Black Decker CM1160B Review 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker:

Good coffee is a source of a good start as it wakes the cells and owning the best coffee machine at home is the easiest way to grab the perfect cup every morning. Black+Decker CM1160B is the top rated coffee maker that has improvised the coffee world with its ingenious workmanship. It is just not a saying but we have tested every point to approve it to be the all in one and bumper choice for any coffee lover. The things that make it the best are simple and great. It hits the sweet spot between its ideal size and functionality. The qualities that build it to be the best coffee maker are:

Convenient Alternative to Cafe Style Coffee:

Black + Decker has astonishing and aromatic coffee brewing power that can help to create the same results that one can get from a cafe. Buying coffee early in the morning when you want it on your bed or right after waking up is not possible as you have to step out of the house but buying it is such a relaxing phase that will arrive to get coffee at the time of need.

Fresher Coffee Taste:

The taste of freshly ground coffee is way different than the others. The aroma and the delectable taste of fresh beans stole the heart. As Black+Decker uses a fine filter, you can add the coffee powder of your choice and it will pour you the most heavenly coffee in an instant.

Cover and Serve the Gatherings:

A nice shot of coffee and chit chat with loved ones is an actual delightful moment. It will help to accommodate large gatherings or happy occasions to spend quality time at home and serve them healthy and refreshing coffee. It can brew 12 cups of mind blowing taste in one cycle without taking the whole time so make as many shots as needed.

Now let’s move on to the detailed review and see every single feature and accessory to know the worth of the revolutionary coffee maker owns:

Black Decker CM1160B 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Image Credit Black+Decker

Black Decker CM1160B Review 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker:

For me coffee the first sip of morning coffee is everything. To share the word of good and help people to ease in their search I test kitchen appliances. I am a cooking perfectionist and blogger for a decade and recently an outstanding product landed under my sight. Black+Decker CM1160B is a high class coffee maker and has a high rating with thousands of fans. Its company is a leading one and I must say that it has won my heart with excellent performance. I do not like or recommend it for having one good feature but there are many reasons to make it the favorable machine for the countertop. When I first saw it, I was shocked with joe that it has a very cool and minimal design but has a large carafe to make 12 cups. I was enlivened to brew coffee in it, so I first filled the water in the reservoir and I can see the water line. Then I opened the basket and added my favorite freshly ground coffee beans.

Size of Black Decker CM1160B
Perfect Size for your Small Kitchen

And turned it on, and within a minute the best flavored coffee was in my cup. With so much hope I drank the first sip and it was so good to describe in words. It is a game changer as the taste, rich aroma, and a thin layer of oil on the top of my coffee were just wonderful. It is surely a standard issue and with a fully programmable coffee maker, one can get to start an effortless morning routine. I appreciate the features like automatic shut off, quick touch program, bright color and display, spacious water reservoir, and cool handles it equips. It looks like the manufacturer has kept in mind what a user wants and tried to shape it under one machine. You can make each penny worthy by purchasing it.

Brew Basket and Filters:

Black and Decker 12 cup coffee machine have set the standard to match your requirements. It uses high grade, proficient, and precisely porous filter papers that have a style that matches the basket. The brew basket is compact though spacious and fits a generous amount of coffee powder at one time. It can be detached easily for washing and cleaning purposes. Even though it has filter paper inside but its cleaning is like a gentle breeze. The amazing fact is that it can be placed in a dishwasher and it comes out clean without tearing apart. Its closing part is very tightly attached and avoids the dripping of coffee grounds to lessen the mess on the counter. You can also use dish soap to clean the parts.

Removable Brew Basket and Filters
Removable Brew Basket and Filters


The glass carafe is a durable and giant accessory to fill as many cups of coffee as you want. It is created with DuraLife material that promises to work for a long time. It can hold around 12 cups of coffee to glad the whole family and serve big gatherings. The reinforced glass shines and shows the coffee without causing a blurry effect. It has marked cups on the outer surface that do not come off even after harsh washing or scrubbing. To it is an easy angled handle attached that provides a safe grip that avoids spills and burning from hot coffee. Its lid stays in its place while the coffee is being poured and controls the coffee splashes. The base is round which gives it more space with no corners. It remains the same even after years and does not hold scratches easily on it. The flared shaped mouth makes servings and pouring more comfortable and leaves a positive impact on one though easy cleaning just by rinsing water makes it a perfect part.

Perfect Cup of Coffee
Perfect Cup of Brew Coffee

Color Options:

Despite being this much benefited in such a small body it gives two color variations to choose from. These color options make it more comfortable to choose the best one that suits the tone of the kitchen. The one is the black color that shines brightly and looks very elegant on the counter, and black is a universal beauty that enhances attractiveness. It lies under the model name CM1160B and has a little combination of other colors. The second lavish color is white which has an eye catching vibe. If you think that it might be hard to clean then it is the wrong perspective. The brand has tried the least to make it stay the same and nice. It comes under the name CM1160W, with a slight touch of silver. Apart from the color, there is not a single fact that changes, they are identically the same but differ in shades.

Black Decker CM1160W-1 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Black Decker CM1160W-1 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker


Black + Decker has not been disappointed in the case of services too. It has a warranty of 2 years that depicts the loyalty of the users. If one faces any manufacturer defect regarding the coffee maker then the company will take full responsibility to offer work that has no unpleasant facts. Its customer service is very quickly responsive and always there to hook you up with the solution to the problem you might encounter.

If you accuse drop any part to end up breaking it then it is not a problem at all as it can happen due to wear and tear. These things do not come under warranty but the user can buy the original replacement parts online to run the coffee maker smoothly. So work as many years as you want to drink the true taste of coffee and no need to panic if something happens as the solutions are just one step away.


Coffee brewing is not a big task in homes or offices. The cleaning of cups or coffee makers after coffee brewing makes people avoid using a machine by themselves. This is the reason most people go to a restaurant to have a coffee and enjoy their leisure time. But as the coffee of restaurants getting expensive day by day, it is a good idea to get a coffee maker that readily cleans up. Black Decker Coffee Maker is one such machine that doesn’t require daily washing or cleaning. Cleaning this coffee maker is like brewing a cup of coffee in it. Both processes are very easy and on hand. The brewing basket, coffee holder, and carafe are removable and are safe for the dishwasher. You can also wash its accessories including the carafe under tap water with your hands. It is also recommended to clean this device with your hands for a good cleaning.

Cleaning Black Decker CM1160B
Cleaning Black Decker CM1160B

Microfiber cloths are commonly used in kitchens for scratch less cleaning of many culinary pieces of equipment. For the cleaning of this coffee maker, microfiber is the best option. Using a wet cloth, wipe the interior and exterior surface of the machine and then you don’t need its washing. The descaling of the machine is generally recommended every month. But as this machine is made for the comfort of its operator, that’s why it is made with amazing keep itself clean technology. If the water is hard, then descaling once a month is enough. But if the water is soft and contains no heavy metals, then cleaning once in a couple of months is sufficient. As the material used in this machine is premium in its quality, you can also use dishwashing soap or any cleaning solution. An equal ratio mixture of water and vinegar is the best organic cleaning solution for this coffee device, as it doesn’t damage the surface and keeps the coating intact.

Cleaning Interior Black Decker CM1160B
Cleaning Interior Black Decker CM1160B

Automatic Shut Off and Warming Function + Quick Touch Program:

As of today, electricity rates are touching the sky and are out of one’s reach. So, in these circumstances, excessive and unnecessary consumption of electricity gets a burden on the people. There are coffee making machines, which remain on even after the coffee is brewed. Sometimes, it is set to be on to keep the coffee hot for a long time. But to combat these problems, Black Decker Coffee Maker has introduced an automatic shut off feature. When the coffee is brewed, the machine turns off automatically without monitoring by the operator. This feature not only saves electricity but also keeps the operator from observing or tracking the process of brewing.

To keep the coffee warm for a long time. This machine comes with an amazing solution for long lasting hot coffee. The cup holder of this machine is made of a warming plate which keeps the coffee warm. Even if the machine is turned off automatically, the machine keeps the coffee hot for up to 2 hours. It doesn’t consume much electricity and keeps the coffee fresh, hot, and tasty for up to 2 hours.

Manually controlling the process of coffee brewing is a very hectic and long process. The advanced technology of coffee machines has made it easy to brew and prepare coffee with a single touch in no time. Quick touch program prepares the coffee by setting the programs on the digital screen. By pressing the auto button, the machine is set to automatic operation and you just press the PROG button to program it according to the type of coffee you want to brew. The minutes and hour buttons set the timing of brewing and you can also get fresh coffee after some time if you set the machine to delay the process of brewing. The remaining time of brewing is displayed on the LED screen and is one of the easiest and non expensive coffee brewing machines.

Control panel:

The functioning of the coffee machine is controlled by a control panel that has specific buttons for particular functions. The power supply and the types of coffee you want to brew, all are controlled by the control panel. Black Decker coffee maker device has a LED display to show the conditions of the coffee brewing and buttons like programs, auto, minutes, hours and shut off. The programs button is marked by PROG and is used to set different conditions and programs. The programs like the type of coffee you want to brew, and the concentration of coffee in the cup. You can also control how light or bold you want the strength of coffee.

Quick Touch Programming and Auto Shutoff
Quick Touch Programming and Auto Shutoff

There is a button marked by auto, which is used to control the automatic features of this machine. You don’t need to monitor the process of coffee making, as it automatically brews the coffee and then shuts down after some time of inactivity. In this way, it saves power and is cost effective in regions where electricity costs are too high. The minute and hour buttons allow you to set the brewing time according to the number of cups you want to brew and how long you want it to remain warm on the warming plate.

The control panel of this coffee maker is on the bottom of the coffee machine. Here there is a chance of spilling coffee while lifting the carafe and the buttons can be fused or damaged. To combat and solve this problem, Black Decker has rubberized buttons. These buttons act to repel and drain the drops of coffee spilled to the bottom of the plate which is a dripping tray. Also, the rubber coating of the buttons in the control panel makes it soft to the touch and feels very smooth when dialing the conditions for coffee making.

Water Reservoir + Sneak cup Technology:

The brewing capacity of the coffee gadget depends on the water storing capacity of its reservoir. In the Black Decker coffee maker, 12 cups of coffee can be brewed in one cycle, as the capacity of its reservoir is 12 standard cups. Its reservoir is not removable and needed to be filled in its place. But it is not a problem as the water level is indicated by a measure located on the front side of the machine. On the other side of the picture, if your countertop of the kitchen is small, or you don’t have a large space in the kitchen to turn the machine. It makes the filling easy at its place without removing the reservoir. A filter is attached to the reservoir which filters the incoming water to remove the excess minerals and metal ions from the water. A charcoal based filled is attached on the brewing side of the reservoir, which filters the water further to remove micro particles and brew a coffee of clean water for you.

Easy View Water Window
Clear level markings to easily fill to your desired amount

The cleaning of the reservoir is done by wiping the interior with a wet microfiber cloth. This cleans the surface and bottom of the reservoir and still keeps the transparent reservoir scratch less.

There is a feature known as sneak cup technology. It allows you to sneak a cup of coffee while the carafe is being filled. This feature permits you to get a cup of coffee without waiting for the whole carafe to fill first. You can remove the carafe for 30 seconds and then resume the process of brewing. But by doing this, you get a very strong cup of coffee at first and the other cups will be lighter comparatively. You have to add an extra shot of coffee powder to get equally concentrated coffee. Some people don’t wait in the morning for a whole mug to brew before setting their cup of coffee. For such people, this technology is the best addition to a coffee maker.

Sneak a Cup Feature
Sneak a Cup Feature


An electronic gadget should be very easy to operate and must have a booklet to guide the layman. Black Decker coffee making equipment is simple to use and its control panel is easy to operate. There is a carafe that is used to brew more than 10 cups of coffee in one turn. You can brew 12 cups simultaneously or you can also brew a single cup by sneaking technology. The water reservoir is used to store filtered water that is used during the brewing process. And a hot plate that keeps the coffee warm for a long time even if the machine is turned off automatically.

The program button allows the operator to set the machine on different conditions and you can adjust the strength of coffee by adjusting how bold or light you want. The front marking on the reservoir is used to measure the quantity of water in the reservoir. You don’t need to open the cap of the reservoir to estimate the quantity of water in it. It is easily measured and visualized by the front markings.

To keep the machine last long, you should read the manual and follow the steps of its operation for usage. The interior and the exterior walls of the machine and the carafe should not be rubbed with a scratching object and must be wiped with a microfiber cloth. The rubber button is made to make the touch soft and smooth while operating the coffee brewing gadget. By following the steps and the guidance mentioned in the manual of the coffee machine, one can control the longevity and efficiency of the machine.

The dripping showers of the coffee machines require regular cleaning before and after usage to keep the hole from clogging and making the machine brew at its best.

Pros and Cons of Black and Decker CM1160B:


  • It carafe is made of thermal insulated high quality glass.
  • It allows for controlling the brew strength.
  • It offers a sneak cup function.
  • It has a digital display to show the time elapsed once the coffee is brewed.
  • Its interface is very intuitive and friendly to the users.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • It has a very reasonable size and performs excellent coffee making performance.
  • It comes with smart programmability that lets you get fresh and healthy coffee at any time.
  • It has a slimmer footprint to be placed in any place.
  • It has parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • It can prepare 12 cups of coffee in one brewing cycle.
  • Its parts are sturdy and can withstand if dropped.
  • It can keep the coffee warm and at the right temperature for two hours.
  • It has a feature of brewing coffee 24 hours in advance.
  • The LCD is bright and has well designed control panel.
  • The water reservoir has a see through window for easy refilling purposes.
  • It can also brew strong coffee with a bold taste.
  • It has an automatic turning off feature that makes it more energy efficient and safe.
  • The carafe handle stays cool and delivers a firm grip.
  • The buttons are large and rubberized which adds a plus point to its convenience.


  • Sometimes the coffee leaks during the drip stop feature which is a little disturbing.
  • The first few times the coffee tastes a little bland.
  • The heating element is not made with very good quality.
  • In a water reservoir, the water level is sometimes difficult to see.
  • It does not contain any kind of advanced functions.
  • It lacks any permanent filter which is quite a hassle.
  • It has no grinder installed in it.
  • It does not come with a hot water dispenser.
  • There is no option for travel mugs.


Category Black+Decker CM1160B Coffee Maker
Dimensions DxWxH 8.25 x 12.25 x 11 Inches
Model CM1160B-1
Capacity 60.9 Fluid Ounces
Weight 4.5 Pounds
Color Black/Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic, Glass
Brewing Cups 12
Finish Type Black
Operation Mode Automatic
Filter Type Reusable
Warming Feature Yes
Coffee Style Drip Coffee Maker
Sneak a Cup Technology Yes
Special Feature Programmable
Automatic Shut off Yes
Energy Efficient Yes
Quick Touch Program Yes
Carafe Glass
24 Hour Brew Function Yes
Digital LCD Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Wattage 975 Watts
Warranty 2 Years


We would like to conclude that Black Decker CM1160B, is a great addition to any kitchen and have a sleek, compact, and modern design. We have viewed how beautifully it prepares the coffee with a great taste. It does not have any hard rules to operate and seems pretty durable. The warming plate and automatic shut off functions are added to work more peacefully. The features are a lot, to begin with, and have some minor flaws that can be covered easily as it is the best deal for coffee addicts. It is capable of brewing exactly 12 cups of coffee, not a single drop less. The strength can be controlled depending on the taste one prefers. Either clean it with soapy water in the dishwasher that is not a case to worry about. Overall it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a coffee machine that is very reliable and operated by simple steps to create fabulous shots of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Black Decker Coffee Maker keep coffee hot even after shutting down?

The Black Decker Coffee Maker is designed to provide a convenient coffee-brewing experience. But what happens when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee without waiting for a new batch? Here’s how the machine handles this situation.

How does the automatic shut-off feature work?

The Black Decker Coffee Maker comes equipped with an automatic shut-off feature. This feature not only helps save energy but also prevents potential damage to the machine’s mainboard due to overheating. When the machine is left on, it automatically shuts off, ensuring that the heat doesn’t accumulate and cause harm.

Does the coffee stay warm after the machine turns off?

Absolutely! The Black Decker Coffee Maker has a clever solution to keep your coffee warm even after the machine has shut down. The hot plate located at the bottom of the cup holder continues to receive a small amount of power, maintaining a warm temperature. This feature ensures that your coffee remains warm and ready to enjoy, whether you’re called away suddenly or simply want a second cup after a short break.

How long does the coffee stay warm after brewing?

The hot plate’s design in the Black Decker Coffee Maker is intended to keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours after brewing. So, if you’re caught up with work or other activities, you can still come back to a fresh and hot cup of coffee without worrying about it turning cold.

Will prolonged heating make the coffee acidic?

One of the concerns with keeping coffee warm for an extended period is the potential for it to become overly acidic. However, the Black Decker Coffee Maker’s hot plate is designed to maintain an optimum temperature, ensuring that the coffee doesn’t become overly acidic during the warming process.

How does the machine maintain the coffee’s original temperature?

The Black Decker Coffee Maker’s hot plate provides a continuous supply of heat to the cup. This gradual and controlled heat distribution keeps the cup warm and maintains the coffee’s temperature as close to its freshly brewed state as possible.

Can I still enjoy hot coffee after the machine automatically turns off?

Absolutely! Thanks to the combination of the automatic shut-off feature and the hot plate’s continued operation, you can relish a hot cup of coffee for up to 2 hours after the machine has turned off. The Black Decker Coffee Maker ensures that your coffee stays warm and enjoyable even after it has completed its brewing cycle.

Is the extended warmth feature energy-efficient?

Yes, the Black Decker Coffee Maker’s extended warmth feature is energy-efficient. The automatic shut-off prevents excessive energy consumption, while the controlled power supply to the hot plate ensures that your coffee stays warm without wasting energy.

Can I trust the Black Decker Coffee Maker to provide consistently warm coffee?

Absolutely, the Black Decker Coffee Maker’s design and features are tailored to ensure your coffee stays consistently warm. With the automatic shut-off and the well-calibrated hot plate, you can trust that your coffee will be ready and warm whenever you decide to enjoy it.

What’s the overall benefit of the Black Decker Coffee Maker’s warm-keeping features?

The Black Decker Coffee Maker’s warm-keeping features offer the convenience of enjoying hot coffee even after the machine has turned off. Whether you’re in a rush or simply want to savor your coffee over a longer period, these features ensure that your coffee remains at an optimal temperature for your enjoyment.

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