Ninja CM401 Review 10 Cup Coffee Maker (Detailed Guide)

Starting up the day with an amusing and flavorsome cup of coffee is the real ode to joy.

Ninja CM401 is one of the best rated coffee makers and has a very eye attractive countenance that elevates the level of the latest technological touch in the kitchen.

It is a very powerful, compact, and trendy appliance that can fully stand to complete your caffeine need.

It is accompanied by outclass properties to make it worth going.

For those who are coffee addicts and cannot resist without taking it some specific times a day then it is a serious option to consider.

In simple words, by putting it on the counter you can have a one spot shop to brew whatever coffee style you desire including latte, cappuccino, mocha or other drinks knew ever desires to prepare without leaving your comfort zone in a few simple steps.

From brew style to brew size each factor is just on point to make it a versatile tool.

It supports extracting the last drop of taste from ground beans and letting not a single cell go to waste.

Its design brings the original coffee bar vibe to stimulate the hidden coffee master in people.

It has excluded the use of pods and has been welcoming all the coffee types one wants to have every day without any limitations.

From its jaw dropping exterior to its mind blowing interior working each part has it is own plus point.

The specialty function makes it different and after rigorous testing techniques, it has won the trust of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

It uses the right temperature and control features to maintain the balanced taste and delectable scent of each shot.

There is a very in depth review where we have covered for you it is every single point to match with compatibility, the detailed review and characteristics are penned down:

Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Ninja CM401 Review:

I really admire good coffee makers and love to review and spread the word of help with others to help others taking wise decisions without doing a lot of guesswork.

I am a blogger that jots down reviews after testing different kitchen tools.

In the last year, I have convinced myself to brew my own coffee at home as it gives a healthy and fresh coffee where there is no chance of losing the right temperature that usually occurs when you bought iced coffee back home.

Last week when I was testing various coffee machines I found the shining start Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker which I have started to use in my home kitchen due to the top features it offers.

When it first arrived I was so impressed by the way its exterior looked and it left an unforgettable impact on my mind.

It is seriously the coolest and smartest machine I have ever used, it has 4 coffee brewing styles and I tried them all.

I used the freshly ground coffee beans and removed the lid from the top and its measuring spoon helped me to add the exact amount as I was only going to make a single mug.

I pressed the rich brew from its easy to operate control panel.

In a few minutes, I enjoyed the live drip coffee in front of my eyes which was so fascinating to look at.

I waited for the very last drop to fall into my mug and after that, I tasted it the first portion of coffee has blown my mind it was so bold and full of aroma and coffee extract.

Afterward, the classic coffee option is very good and I felt that it is favorable for those who cannot stand the strong coffee taste.

iced-coffee-in-Ninja-CM401 iced-coffee-in-Ninja-CM401

I also prepared iced coffee and used specialty brew by adding the frothed milk with the help of a side frother which was super bold and appetizing.

The specialty option and fold away frother have won my heart as it was a full package in one machine and I think that among the coffee makers, it is a user friendly and worth buying option to get cafe style taste with your own hands.


frothier in Ninja CM401

The Ninja specialty machine has a compact and strong design with dimensions in a range of 12 x 8.8 x 15 inches.

On the left side of the machine, there is a frothier attached to it.

A frothier is an accessory in the coffee machine which froths or warms the milk at a desirable temperature.

This frothing wand is foldable and can be easily cleaned after warming the milk.

It is coated with a nonsticky material which keeps it clean even when the milk is warmed at high temperatures for a long time.

There is a scoop in this machine that ease the measurement of powdered coffee.

The recommended number of scoops is printed on this handy tool and also the size of the brew is written on this scoop.

You can place different sized mugs or cups at the brewing base of this coffee maker.

The platform has a pulldown base that can accommodate cups, mugs, carafes, and tumblers.

The base is warming and keeps the mug warm even after the machine is off and a red light indicates the functioning of the warming bottom.

Measurement 2 in Ninja CM401

A 50 oz water reservoir is attached on the right side of the machine with marks of measurement and a flip top cap.

The reservoir can be removed and easily refilled, cleaned, and replaced.

A control panel is below the reservoir which allows you to brew a classic, over iced and rich coffee.

You can select the size of brew you want to prepare and avoid the wastage of coffee with its multiple mug filling capacity.

Delay brew is a unique feature of this Ninja coffee brewing machine which delays the process of coffee preparation if you get a sudden work and on your return, it prepares fresh and hot coffee.

Brewing coffee with this machine makes the experience to the next level.

Build Quality:

Quality material Ninja CM401

The quality of a coffee maker directly influences the quality of the coffee.

A good coffee maker should be built of material that is free of heavy metals and should not leach ions into the coffee.

The Ninja specialty machine is made of stainless steel and never gets rusted despite high contact with moisture.

Stainless steel adds durability and artful values to the machine.

It is a non expensive material with high quality and makes the coffee machine a cost effective option.

An important reason for using this material is its thermal conductivity.

The machine works electrically and mechanically and due to friction, a high amount of heat is generated.

The steel keeps the machine from cooling and avoids overheating.

Some parts are coated and covered with ABS plastic.

This coating of plastic adds durability along with protection to the coffee machine.

A flavor enhancer is an addition to this coffee machine. It enhances the flavor of the coffee and tastes it well.

It maintains and optimizes the flavor and taste, and prepares an amazing cup of coffee for you.

The consistency of the flavor and taste is maintained very specifically.

No matter how many cups of coffee you brew, the taste and the smell of coffee remain the same.

The wand and the base of this coffee machine are made of plastic and stainless steel.

Both are coated with nonsticky material and a drip tray keeps the bottom of the holder clean.

The wand is foldable and avoids damage during shifting or lifting the coffee gadget.

It is made to froth along with providing a creamy texture to the milk.

All the fat is mixed homogeneously and each sip of coffee taste well.

Ninja provides you high quality coffee without compromising on its machine and costs very cheap.

Control Panel and Brew Size:

Control Panel Ninja CM401

The coffee machine is an electronic device and is operated by a control panel. Ninja coffee making gadget has a control panel just below the water reservoir.

It has a small LED screen that displays the time of coffee brewing alongside two buttons.

One button is for hours and the other button on the panel is for minutes.

Just below the screen, there is a regulatory knob. This knob is used to adjust the brewing size of the coffee.

You can turn the knob to the travels mug to get a small traveling sized brewed cup of coffee.

The other brewing sizes include an extra large cup and a standard cup of coffee.

A carafe sized mug can also be brewed using this machine and by using a knob you can full or half fill your carafe.

These multiple options are introduced for the operator to get a cup of coffee according to his desire.

You don’t need to run multiple cycles to present a cup of coffee to multiple people.

Also, there is no chance of coffee wastage as it is wasted in a stove based coffee brewing pot.

The concentration of the coffee can be adjusted and regulated according to the need of the customer or operator.

You get three in built options for coffee strength.

One is classic which includes the traditional and standardized brewing concentration of coffee.

The other is rich which is a concentrated cup of coffee.

The third one is for cold coffee.

You don’t need to get a separate machine to brew a cold cup of coffee.

By getting ice cubes from the refrigerator, you can brew any type of coffee at any concentration in your cup and enjoy a cold coffee taste in the same single machine.

The clean button is used to deep clean and clear the calcium deposits while a delay button allows you to delay the brewing time according to your desire.

Brewing Styles:

Brew Types Ninja CM401

Ninja coffee maker is smart and can brew a variety of coffees to offer a full Barista quality menu at your counter.

It is built with 4 different styles that can overtake the mind and include over ice, rich, specialty, and classic.

You would never feel bored as it will be there to entertain you all day with mind blowing tastes and options.

It has an automatic control technology for brewing coffee in bloom time.

It uses the refined technique and so thermal flavor extraction to fulfill your craving for the outstanding shot.

The detailed views on the perfect brew styles are:

  • Classic and Rich Brew:

Classes Design Ninja CM401

For a regular drip coffee, it has two brew styles.

The classic brew is meant to remind the traditional taste and delivers a very clean, smooth, and balanced extraction.

On the other hand, the rich brew is for intense coffee lovers as it elevated strength and gives a very bold and strong flavor in every sip.

  • Over Ice Brew:

Oversized Brew Ninja CM401

The over ice feature is installed for those that desire to quench their thirst with a glass of mouthwatering cold or iced coffee. The one thing you need is coarsely ground beans, the water at room temperature, and the machine brew a double strength shot that can be poured over different flavored glasses of milk.

  • Specialty Brew:

The most interesting brew Ninja owns hits differently and has freshness like a coffeehouse style drink.

It has become really popular and you can even experiment with a wide range of coffee.

The brewed shot is very concentrated that can be used to ship coffee.

The reason for a concentrated amount is that is only available for 4 ounce serving so it can be added to foam milk to create the perfect ratio and make superior cappuccinos or milk related coffee types.

No Pods Needed:

Pod less Ninja CM401

Ninja CM401 is a revolutionary coffee maker is it has used modern and useful technology but successfully retained the original taste of coffee.

Using pods while making coffee may be good but it has a dark side that masks the traditional taste and some products don’t have the option to use any kind of pod.

In the case of this coffee maker there is no need for coffee pods so say bye to them and welcome to the new world where you can make real flavored coffee with comfort and advanced technology.

Instead of pods, it has a reusable filter that is finely porous and makes sure to allow the water that has extracted all the flavor out of coffee powder without any hindrance or blockage.

Ground coffee Ninja CM401

There is no limitation to coffee grounds, you can use finely ground ones to coarsely powdered ones.

All you have to do is to bring the compartment out and add the ground of your choice.

It is made more manageable as there is a smart spoon that helps get the exact amount of coffee to produce consistent results and accurate brews each time.

Water Reservoir:

Water Reservoir Ninja CM401

The water reservoir is assembled with intelligence and goes perfectly with the whole design.

It adds a touch of elegance and is well executed to fit easily on its front location.

In total, the capacity is 40 fluid ounces which is pretty much to help to brew for a day depending on the cups created per 24 hours.

The lid is really stylish and has a very helpful flip top that slides open and closes smoothly.

On its front is a marked indication that indicates different levels for each brew size.

As it is located on the front so you can refill it when the water level is dropping.

It is not a big deal if you forget to check the water tank, this smart coffee gadget can remind you by beeping quietly to flash a reminder that it’s time to fill it.

When the time to clean it up arrived then it features a smart button that lights up to give a signal to descale it.

Fold Away Frother:

Fold Away Frother Ninja CM401

It has an ingenious fold away milk frother which is truly lit.

This amazing attribute is not seen in many coffee machines but it came with a marvelous whole coffee maker to head on the peaceful coffee routines that bring joy instead of workload.

The milk frother is placed on the side to make its position secure and easy to work with.

To use it, just grab it out of its location on the side of the machine, hold the glass of warm milk, and place the head of the frother inside, now press the button that is placed on the top to begin the frothing mechanism.

Once the process starts to run make sure to adjust the accurate position of the glass to ensure that the frother remains under the milk surface because the milk expands when it is frothed.

A tilted glass is more favorable to achieving premium outcomes.

It will turn the milk to a smooth, silky, and professional texture to experience coffee house style drinks in a few seconds.

The milk turns out to be so creamy and fluffy that everyone who sees it desires to drink the coffee.

It can also froth the milk of your choice like almond milk, soy milk, cow milk, white milk, low fat milk, and much more.

It has a combination of every single characteristic that can turn you from a newbie to a pro and skillful Barista only in 3 to 4 times usage.

Craft the art on the coffee you have hidden inside to express how you feel without losing confidence.

The dense milk froth can not only create espresso but perfect cappuccinos, macchiato, lattes, and iced coffee too.

Heavy in taste and light on cleaning, the milk frother cleans in a breeze, simply twist it in the counter clockwise direction which will detach it from the location on the machine.

Rinse it with tap water and all the milk stains will disappear in a second.

Ease of Use:

Easy to wash Ninja CM401

The functioning of the Ninja specialty coffee brewing machine is uncomplicated and simple to use.

There are no complex brewing steps and the brewing size can be regulated by adjusting a single knob.

You can also select the type of coffee you want to brew like Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, and Latte.

All the settings are one touch or press away and you get a fresh coffee in no time.

To brew a classic coffee, it only takes 10 minutes to brew a standard or large mug and 12 to 15 minutes to brew a carafe full of coffee.

All the parts of this coffee machine are safe to wash and clean.

Accessories like water reservoirs and scoops are washable under tap water and all the exterior surfaces can be wiped with a damp wet cloth.

A light illuminates if the machine requires a deep process of cleansing.

Accessible Descaling:

Accessible Descaling Ninja CM401

Due to the high deposition of heavy metals like cadmium, lead, or calcium, water becomes hard.

The hard water is different in taste and deposits heavy ions in the stomach on consumption.

To avoid this problem during the process of coffee brewing, filters, and charcoal based strainers are fixed in the water reservoir.

home made cleaning solution Ninja CM401

The water that is used in brewing is filtered before coffee preparation.

But due to this, the efficiency of the machine is reduced if the water is very much hard.

The calcium ions deposit in the machine and clog the nozzle and pipes in the machine.

Some machines require descaling with a proper procedure mentioned on the booklet and are a very long and hectic process.

But Ninja specialty doesn’t require this long process, as a light turns on to indicate the deposition of heavy metal ions.

You can simply wash the machine using homemade cleansing solutions and avoid the hectic cleaning process.

Pros and Cons:


  • It has come with the potential to brew a wide variety of coffee.
  • Its water reservoir is located on the front with proper labeling for more convenience.
  • SCA has certified it safe to use.
  • It has an in built frother that functions automatically and creates foamy milk.
  • It retains the accurate temperature to provide accurate results.
  • Its cleaning and upkeep are very leisurely.
  • The water reservoir has smart craftsmanship and removes easily for washing and refilling.
  • While brewing coffee it has a very effective drip stop.
  • Its pieces fit in outstandingly and pursue a streamlined effect.
  • It includes an advance and super functional warming plate to keep the coffee at the right temperature.
  • It uses a high quality and reusable permanent filter with a measuring spoon.
  • Its control panel is intuitive and includes all the settings required for a perfect coffee.
  • Its design depicts a long lasting effect and turns the counter look more modern and unique.
  • The carafe has an ergonomic lid and handles with a touch of black and silver color.


  • It has no options for cold brew, ice, or tea options.
  • Though it looks nice it has a quite large footprint that sits by taking a lot of space on the countertop.
  • The coffee can burn if not monitored or little changes occur while settings.
  • It is somehow complicated to use for those who are just beginners.
  • It has very sensitive accessories which make it fragile.
  • It lacks some advanced programming.
  • The glass carafe is very thin and can break if not handled carefully.


Category Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker
Dimensions DxWxH 8.75 x 11.99 x 15.04 Inches
Model Name CM401
Brew Capacity 50 Fluid Ounces
Water Reservoir Capacity 40.6 Fluid Ounces
Weight 9.2 Pounds
Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Brew Sizes Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe and Full Carafe
Brew Styles 4
Finish Type Black
Operation Mode Automatic
Keep Warm Feature Yes
Coffee Type Drip Coffee
Smart Start Yes
Special Feature Programmable
Removable Water Reservoir Yes
Removable Filter Yes
Energy Efficient Yes
Automatic Milk Frother Yes
Carafe Yes
Carafe Material Glass and Plastic
User Interface Buttons
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Wattage 1550 Watts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ninja Coffee Maker Worth It?

A coffee maker is a machine that brews coffee in no time without the need for a stove for heating the coffee. The taste and the flavor of the coffee depend very much on the coffee machine. Many coffee machines are available in the market and have distinct features. Ninja is one of the best coffee making machines and has many advanced attributes as compared to its competitors.

Let’s discuss is Ninja coffee maker worth it.

  • Frothing wand:

There is a frothing wand attached to this coffee making machine.

The wand makes the milk creamy, hot, and tasty.

It warms the milk at optimum temperature and enhances the taste of every sip of coffee.

You don’t need to buy a separate gadget or stove to heat the milk to add in coffee for flavor.

  • Control Panel:

The control panel of this coffee machine has a LED screen that displays the remaining time of brewing.

You can also select the brew size of your coffee by regulating a knob located on the control panel.

Some buttons set the concentrations of the coffee from mild to strong along with giving an option of iced coffee.

The brewing time can be delayed by pressing a delay button on the control screen. So, if you get a sudden work while brewing a cup of coffee.

You can pause it and adjust to delay and get a fresh hot cup of coffee on return.

  • Water Reservoir:

The water reservoir has a capacity of at least 10 cups.

It is fitted with charcoal based filters and cleans the water effectively from heavy metal ions.

It is leakproof and can be washed under tap water.

It is safe for the dishwasher and has marks according to the number of cups brewed.

So, all the features Ninja coffee making device has are unique and make it one of the best selling and cost effective cooking tools.

So, it is non expensive if comparing it with the features it has.


Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker is a great choice as it has offered a list of innovative features and functions and all thanks to its outstanding brew styles that are in multiple and the elegance in the design.

In our opinion, it is a smart choice to put it on the counter with ideal dimensions and weight.

It has a very easy cleaning procedure and starts up quickly and comfortably.

We have washed it in a dishwasher and it remained the same, the folding frother to fluff the milk and water reservoir is very accurately positioned and works with no hassle.

It is the best option for a great impression of the kitchen and brewing ability.

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