5 Best Pressure Cooker For Mushroom Cultivation (Guide & Reviews)

Want to cultivate mushrooms at home and looking for a clean and cheap way of doing so? We have found the easiest and best way for you to grow mushrooms at home. Pressure cookers are present in all our homes, and they have proved as the best way to cultivate mushrooms. Cultivating mushrooms is hard to master because even a little bit of contamination can completely ruin your mycelium colony, and all your efforts will be wasted. We have found the best pressure cooker for mushroom cultivation, so come with me.

Best Pressure Cooker For Mushroom Cultivation:

Let’s find out which pressure cooker is the easiest and best in quality for our mushroom cultivation. Every home cultivator needs to buy a good quality pressure cooker. Usually, when you buy a low quality cooker, it wears down in 12 months, and trust me, pressure cookers are quite expensive.

So you really don’t want something which does not have durability and a strong build. For cultivating mushrooms, pressure cookers are definitely essential. They play the most important role, i.e., sterilizing the grain spawn and substrate.

The sterilization process helps in killing off any bacteria which might be present in the substrate and can ruin your batch potentially. For sterilizing and cultivation of mushrooms, your cooker needs to reach the required high pressure, which is needed to kill off any bacterial spores.

In this blog, we have found the best pressure cookers for mushroom cultivation in the market and their special features, pros, and cons.

These pressure cookers are specifically designed to kill all bacterial spores and protect your mycelium. Even with the best pressure cookers, it is not child’s play to cultivate mushrooms. You will need to focus, concentrate and give most of your time to making sure that the process is on the right track, and with the best tips and care, you can learn the art of growing mushrooms. Also, a few trials and errors are a must as, of course, practice makes a man perfect.

Our Top Picks:

Image Product View on Amazon
Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker
All American 10.5qt Pressure Cooker/Canner
Tefal Secure 5 Neo Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Morphy Richards PentaBeauty 34 Inch Pizza Boxs
Zavor EZLock 10 Quart Stove-top Pressure Cooker
  1. Presto’s 23-Quart Pressure Cooker:

Best Overall Pressure Cooker For Mushroom Cultivation


  • Easy to use and easy to regulate pressure and temperature gauge.
  • Safety heat resistant handles which come with lid locking feature.
  • Huge capacity so you can grow whole lotta grains.


  • The sealing lid is covered with rubber which will eventually wear off and need replacement.
  • With up keeping and maintenance, this piece can last years.

When talking about pressure cookers, one cannot forget the name of Presto and how it is one of the best pressure cookers for novice cultivators.

Many people have bad reviews about the quality of Presto, but as far as I know, presto 23 quart is actually the best pressure cooker I have used in a while.

This cooker is extremely valuable according to the price range and, in my opinion, the best cooker for mushroom cultivation.

The American brand is ideal for sterilizing and growing your mushroom seeds. You can fit in 10 quart jars in it as it has amazing space up to 23 quarts.

The best part is the lid locking feature in this pot, where you can seal the lid and prevent the pressure from leaking.

The maximum psi this pot can reach is 15 psi, and this comes with a dial gauge pressure regulator, which gives you an option 5, 10, and 15psi, which you can regulate according to your needs.

Typically, I reach the required pressure level (15psi) in about half an hour, and that high pressure can be easily maintained for about a day.

Still, you definitely need to supervise your pot constantly as pressure cookers can be difficult to handle.

This pot is very light weight and easy to lift as it is made up of warp resistant aluminum.

When I’m not cultivating mushrooms in my Presto, this serves as a multicooker.

I can preserve my favorite jams, sauces, and chutneys in it and also cook multiple kinds of yummy dishes for the whole family.

You can read the full review of Presto 02141.

  1. All American Pressure Cooker:

Best Value Pressure Cooker for Sterilizing Mushroom Substrate


  • Perfect for mushroom cultivation as it seals tightly and the temperature rises quickly.
  • Extremely heavy duty which makes this beauty last for a whole life.
  • Reliable with least upkeep and maintenance.


  • Heavy in weight.

Its built quality, durability, and the ability to produce whatever you want without any extra hassle are just what all of us wish to have in our kitchens.

The features that come along in the All American pressure cooker are just a dream which is now a reality, and this is, believe me, the perfect pressure cooker for even a beginner cultivator.

You might need to keep an eye on it all the time, but this right here is going to do everything for you and provide you with a bacterium-free, beautiful and clean produce of fresh homemade mushrooms.

The pot reaches its maximum pressure in 15-20 minutes, which can easily be maintained.

This pot will last you a lifetime as there’s no rubber seal that might need replacement.

This is even made up of much stronger heavy duty warp resistant aluminum which makes this pot a bit heavy.

As this pot is made up of heavy duty aluminum, the closing and opening of its lid require much strength as you need to screw 6 knobs tightly, which will seal your pot thoroughly.

The lid is gasket less so you might need to apply a thin layer of Vaseline or wax to further seal the lid metal to metal.

There is just one downfall with the All American pressure cooker: its weight is bulky and large in size, and with substrate filled, the weight of this pot can triple up to its original.

But in conclusion, it cannot get any better than this. With a changeable pressure gauge and amazing quality of cast aluminum, this cooker is made to last for a lifetime, LITERALLY.

You can read the full review of All American Pressure Cooker.

  1. Tefal Secure 5 Neo Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker:

Best Pressure Cooker for Mycology


  • Automatic pressure release.
  • Ensure that heat is distributed evenly so that you don’t have over grown dried mushrooms in one section.
  • 12-year long extended warranty.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


  • Not of perfect quality.
  • You might need to understand its working over a period of multiple practical errors.

If safety is your biggest concern and you want to get done with all the cultivation process in no time, then the Tefal secure 5 neo stainless steel pressure cooker is a must buy.

With its great safety features and easy to use monitoring, this pot makes a perfect pressure cooker for novice and beginner cultivators.

When I was in my early days of growing mushrooms, I did not know which cooker to buy, which had clear instructions and was also safe to use.

After days of research, I bought Tefal for myself, and I do not regret that decision one bit.

Along with many noticeable features, the safe closing lid system is my favorite.

Because of this mechanism, the lid is not allowed to open until the pressure has reached a safe limit, and it is now incautious to open the lid.

It also has a gasket that releases pressure from time to time when the limit exceeds so that your pot does not ruin its durability and works for a longer time period.

The base is made of tri clad aluminum which serves as a great aid in distributing heat evenly to all sides of the cooker.

The best feature about Tefal is that it is very easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

This pressure cooker might not be of the best quality, but it surely does what is expected from it and properly seals the pressure inside, which is essential for mushroom cultivation.

  1. Morphy Richards Pentabeauty 34 Inch Pizza Boxes:

Best Pressure Cooker for Growing Mushrooms


  • While being light weight.
  • Added safety features.
  • Several different options other than cultivating mushroom.


  • The pressure valve might need replacement from time to time.
  • Very small capacity.

Morphy Richards’s pressure cooker might be a good choice for people who want to cultivate a small batch of mushrooms and do not require a lot of capacity as this pot only comes in a 2.7 liter volume.

This is not suitable for people who like to work with big batches. But this pot is very sturdy and durable and is definitely made to last for a long time

The manufacturers trust their product, so they also provide a one year warranty.

This is a small pot, so this makes it very light weight and easy to move even when filled to the brim.

Very affordable for people who do not like spending a lot on kitchen appliances but surely want something which is reliable.

This pot promises a pressure of 15 psi at its highest, and this pressure is easily maintained when the lid is sealed tightly.

Perfect for growing a small batch of mushrooms, this pot can also broil, cook or steam your food when you are not cultivating your mushrooms.

When using this pot, I found that it is very easy to operate, and regulating its pressure and temperature is definitely not at all tricky.

I used agar substrate filled in pint jars and placed them on a steam rack.

The pressure built up very quickly in the pot, and it took me approximately 45 minutes to spawn my substrate.

I found fully grown mushrooms which were healthy and full of flavor. So, in my opinion, the performance and working abilities of this pot are 10 out of 10.

  1. Zavor Ezlock 10 Quart Stove-Top Pressure Cooker & Canner:

Large Pressure Cooker for Bulk Mushroom Sterilization


  • Perfect size for a home cultivator.
  • Durable with high grade stainless steel.
  • 10 years warranty.


  • The bottom is a bit light in quality and might burn if put over high flame.

If I was looking for a cooker to buy in today’s time which is user friendly as well as does not consume a lot of kitchen space, then my top choice would be Zavor Ezlock.

All of us are intimidated when using a pressure cooker for the very first time.

But with Zavor, this problem has been made easy with a very user friendly pressure cooker which is made further easy with an instructions manual.

The best part about this cooker is its adequate size.

The 10 quart stove top cooker can easily hold 10 half quart jars which are massive for a home cultivator.

The price is in the lower range, but with the number of features you are getting with Zavor, it is mind-blowing, and you will definitely fall in love with its sterilizing capabilities.

The safety features include a locking lid mechanism where you can only open the lid when reduced pressure.

The lid seals tightly from metal to metal and provides a leak proof sealing.

The best part about this cooker is that it’s 3 times faster than a conventional cooker, and you will get a whole batch of mushrooms done in only 45 minutes at 15 psi pressure.

This saves time and ensures the best nutrients are locked inside the food.

This pot is safe for all types of stoves and is built with high grade stainless steel, making this pot durable and lasting your lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need a Pressure Cooker for Growing Mushrooms?

It is not necessary to use a pressure cooker for cultivating mushrooms as you can use an autoclave as well, and for some strains, you might be able to get your hands on pasteurized spawns. But it is well recommended by food experts that every home grower needs to have a good quality and efficient pressure cooker to grow mushrooms.

Pressure cookers are needed to sterilize the strains and kill the harmful bacteria, which can ruin your batch and waste your time if not done properly. The question arises that you can the same water boiling in a normal pot then why the pressure cooker used? The answer is easy and simple; in a simple pot, when water boils, it only reaches 100 degrees to create steam, and that is not an ideal temperature to kill bacterium spores.

You need a temperature up to 150 degrees to kill those spores, and That is only possible with a pressure cooker as water under pressure can reach the high temperatures of 150 degrees while staying in its liquid form. There are many factors that you might need to keep in your mind when using a pressure cooker for cultivating mushrooms, such as:

  1. Size of your pot.
  2. Make sure your pot accomplishes not run out of water.
  3. Ensure that your pressure cooker can reach 15 psi.

What size Pressure Cooker is needed for Growing Mushrooms?

For growing mushrooms in a pressure cooker, you might need a medium or a large sized pressure cooker. The minimum size pressure cooker needed for growing mushrooms is 6 quarts, and this pot can easily hold 6 half-pint jars.

A small pressure cooker greatly reduces your chances of error, but if you’re trying to cultivate mushrooms on a bigger scale than a presto 23 quart or All American 21.5 quart will be suitable for you as then can fit up to 10 quart size jars which is a huge amount of spawns. Always go for a size that can fit easily in your kitchen and is light in weight.

What to Look for in a Pressure Cooker for Growing Mushrooms?

When looking for a pressure cooker for specifically mushroom cultivations, there are certain things which one should always bear in mind. The growth of perfect mushrooms depends largely upon the choice and features of your pressure cooker. How well it can retain the high pressure and temperature required to kill the bacteria and keep the moisture out.

If you’re looking to expand your business and spawn more mushrooms, then you might consider buying a sterilization unit, but If you just need to grow mushrooms for your domestic requirements, then we recommend you consider these factors while getting a pressure cooker.

  • SIZE:

The amount of substrate you sterilize in one go depends on the size of your cooker. Cultivating a big batch of mushrooms in one go makes your life easier, and you will not need to do it all the time. Ensure that your cooker can hold a decent amount of quart sized jars.


The most important part of mushroom cultivation is getting the pressure right up to 15 psi. When buying a pressure cooker, always make sure that it can reach the 15 psi level easily and quickly and is able to maintain the high pressure.


You should ensure that the pressure cooker you’re buying is fir for all types of stoves like the Gas stove, induction range, or glass stove. Everyone has different types of hobs in their homes, and your cooker should be adaptable to fit on each one of those.

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