning process of a pressure cooker but the proteins in the meat start to deteriorate, and that is why the shelf life of meat is only one month.

So, it means if the pressure cooker has all the features discussed above then it can be used to eliminate pathogens and can preserve the food items in cans.

This process is very common and you can enjoy off-season food products throughout the year.

Are any electric canners approved?

Canner is a food-preserving device that increases the shelf life of all kinds of food items.

The shelf life of the food product is increased by lowering the pathogenic microbes inside the food item.

If there are microbes in the food, it can cause damage to the food and produce toxins in it, and also cause health issues to the health of humans on consumption.

An electric canner with the following discussed attributes that are approved by a regulatory authority can be used for canning food items at home and the commercial level.

  • Thermal approval:

There is a canner that is used for the preparation and canning of food products.

But the temperature of the inner compartment of the canner and the inner temperature of the can needs to be precisely matched to get good quality and safe canned food items.

If the temperature of the can doesn’t match the requirements it can cause the survival of some of the thermopile bacteria and for sure cause health issues.

  • Pressure gauge approval:

The pressure required for the canning of food items such as meat, vegetables, fruits, chicken, jams, pickles, and tomatoes should reside between 10 to 15 PSI.

This pressure along with precisely maintaining temperature damages all the toxic material of the food item and cans the food for a long period.

The pressure of the canner should be approved by the authority for the safety of consumers.

  • Safety approval:

The high temperature and the pressure of the steam causes the lid to blast.

If the lid of the cooker is not sealed properly, it can lose pressure, and the food is not properly preserved.

It will reduce the shelf life of that food item as compared to the standard one.

That’s why a canner should have a safety locking system in the lid that seals the cap during the process of cooking to avoid any mishaps while cooking the food.

  • Electricity approval:

Electricity approval is necessary for an electric canner to save the life of the operator.

It should not short circuit during the cooking process as many electric appliances do due to low-quality electric wires.

All these features of an electric canner should be approved by the regulatory authority for use of human beings.

Some of the electric canner that has approved thermal, pressure, safety, and electric features are listed below;

  1. CAREY DPC-9SS Smart Electric Pressure Cooker and Canner
  2. NESCO NPC-9
  3. Cuckoo CMC-ZSN601F 8-in-1
  4. GoWISE USA GW22709 Ovate 9.5-Qt

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