How long do you cook chitterlings in a pressure cooker?

Everybody has favorite recipes that they would want to prepare in a pressure cooker due to its remarkable and effective cooking capabilities and incredibly short cooking duration. Nowadays, one of the most well-known traditional dishes from the South is chitterlings. Pig intestines that have been washed and cooked are called chitterlings. It’s a common misconception that preparing chitterlings takes much time and effort, but it doesn’t have to! Using a pressure cooker to cook chitterlings can help you save time and trouble.

The majority of individuals have questioned how long to cook this dish or how to cook chitterlings use a pressure cooker when cooking. You don’t need to worry because I’ll provide you with all the information you need in this article, including the recipe, cooking time, advantages, and incredible cooking instructions for this well-known dish. If pressure cooking is new to you, this will be your go-to dish. Because most people are unaware of many meals, it is necessary to understand what chitterlings are before looking at the recipe and timings.

What Are Chitterlings?

The small intestines of domestic animals are known as chitterlings, frequently spelled chitlins or chittlins. They are often manufactured from the intestines of pigs. To make sausage, they can also be packed with forcemeat. Chitterling is also made with the intestinal tracts of different species, including goats, lambs, geese, and cattle.

In many countries, chitterlings are a common dish for peasants. They continued to be a mainstay of low-class families’ diets until the late nineteenth century and were still rather widespread in the mid-20th century.

I considered researching the illness associated with this dish while I was testing, so you could prepare it in a healthy way for yourself.  Undercooked and improperly cleaned chitlins can spread disease. Salmonella, Yersinia enterocolitica, and E. Coli are examples of pathogens. In To remove excess fat, undigested food, and excrement particles from chitterlings, they are frequently hand-picked clean after being properly bathed and rinsed in multiple cycles of cool water. After that, they can be turned inside out, cleaned, and boiled—occasionally in salt or baking soda—with the water being thrown out.

They are usually served as a single course in a larger dinner, boiled, fried, or stuffed with mincemeat. Because cooking intensifies the strong scent of chitlins, onions are frequently added to the cooking process to help balance out the strong aroma. Soul food is typically associated with chitlins.

How to Cook Chitterlings in A Pressure Cooker?

If you relish consuming chitterlings, you’ll be relieved to hear that pressure cooking is a simple method for preparing them. Cooking the chitterlings in pressure cooker involved following steps which include cleaning, adding ingredients and the main step which is the cooking process. The small intestines of pigs are used to make the traditional dish which, although not very tasty, can be extremely tasty when prepared correctly. The best method to guarantee that they turn out flawlessly every time is to pressure cook them.

Before beginning, there are a few things you should be aware of if you’ve never cooked chitterlings before. First of all, prepare yourself for some cleanup later, as they can be a bit messy to make.

You should try one before boiling the whole batch because they have a strong flavor that some people find offensive. Lastly, remember that they require time to cook so have patience and give yourself plenty of time to prepare them. Use these easy instructions to cook chitterlings in a pressure cooker if you want to serve them on your menu. Cleaning the chitterlings is the initial step.

  1. How to Clean Chitterlings?

Cleaning is very crucial before cooking any dish but this step is optional if you are purchasing cleaned chitterlings. However, since I didn’t purchase cleaned chitterlings, I also had to provide an evaluation of the cleaning procedure in order to adequately test them.  You will need to clean the intestines before cooking if you are starting with whole ones. Wear gloves for every step in this part, and pay great attention to every item to look for evidence of dirt.

  • Boil the Chitterlings

So first you have to start with boiling them. So, I pour water into a big saucepan and heat it until it gets properly boiled. After adding the water, I simmer the chitterlings for ten minutes. This boiling process will aid in destroying any potentially harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella or E. Coli.

  • Allowing the Chitterlings to Soak

Then, I take the chitterlings from the boiling water and put them in a big basin with apple cider vinegar. Then I allow them to soak for at least thirty minutes to get rid of any last bits of filth.  After washing them with fresh water, I give them another half-hour to soak in vinegar to ensure gentle cleaning.

  • Scrapping and Cleaning

After being cleaned with an acidic solution, Chitterlings are easy to clean. So now, it’s time to begin cleaning and scraping now. For scrapping I use a blunt knife to remove any dirt or debris that has adhered to the intestine and then cleaned it with a firm brush. Make sure you explore every crevice and corner.

  • Rinsing the Chitterlings

Then I rinse the chitterlings well with fresh water after scraping and scouring. This procedure should be repeated several times until the water turns clear. These actions are crucial for the safety of food.

After cleaning it properly, it’s time to pressure cook the chitterling. So first well go through the ingredients I used.

  1. Ingredients for Chitterlings:

Now it’s time to create delicious chitterlings. I kept the recipe basic. Many people prefer spices in their foods so I add the ingredients accordingly, but if spice is not your thing, feel free to leave out the spicy components. To create delicious, delicate pressure-cooked chitterlings, you’ll need the following:

  • Vegetables

In this dish, I use bell peppers and onions. You can use any color bell pepper you have on hand, as well as yellow or white onions.

  • Seasonings & Spices

You can add or subtract ingredients to suit your chitterling recipe. I keep mine simple and add some spiciness with red pepper flakes. I also mince some fresh garlic and add it.

  • Jalapeño Peppers

Then I add some chopped jalapenos to my dish as jalapeno are most preferred with chitterlings.

  • Red wine vinegar

I add red wine vinegar because when cooking, it helps to reduce the sharpness.

  • Chicken Broth

For extra flavor, I simmer it in a mixture of chicken broth and water.

  1. Cooking Process for Chitterlings:

It is now time to begin the cooking process after completing all of the preliminary tasks, such as cleaning and ingredient addition. Let’s now begin the procedure of making the succulent and flavorful chitterlings.

  • After thoroughly cleaning the pressure cooker to get rid of any dust, I set it on the stove and light it.
  • Then I fill a big pot with the cleaned and prepared chitterlings. At this point, I also cut the chitlins into tiny pieces, about 1-2 inches long, using kitchen scissors.
  • Then I start adding the veggies in the pot which I ideally chopped and prepared while the chitlin’s were soaking.
  • Then, I incorporate the liquids which includes water, chicken broth, and vinegar. I mix one-part chicken broth with one-part water. Ensure you add enough broth and water to the kettle to cover the chitterlings barely.
  • Over high heat, cover the pot and bring it to a boil. After it comes to a boil, I reduce the heat to medium-high in order to keep it simmering all the time. I simmer the chitterlings until they are soft, about three and a half hours. Using a fork, you may check if the food is cooked through and has reached a soft consistency. This will allow you to determine whether further cooking time is required or not.

I’ll suggest giving chitterlings a go in this manner! Because they proved to be tasty and delicate throughout my tasting, and they would go nicely with other Southern and Soul Food dishes as part of a larger meal. They might, however, be considered an acquired taste by some.

How Long do you cook chitterlings in a pressure cooker?

The timing of the cooking process is a crucial consideration when preparing any food in a pressure cooker. Since cooking timing is everything when creating the ideal food, food will burn if cooked overcooked, and it will not be soft and cooked through if it is cooked too little. Everyone has a different time frame for preparing chitterlings, but throughout my testing’s, I cooked mine for three and a half hours until they were tender.

You shouldn’t be concerned, though, if your food isn’t ready by the times I’ve specified because cooking times vary and can range from three and a half hours to longer. However, it can occasionally take six hours if you are cooking it slowly. Always keep track of the cooking time of your chitterlings to ensure perfectly cooked and delicious food.

Tips to Cook Chitterlings in a Pressure Cooker:

I’ve compiled some best tips for cooking this amazing dish in a pressure cooker so you can easily cook your dish without any mistakes. After learning how to cook, follow these suggestions to get the best outcome:

  • Show patience

It takes time for chitterlings to thoroughly clean. Thus, exercise patience and slowness. It will be worthwhile in the end.

  • Utilize Appropriate Volume of Liquid

The chitterlings shouldn’t dry out but also it shouldn’t cook in too much liquid. Make sure to use the proper required amount of chicken broth and water.

  • Use seasonings Decisively

Since this food is already taste well, adding too many spices is optional. All you need is a bit of garlic, pepper, and salt.

  • Allow the pressure cooker to cool

After the cooking time is complete, avoid opening the pressure cooker immediately. First, let it cool down. It will assist in averting any mishaps.

  • Use the cooking liquid to serve

Make sure to reserve some of the cooking liquid for the chitterlings. It will bring in moisture and taste to your dish.

Benefits of Cooking Chitterlings in the Pressure Cooker:

As we already know, chitterlings are an excellent protein source. However, coking on normal oven or stove can make it unhealthy for you. That’s why I’ve added some benefits regarding chitterlings to cook in the cooker.

  • Because they are nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals (iron, zinc, phosphorus, thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin), cooking it in a cooker preserves the vitamins because it is adequately heated from the inside out, unlike traditional cooking methods.
  • Chitterlings are tasty in addition to being nutrient-dense when cooked in the cooker. They go well with any meal and have a flavor reminiscent of pork.
  • You may preserve a high-quality, low-fat, low-calorie source of protein by cooking it in a pressure cooker, which is advantageous for those who are health-conscious. They also include a healthy dose of fiber, which helps to regulate digestion.
  • The last and the most important benefit that if you use pressure cooker, you can get chitterlings cooked in a small amount of time as compared to the conventional methods.


The idea of cooking chicken is more terrifying than it sounds! If you have the correct ingredients, follow a decent recipe, and have a little patience, you can make a tasty, soft dish that is a mainstay in many Southern homes. Chitterlings are a delicacy worth trying whether you’re preparing them for a big family get-together, the holidays, or dinner.

You may enjoy this classic soul food whenever you want, especially now that you know how to cook chitterlings in a pressure cooker with perfect cooking time. A tasty, economical, and healthful method to meet your protein needs is with chitterlings. Thus, remember to include them in your upcoming menu! And if you’re up for the challenge, you could create them yourself! Just remember to follow the recipe exactly and take food safety precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Can You Serve as A Side Dish with Chitterlings?

Many people preferred to pair the chitterlings with other dishes. I recommend to pair your chitterlings with collard greens, potato salad, and cornbread, and you can also pair it with any Southern food. Serve with pinto beans, green beans, potatoes, or turnip greens. Additionally, they go great, of course, with smoked turkey or fried chicken.

Which Seasonings Work Best for Chitterlings?

Your favorite flavors work best as chitterling seasonings! Because some families like their chitterlings hot, I add jalapenos and red pepper flakes. However, there are numerous alternative possibilities for seasoning includes:

  • Season the chitterlings with salt, black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder
  • Herbs like thyme and bay leaves are fantastic additions.
  • Increase the heat further with cayenne pepper and serve the chitterlings with a vinegary hot sauce.
  • While the chitterlings are cooking, toss the herbs into the liquid so they may absorb those earthy, fresh flavors.

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